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  1. CalicoPenn with the Camp firearms at a Sheriffs office, you have no shooting program off season after summer camp? At our camp they are locked up on premises (could be better IMO), and we have a significant Shooting Sports program/training all year (Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols). In fact I am planning a Rifle/Muzzle Loader Instructor class in Feb.
  2. I saw a parent stand face to face and shout at a SM for 5 min... I also have seen a DE do it to a Camp Staff ~18 y.o. . I would have calmly taken my SM patch off and put it on the table.... and walked. I would not stand and be yelled at at my PAYING job and I would hope that the staffer would have been fortunate enough to do it as well.
  3. Essentials of Merit Badge Counseling - just got from our Council/District adv chair. Trying to attach
  4. I believe during your second week you should have completed a S.M.A.R.T. focus on your ticket.... perhaps instead of asking for step-by-step assistance, you should contact your ticket councilor.
  5. Scouting is a GAME.... if you don't want to play, then find happiness elsewhere. Do not let a bad apple cost you the barrel.
  6. Your COR/CC is the person(s) to decide on leadership roles. Putting one of those roles in with SM in the same family can become a red flag (Speaking as a Unit Commissioner myself) because as you have found out it can become too much work. You have to draw a line in the sand and dig in.... "I need 2 adults (prefer trained) for this X outing.... or we cannot go. This should be done with enough notice, info your PLC (youth meeting) so they know and your TC Meeting (gotta have them). Getting leaders is tough for everybody, but if you waffle on "what is needed" by "filling the void" all t
  7. AS a Shooting Sports Trainer, I would be good with everything except the animal targets... but even then I would probably not make a big deal of it. Your range will have to get approved by your shooting sports staff anyway if it's a Scout-used range. I would try to add some moving targets (on a rope or a spring).
  8. You can just put a few threads in to have the patch on for the picture, the uniform inspectors bedamned.... now my Uniform for Commissioner-ing is a "slick" no extra patches or knots.... I have one complete & correct shirt I use for council events.... and another with Troop Position with my son's Eagle parent pin another Eagle Mentor pin on the lapel. I have Buffalo patches on my fleece, on my Wood Badge hat, and I think I have one on a napsack...
  9. I chose http://sportkilts.com for mine.... several others in our council went that route...
  10. Every Merit Badge REQUIRES a district approved councilor to sign the completed Blue Card (Scout Record) and provide Merit Badge instruction on THAT Merit Badge . Run, do not walk from this SM. The SM councils the Scout before starting ANY badge and provides or suggest concilor contact info. The SM signs a portion of the card to acknowledge the Scouts is starting the badge (not granting permission). Some require special certification like Rifle (NRA Rifle Instructor). The SM is not automatically authorized to sign Merit Badge cards jut because he is a SM... there is a Mer
  11. Just so Cub leaders understand, "Den Chief" is not a SM assigned youth job, it is a youth position for a Boy Scout he needs to want to do, with SM support. It's considered a Position of Responsibility within the Troop, like Patrol Leader or Librarian. The Scout will get term credit for the job in the Troop. It may or may not get filled. Even if it's filled, the Boy Scout does not have to serve the entire Cub Calender year, "(it's encouraged if they want to earn the Den Chief Award)". The Troop does not just "make a Boy Scout" be the "Den Chief" for a Pack. If a CM/WDL/DL is lucky enough to g
  12. Lockheed doesn't think it will affect the company much???? I work for Lockheed and now will no longer log my Scout volunteer hours, so they can "get credit" for community volunteer work....
  13. There's probably a lot more to this story, but termination of volunteer leadership don't require any notice, or allow the Council to be consulted or have any say so. That's a dead end. Apologies are not likely going to happen, forget that. Denying your children membership in the unit should be a concern of the Unit Comm and DE (loss of a Scout = loss of revenue but they have no power to change the unit), but the Pack cannot revoke membership in Cub Scouting as a whole. Unit membership is up to the Charter Organization. Any concerns you have on Treasurer activities should be brought t
  14. I would not have anything to do with processing this... I would direct her to the SE and wish them luck. What's your position in the Unit? Just becaue you are new, I think you do not have to clean up past messes.
  15. Pulling a knife = dismissal from the Troop... nothing else really matters. Scout #1 who started mess should have been sent home. Scout #2 should be recognized for exhibiting alertness & fitness (just kidding). Scout #1 does dishes/kp on next outing for EVERYBODY = learn to clean up so won't throw food.
  16. I teach the NRA pistol course to Crew members. The course I have scheduled for Jan has 2x as many adults as Crew members who will want the extra hours for CCW. Of the adults there are 4 husband and wife couples, and several adults who do not own guys yet. The course is ideal to not only learn about guns but to shoot several types before you buy.
  17. Well, if you are going to compare it car insurance..... I have a 1970 Chevelle worth over $7,000. I pay about $80 a year full coverage to cover it for $10,000 (agreed value not estimated value). The Chevelle is rarely driven, but I would be limited to 5,000 miles a year if I chose to drive it more. The curio semi auto's I have (several 50 years old) would have similar rates compared to the new "black guns", which can be viewed like a daily driver. If your proposal was picked up, my curios would just increase in value more... matter of fact, my Black Powder rifles would probably net
  18. Is there a solution Republican or Democrat? Who's gonna fund it it and still mis-manage it. At least the NRA is willing to fund getting trained sheepdogs to protect the sheep. More gun laws is just like posting more "no wolf allowed here" signs. Wolves can't read you know. (This message has been edited by dg98adams)
  19. There's a good quote that goes something like this: Something given freely without effort is little valued by the recipient, but something earned thru effort, persistence, and commitment is treasured. Do you want to be given a position or have earned it? Might be a bit wordy for the SPL to use on the Scout, but for the SM to use to back the SPL to the mom.....
  20. I must be a stubborn Buffalo, as it took 5+ years to pass one of my "ccompleted to the next Scouter.... and this is the last year I'm doing the last one (although I think I said that last year). And it just keeps going on.....
  21. More than 1/2 the girls are siblings... so not only do they get along the brothers keep and eye on them... my daughter has her twin brother in the Crew.
  22. Hmm..., I to took a small group (3) of 2nd year Webelos to visit a Troop at a Camporee. And some of your observations bring back memories. Although, the Troop had a group of Webelos from their CO's pack, mine were expected to be in the "Potential New Scout Patrol" with them (we brought our own tents too).... We had visited the Troop before the event, but took no part in the menu planning. My Webelos were prepared with their mess kits to eat whatever (no allergies), but I had some dry stuff so I knew they would not starve. I did not tell them that though I did their parents). They kne
  23. Money pit. Our troop has an extended passenger van. The CO (church) pays insurance, tags. I think the Troop paid for it, but it's in the CO's name. It gets used more than several times a year and almost every campout, so it has value. We have 60 in our Troop, so they are considering another.
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