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  1. BadenP and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! It wasn't my intention to imply that your Venturers or all Venturers needed hours of intense of Adult Intervention. The agenda of my post was; when a Crew is started or before a Crew is started, it is usually community adults that decide to start a crew, not teenagers that do not know about Scouting/Venturing yet. The Previous post before this thread was inquiring about a Chartering Organization starting a Venturing Crew and attracting teenagers from the community. Basement seemed to comment about a Chartering Organization startin
  2. OGE and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! Skimming over this post, I agree. Ideally the youth will begin to demonstrate leadership and eventually state what their goals are. But it will probably be a community based organization, social club, professional association, or church, that will see a need for Scouting within their community. As smart and bright as some 14 year olds are; I just don't see them meeting in the park after school and formulating a plan to approach the Junior Achievement, Boys and Girls Club, Pathfinders, Campfire USA, 4H, Future Farmers of America, or the
  3. Qwazse, Greetings again! Yes. They are a good group of Scouts and Venturers. (My Venturers need to lead and camp just a little bit more, to develop what they learn though). I support council training, but has Journey to Excellence is now grading unit leadership training, (if a unit conducts ILST or ILSC), I desire my Venturers to concentrate the ILSC closer to home, which will increase attendance. Then during Venturing gatherings and events, I highly encourage attendace at council Venturing functions. Just no longer the ILSC. Hopefully it works well for you.. Just ha
  4. Qwazse and Fellow Scouters and Venturers, Greetings! WOW Good questions! I'll bite, and I'll provide my opinion from my perspective. Specifically, with my Crew and Troop that I serve, and also other Scouting friends that I know in the neighborhood. All of our Scouting units are independent of each other. It seems like with all of the neighborhood Packs, Troops and Crews, none have the same chartering organizations or same meeting nights. We do have siblings between Packs and Troops. We do have a few multiples between Scouting and Venturing, but the units/committees/finances
  5. Taser, Greetings! You've received mixed advice. I agree, it is not appropriate for adults to compete against the youth. But for only a few minutes, the youth do like to see which Scoutmaster (or adult) has some hidden talents, with a lot of show and cheering. I have seen, participated in and hosted a few Summer Camp Friday afternoon (after all the MB are completed and before closing campfire) Scoutmasters' Belly Flop Contest. The Scouts love the show. Some adult leaders are real characters, but never get to entertain. Some Scouts want to see their leader out-perform other S
  6. JM and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! On a few topics. I used to attempt ultra light backpacking; but over the years, I've become a creature of comfort and now I tailgate it. Now, two of my Associate Advisors like to go ultra-light, one carries a small alcohol stove and he says it is good enough for he and his wife to boil water and make ramen noodles. He enjoys his alcohol stove and endorses it, if handled safely. Regarding G2SS, Buffalo Skipper and other fellow Scouters already commented on an alcohol and lighter fluid events with tragic results. Till recently, the G2SS had
  7. Fellow WB'rs, Congrats Basement!! Next time I look over someone's ticket completion, now I'll make them suffer! Haha, just joking. I'm looking for an accomplishment, beyond just being a parent or just being a leader (extra body standing there). If they served 5 youth, I am happy. If they served 500 youth, I am really happy! Just my opinion..... But back to Basement, seriously, a Huge Congratulations and keep earning your beads every Scouting day! Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  8. AK, Greetings! Over the years I have participated in FOS. Some years greater, some years less. No nonsense about it, the DE and some district/council volunteers, have asked for money. Not every family is financially able to participate. Not a problem. Scouting doesn't need their money so much to create a burden on a family. Although, Some families are financially able to contribute, they do not understand where the FOS money is used. It does help to know why and where the money goes to. During the FOS campaign, DEs and Vol's attempt to explain the income and
  9. Wedge, Greetings! If I may offer an opinion and comments... Since the video is not of him, and posted to his personal networking page (and not a group social network page belonging to the troop), may I assume it was of a comedian using vulgar language to make fun of interracial dating? I agree, once information is electronic it is published out there, saved on a server, sitting in an email queue, etc, etc. If it is posted to a social network website it makes that information even more proliferated. Just ask some politicians. They have taken measures to hide information, w
  10. Fellow Scouters, Greetings again! I think only few of us are stating that this situation should be conducted carefully for all parties. Not condemning the Scout nor the adults. For Engineer. "And yes... 5 adults on 1 child discussing the child's sexual orientation IS an inquisition. The child is defenseless in that scenario." I cannot speak for scoutmom or any others, but I nearly agree with you. A questioning on sexual orientation is uncalled for. Should they question how the boy feels or what he thinks? I agree, no. Should the adult leadership ask him about what he
  11. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! Not that jtswestark exactly agrees with me. But I believe JT believes in a safe environment for everyone. To shortridge, Saying "I am _________" is misbehavior? I would say possibly so. It is a statement that a Scout made, and currently it is only a statement. Was the boy lying, was the boy joking, was the boy honest? I don't know. Shouldn't someone determine if it was a joke, a comment, or a serious declaration. A hypothetical situation for this forum. But I have known Boy Scouts who have been caught by drug sniffing dogs in the school
  12. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! It seems that most of our forum members believe that Youth Protection Guidelines exist only to protect youth from adults. This is only partially true. It is there to protect youth from adults. It also exist to protect youth from other youth. Youth or adults may be predatory, youth or adults may be bullies, youth or adults may experiment with narcotics or alcohol. I certainly hope that five adults did not beat up and humiliate a Scout. But many of our forum members have chosen to insult and become angry at five adult leaders, and have only heard
  13. Fellow Scouters and 5yearscouter, Greetings! I concur with some of the questions Eagle92 and SP have brought up. In today's environment everyone is afraid of liable and innuendos. While the Scouts orientation is in question; I am glad there were five adult leaders interviewing the Scout, rather than just one or two. If it was a one on one session Scoutmaster to youth, I would be extremely alarmed. If this were a Board of Review with five adults and one scout, would we even be concerned. I would hope five adult leaders, which should be trained, selected by their committ
  14. deaker, Fellow WB Staffers and Fellow NYLT Staffers, Greetings! Only a few comments. Like Eammon and moosetracker stated. Usually WB and NYLT staff are invited. Most every staffer accepts an offer to staff, but I don't think many volunteer. Maybe its your terminology. It does no harm to offer you availability to the course directors "I'm here if you need me"; but don't state your volunteering to be on their staff "I'm here, cause you definately need my help". Now regarding your question; the current WB21C is a cross of Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing, a demonstrati
  15. Scoutmaster T3 and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! Here are my thoughts. I concur with Scoutfish comments. It is hazing and bullying, but verbally. They gave the CIT an insulting nickname, and made a bad choice in doing so. What they are probably thinking is funny and hilarious (and harmless) nickname, is damaging and offensive. My own troop had a brief event of bullying, 12 y/o's and 11 y/o's. It was the younger patrol that erred in judgement. By the next meeting after the campout the program agenda was cancelled, and the SPL presented the course on Bullying from Scouting.org
  16. George Az, My answer. It is kinda similar to other Fraternities. You are an Arrowman. The real question is, are you an active dues paying member, or a former (no longer active) member. Most of the time, the chapter chief, lodge chief and advisor(s), will desire some written proof or descriptive proof that you were once a member. Bringing former members back as they become Scouting parents is becoming fairly common. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21_Adv
  17. Fellow Scouters and Trainers, Greetings! Please help me with this. I am a seasoned Scouter and a long time Council and District Trainer and Training Chair. I was asked this question a few weeks ago. First let me set the background, then I will pose the question(s). As a District Trainer, I have developed the stance that I cannot control Scouters. (Similar to you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink). I can offer training throughout the year. I can advertise, encourage, etc; but I cannot get them from their home or work, and set them in the learner seat
  18. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I'm glad KC9DDI posted. The game of life is in the course for a reason, but I believe there are different ways of delivering the same lesson. For the weeklong course, it is the end of day three or midweek. For the more common two weekend courses, it should be Friday night, after Scouters return to their course. The two weekend method, the patrols may have bonded during their home time, participated in patrol activities and even built their patrol presentation. Their motivation may be really high and they believe they are high performing teams, and
  19. Twocubdad, Greetings! I agree with a few of our fellow forum members. For Consequences, a punishment such as fire guard he may just be too stubborn to learn from. But seeing the consequences of an out of control fire, might enlighten him. Taking a tour of a burn victim center, is closer to my thoughts, but still may be too much. But an clear understanding of the dangers, an appreciation of what fire can destroy, homes, property and human skin, may be about right. During Introductions to Outdoor Leadership Skills for our adults, I give a "Gloom and Doom" topic before the
  20. Crossramwedge, Greetings! Before I got to the end, I took a look at the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, similar to Eammon and jet526, there is no CC signature for completing the project, but there is a CC signature for the Rank Application. My own opinion. I have met a few rough boys, but I only have really met one Scout, that I did not believe deserved Eagle Scout. But I was not in the signature order, nor on his EBOR. Now, in his early 20's, I hope that he is now maturing and appreciates the honor bestowed on him. That being said. (Still my opinion) There are
  21. SR540Beaver, Highly agree! We hand out the election packages and rules during January Roundtable. Further we send emails with links and explain the process. Maybe half of the Scoutmasters are prepared and understand the basics. Not every Scouter will go online and do research. But for those willing to read these Scouter.com forums. They should be willing to go read the OA election rules from the source. And I hope the do, it would be less work and explaining by the Advisor and Chief (minutes prior to an election). Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  22. fr-john and Fellow Arrowmen, Greetings! Sounds like Eagle92 nailed the answer. It is disappointing, when you see good Scouts that could be really good Arrowmen (and serve their troops, camps, and communities), and the just never get elected to become an Arrowman. There seems to be a difference between how many registered, how many in attendance on troop OA election meeting, and how many ballots total are submitted. Also, there seems to be new Scouts joining that don't really any older Scouts. And finally, sometimes troops have ASM, under 21, which are Arrowmen, of which, thei
  23. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I can slightly agree with FScouter. I have had friends and acquaintances frequently tell me (and other Scouters) that BSA has authorized Kilts over the years. As recent as two weeks ago, I had another friend specifically tell me that the Clan MacLaren kilt is an authorized part of the uniform. Is it worth arguing over? (Whether that BSA has or has not made the kilt an official part of the BSA uniform). Nope, not really that important. All I can say is. "Yep. Neat. Cool." "Glad you got a kilt to wear with your uniform". I'm just
  24. Lug Nut and Fellow Arrowmen, Greetings! I can only take a guess. But I expect there may have been a clerical error, between the election team and your troop committee. Only one thing caught my eye, when you stated "my name went on the form during the troop (boys) election process...". Some lodges develop their own Unit Election Report, but there is a standard form available in the OA Guide for Officers and Advisers and the OA Guide to Inductions. These pubs have the Unit Report with the youth candidates form in the publication, but I do not see the adult nomination form i
  25. charmoc and Fellow Arrowmen, Greetings! Here are my opinion and thoughts... As an adult Arrowmen, I've driven to elections and assisted the various Chiefs with elections. I've also stood up, after the Scoutmaster endorsement and said something similar to "Remember the guys that taught you, your knots. Remember the guys that taught you how to cook. Remember the guys that help you with your advancement. Those are some really great guys, huh?" After many of the elections, I walk out amazed. Just from my own experiences. I've seen quiet Scouts be elected, I've seen bull
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