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  1. Love2Camp78, Greetings! There is no such thing as Co-Scoutmasters. So as you've explained, you and the SM or the ASM were abruptly removed from that position, and another adult leader was asked to become the Scoutmaster. Unfortunately, the forum can't tell what is in the mind of the Committee. If you and the other leader were not yet trained, it sounds like most of your adult leadership in your troop is probably not trained as well. Hopefully the committee will attend training as well (not only on-line, but in a group setting). From your post, it reads like there are no o
  2. Fellow Arrowmen, Greetings! We've had the similar Q&A in my district and chapter about two years ago. It was the OA election season during the winter, just before Spring Camporee and OA Spring Ordeal. We had one troop (PLC and Committee) that decided to go on their own for a summer, they obtained reservations at a known campsite in the near a local river. That summer, just prior to elections. Regarding the interpretation of the OA literature that shortridge quoted. My chapter and district agreed, if they troop planned and appropriately submitted a tour permit for
  3. Eagle92, Thanks for posting this. I've never seen it before. After years of SMF, then moving onto NLE, Specifics and IOLS. I have met a few Scouters whom had the experience and skills to demonstrate Scout thru First Class. But I never seen an exemption like that before. It may have been printed, but I've never see an allowance for testing out. Without knowledge of being able to exempt learners. I told all Scouters, they needed to attend IOLS, regardless of their camping ability. I've told friends that IOLS is not to teach a Scouter how to camp. But it is to tea
  4. Bart and Fellow Scouters, I've also heard about Scouts tying the ends of the neckerchief in a square knot after completing a good deed. But I read Bart's question a little differently. I think its the knot at the bottom of the second class and first class rank. It was debated on this forum, but I think it is a type of prussik knot or reminder knot. But for ease of talking to the Scouts (or just simple people like me), I refer to the square knot instead of this 2nd class/1st class rank knot. One of the simplest knots, the basic square knot is an over hand throw, followed by an
  5. beardad, congrats and keep working! Fellow Scouters and Fellow Critters, Greetings! WB21C has had about 5-6 minor modifications, in 10 years. A few years ago the Web to Scout Bridging moved from an hour after check in to just after lunch. Another topic substituted backpacking stoves, and strategic planning was modified. But the majority of the curriculum stays the same. However, the movies have been the same since 2001. Since it is an educational course/school, the council has to pay some entertainment royalties and intellectual property or educational
  6. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! If I could tell some similar stories. Now I can look back and grin, almost laugh at similar circumstances. Although at the time, I was frustrated during one event, and could acknowledge the disappointment of some other parents. Shortridge quoted the 11th handbook "In addition to your own gear, you might carry some patrol or group equipment. Your share might include several pots, part of a tent, a camp stove, and some food." Many years ago. When I was a committee member with another troop, the Troop decided to hike in seven miles to camp.
  7. Cleto, Greetings! What would be an appropriate action for this scenario? It would warrant further investigation. If the findings exceed YP definitions, that would be dismissal. If they findings are just disappointing discussions and behavior that would be the determination of the COR. I do not know the exact details of your recent events, and your question/scenario is very vague. Here are my thoughts from a similar scenario... In my troop. We ocassionally have young adults join our unit. They participate once a month, maybe once every two months. Showing up t
  8. Thomas54, Greetings! I had the similar question as acco40, but watching the discussion it was leading to the workbook. I think UCEagle72 stated that he would assist with corrections prior to submission to National. As I understand. The Service Project Workbook does not even go to a Council Committee, it is a Council Advancement Chairs signature and decision. The Rank Application previously went to National. But I have been told since 2000, the Rank Application is entered in ScoutNET 2000 as Eagle BOR date and Council Executive Endorsement and confirmed electronically
  9. Fellow Wood Badgers, Greetings! About my WB past experiences, I attended and staffed the WB for Boy Scout Leaders in two councils, then later staffed the WB21C in three different councils. As the WB21C began, many of the new learners would asked which course the staffers enjoyed better. It was difficult to remain impartial, and staffers attempted to tell them that it was a different course and it was similar educational points and just as much fun. Regarding Dwellers thoughts. 1. We (staffers) brought plenty of critters that represented our totem and sat them around
  10. Speedy's DAD, Greetings! You've heard some excellent advice. The Wood Badge course curriculum is reviewed and edited every few years (major revisions maybe every 10-15 years). In previous courses, under the Wood Badge for Boy Scout Leaders, all participants had to look like a troop. Everyone had to wear the Boy Scout uniform of a Scout, and a participant was usually recommended to bring two shirts. Staffers were recommended to bring three or four shirts. Adult position came off and adult knots came off. Unit numerals were removed and a No 1 numeral had to be sewn on.
  11. QuekolisChief, Greetings! Here are my thoughts. This peaks some interest and improves attendance just slightly for my Chapter. 1) Good Communication (email comments and easy newsletter) 2) Easy Access (within walking distance or when parents can drive) 3) Fun (video games, to pizza, to actual outdoor low COPES team building games) 4) Program (ceremony or service oriented) 5) Recognition (recognize the Arrowmen at COH's and Camporee's) Safety is the first lesson is most every BSA class. Communications is the second lesson after Safety. Don't wait for a newslette
  12. Fellow Jamboree Parents, Greetings! If I may add my own thoughts. The 2010 Jamboree was my second Jamboree. First time was as an ASM in 2005; this second time was w/o my sons and as a Jamboree staff. Of about 48,000 in attendance, I'm told the numbers were approximately 2000 participants and about 500 staff members in each subcamp. With 2500 members in a subcamp area. It only takes a handful of misbehaving Scouts, to ruin it for the entire subcamp. Mischief and theft occurs by maybe a dozen boys (and maybe adults), and all the troops start feeling the souring effects.
  13. Fellow Advisors, Thanks for the comments! I enjoy the Venturing recognition/advancement program. Though in my Crew, it is a slow and time consuming program. But more than that, I'm glad that we offer an annual program that will help attain those goals, plus personal goals. I'll admit it, I also enjoy adult recognitions. As long as Scouters are serving their youth, financing events, providing programs, driving to camp, driving Scouts home, etc, etc. IMHO, hopefully, National BSA will stop trying to measure the success of Venturing by how many advancements are completed; a
  14. Fellow Advisors, Let me start of by telling a story of a Scouting friend and a council committee member within the program committee. Due to his profession, he was invited by national BSA to review some Cub Scout handbook literature about 15 years ago. The national BSA handbook review committee acted like a pilot program, the few members were assemble by national and read new (pre-publishing) handbooks and other specific cub scout program literature before the publication and printing date. They didnt have to travel either, they did most of their work via email and fax during the t
  15. Jim, Greetings again! Yeah.. I've visit a few troops that had excellent basketball and football skills. My own troop was very well skilled at dodgeball for a few years back. Thank goodness our SM and additional ASMs got our troop back on track years ago. Dodgeball is still fun, but now only for 10 minutes of our hour and a half meeting, and only once a month. Again, good luck with you decisions and hopefully the boys will benefit from a better program! Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  16. Radioactive, Greetings! Allow me to tell you a little about my Crew. As you requested, Ill tell you a few stories then give my own advice. I am a long time Scouter, and of course, I am a father (now of three grown adults). I am not an expert in teenage emotions, but I have some experience to relate to this topic. I have had five sets of teenage couples dating within my Crew. Two of my former Venturers (a high school dating couple) recently graduated from college and were married two years ago. Sometimes intimate moments and "couple" interaction is called public disp
  17. Jim, Greetings! Twocubdad said it well. I have a Scouting buddy as a new ASM crossing over from a Pack. The troop he and his son choose appeared good from a few visits, but their procedures and methods were abbreviated. They did not believe in any meeting format, (no opening/closing or any middle) their meeting was to walk in the door and work on merit badges. After attending Specifics for Boy Scout Leaders and WB21C, he questioned some methods of that troop and was invited to leave at their next committee meeting. Fellow Forum members, Scoutnut and wingnut also answer
  18. Scoutgroove, Greetings! Eagle92 has commented already about ScoutNET2000. As I've been told many times, when ScoutNET2000 was purchase by national BSA, it wasn't the best database. Ten years ago, ScoutNET did maintain data on non advancement recognition/certification items, but disregarded other important items. That debate can be argued for a while. As I've read and seen, about 2001-2002 National BSA opened up a bid for commercial databases to be compatible and approved by ScoutNET managers. Regardless of how thorough your database may become, it should be compatible wi
  19. Lisabob, My beliefs are. For the past 3-4 years there is now a check list for Quality Lodge. Usually membership and work. The lodge and chapters should make this an annual goal. Shortridge and Eagle92 gave good examples of service. There are always many more service jobs for Arrowmen to do. I would say a good Lodge and Chapter would have a mixture of work and fun. A few hours of sweat and dirt, along with a few hours of video games and Mountain Dew (or whatever "sugar water" flavor of the day). The Arrowmen should do some work for the local camp, and some high prof
  20. Sherminator505, Greetings! Got a yes and no answer. To start off; No, Scouts in Venture Patrols within troops are not allowed to work on Venturing Awards. However sort of, Yes, there is a unique recognition that Venture Patrol Scouts can earn, that regular Scouts nor Venturers are not eligible for. The programs in the BSA have contradicted their own literature time after time, but even recently per the centennial inspection sheet, Venture Patrol Boy Scouts are eligible to wear a Venture Letter and thus earning the Venture Letter and thus earning Varsity Pins on the Venture L
  21. eolesen, Greetings! There are many amateur lawyers. But if you are asking for an opinion, I would not conduct a drug sniffing dog at the crew-level, just prior to a trek, without the youths/parents knowledge. Here is my opinion.. The laws have changed about "probable cause", about 10 years ago. Your local police station, as law enforcement officers are trained in "probable cause". Obviously, An Advisor has a responsibility to the entire Crew, the youth and their parents. That other Venturing youth do not first-time experiment with recreational drugs or that they are
  22. Eggerskf, Greetings and welcome to the forum! My troop that I serve. We have six month terms. Jan-Jun, Jul-Dec. Though the leadership may possibly be re-elected. I also serve a crew. They have decided a one year term. July thru June, to follow the traditional school year. Both terms seem to work fine with my troop and crew. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  23. Fellow Jamboree Scouters, Yeah.. I was an ASM during the 2005. The 2005 Jamboree Food Service Group had some pretty decent planning to really facilitate convenience. The meals did not require alot of cooking, it was mainly warming. The Jamboree Food Service Group was well aware, that troops cannot easily substitute a raw or burnt meal. Alot of good planning, with unfortunately one error. The still half-raw fried chicken was an error on the contracted caterer. It angered many participants, but it was not the fault of the Jamboree staff; and a substitute was provided in time.
  24. Crossramwedge, Greetings! In 2005, the breakfast and dinner meal were issue and pick up from the subcamp commissary. (within walking distance), but the cook/asst cook need to pick up on time. Box Lunch was an individual pick up from any one of the nearby lunch issue commissary kiosk. The food issue did not require cooking, only warming. In 2005, At least on one day, fried chicken was on the menu to be delivered for dinner. The contracted kitchen did not prepare it thoroughly. The Jamboree food inspectors found the fried chicken to be slightly raw and uncooked. But the
  25. p475, Greetings! You've receive some excellent advice. Here is what I would recommend as a recruiting give-away. In some of the older Cub Scout handbooks (I believe it was the Cub Scout Leader How-To Book), there is a Yoke Puzzle. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/hispanic/english/33832_WEB.pdf The Yoke Puzzle attract attention, cheap, and easy to make. Craft sticks, plastic craft lacing, and small washers. First allow them to make it themselves. Though, if the young boys just cannot manipulate the puzzle or tie off the ends of the lacing, and Scout Leader can quick
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