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  1. I am so sorry to read this,my heart goes out to you and the family. I met your mom during my WB-21st Cent course when she was on staff,we had a good laugh when I figured out who she was on this forum !! I appologize for the lateness of this msg as I too was dignosed with Lymphoma last yr and was in treatment at that time so I wasn't following much of anything,just now catching up. Once again my condolances to all.
  2. Try this-dates of camps are under calendar.https://www.ncsbsa.org/ or https://www.ncsbsa.org/resources/ncs/2015%20NCS%20Brochure%20-%20Final.pdf
  3. Then she probably doesn't have insurance and she should be in jail. Not all states require car ins., New Hampshire is one of them...it's optional. But I will say the premiums are real affordable so there should be no reason not to have it. I have politely declined an offer of a parent because they did not have that ins. but found her something else we could use her for.
  4. I give up- will check back in a month or so to see if you have things together again.
  5. GClose, It is an experience you will never regret and $$ well spent !! Depending on what area of Scouting you in (Cub,Scout,Venturing,Exp, Committee,District or Counsel) there is something for you. I personely go during Commish week(wk 3 this yr)and it is great!! Not only do you have in depth learning but the interaction and chatting with others from all over are just as profitable in the "info" area. All meals are included,wifi+electric in our tents,crafts and activities are readily available for the family if you would like to make it a family vacation. There is time usually on Wed to
  6. I'm currently a DC, Please get with your ADC+DC and update them on your situation.If any of my UC's or Units want a change I have no problem trying to make that arrangement. It might be that the Unit is without a UC for awhile,I have others volunteer to fill in which may lead to their replacement if they work well together. If all else fails I or the ADC fill in.I ask all my UC's to extend the courtesy of calling before hand and as far as I know they all do.I make the rounds also just to say hello and you are doing a great job,it also lets them "see" who I am and that I am accessable,not just
  7. Rainman, Ask the RT Commish's if they need an extra STAFF members. I can't see how the age would limit you there. Anyone can take Commish training so go ahead and do that to get an idea of what the job entails. I think working with a Unit in another position for a few years would really help you in the transition from Scout to Scouter and give you a more rounded prospective of your adult volunteer career opportunities.
  8. Ok all, chatted with the SM tonight, told him that I posed the question of what to do to you all, sent him the link to the discussion as he is quite interested in views. I don't know if he can join fast enough but if he can't post, I'll have him email me and i'll cut and paste if he chooses to add anything.The unit is going to take it up with MC,COR etc. I can add it was actually 2 incidents and the ages are 15/16.
  9. Eamonn,I know the boy,father and mother and purposly didn't fill in all the blanks about him as others in forum do know who and what District I am in. I havn't said bring in the Law yet,The new DE is still under the influence of his training+the numbers game...I would like to at least give him food for thought and I feel he should "counsel" with someone at Council he works well with(unofficially). The fact that the SM reported directly to DE(council exe in his mind) gives me the impression SM feels strongly about this. The Comment about if parent leaves is it a loss was made on the repercut
  10. TY all for the great help, Beavah, this is not an LDS Unit,but it is a small one. Am passing all your input on to the DE as that is who the SM emailed first(his email was as good as a police report so he was covering his bases).Yes tomorrow looks to be a day for some fact finding with all. I to thought the Safe scouting was on track as well as YPT guidlines. Plain horsing around food fight is an easy matter to deal with,but when a physical altercation and a weapon (not sure what kind of knife was involved) enters the picture it turns serious.If I remember correctly #3's Mother is on MC and fa
  11. Ok,I'm DC, we have a new DE, and a DChair that likes to minimalize things... At a Scout overnight recently, scout #1 Decided to chuck a loaded Taco at Scout #2, missed and it hit Scout#3, Scout #3 proceded to slam @1 to the wall and threaten blackened eyes, #1 said a few words and #3 also pulled a knife etc. with more dire threats(won't get into the play out ) hr later they were all ok buddies again . #3 Did admit to pulling the knife. Food fight is one thing but verbal and Knife threats even if it's at the moment are very much another. Question is what should be done, I say out, Chair say
  12. Hi Dian, Yes I got his email and I am Pulling a few extra's together for him. Will try and get a reply out tomorrow. He even sent me a picture!!
  13. Merry Merry and Happy Happy to all !!!
  14. It will be nice to know this Eagle has landed again with someone who cares.(This message has been edited by ramblinrosey)
  15. Lady Dian-send to my regular email,krose@trappfamily.net since the private msg doesn't seem to work here.LOL
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