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  1. Here is an article about the BSA being pressured to cave in on its Gay policy.. Big name CEO's of large corporations are pushing it . BSA National is going to cave if we do not do anything about it. Here is the article. Go to it and read it yourself. Seems like we ought to do a little boycotting ourselves. According to this article ATT's CEO Randall Stephenson is pegged to be the new BSA Board President and is pushing it big time. Stinks to high heaven. http://www.christianpost.com/news/boy-scouts-were-pressured-by-corporate-sponsors-to-change-policy-on-gays-89156/
  2. Well I hear the death bell of Scouting as we know it coming to an end if National rules to let homosexuals join the BSA. To many Religious organizations will probably back out of being CO's. Many will not bend their beliefs and will not like having the possibility of being sued for sexual discrimination hanging over their necks. I am CO of our troop and am not sure what would happen to our troop if this ruling goes toward allowing gays join the BSA. I guess if it happens I will find out.
  3. Just heard our DE is resigning his position. Nice guy. Not a Scouter, but did the best job he could. Our last 2 DE's had not been involved in scouting before they took the position. Both where college graduates in their mid 30's. They tried and to be honest with you there is no way I would become a DE. Not enough pay for the position to warrant the pressure put upon you. If you have a District committee that does not do its job, then I believe the DE can not do their jobs. How about it former DE's ?
  4. Sorry guys, I thought that the post had been deleted. I did not realize it had gotten put on to the patrol method sight. I just ran across it earlier this evening. The family involved after some discussion has decided to move on. They and five other families are leaving. We wish them well. They have a different ideas of scouting than the rest of the troop adults. (Webelos III) ring a bell. Not a bad thing, just not for our troop. When they realized that the SM was not going anywhere and that they where not going to get their way they decided to move on. We have offered to help them in ev
  5. SM does not recommend boy for board of review for advancement to Life scout. Parents are livid. The story as I understand it is that as in the past the SM had asked the boy to show leadership on his own and stop relying on his Dad so much. His Dad is a helicopter parent who is stuck in Cub Scout mode. Needless to say the Dad and the SM do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. On 3 different occasions the Scout was asked to help clean up after camp outs. He was defiant and on one occasion told the SM he needed to help his Dad load up then ran over to him and stood beside him and supposedly
  6. A lot OA dancers spend a lot of time and personal money to make these costumes. I know of a young man that has spent what I consider a substantial sum on his costume as well as countless hours designing and making it. He considers it his personal property and loans it to the Lodge for Ceremonial purposes. In my opinion he owns the costume and may do with it whatever he wants to. He may not be able to personally attend the Crossover himself and does not trust the other young men (perhaps from past experiences) to take care of it. Should the Lodge own their own equipment? Yes. If the
  7. Do you think the BSA Media Guidelines should control the content of your personal non scout web page? I personally do not think that it should. But if you read the guidelines it heavily leans to this fact. These are good guidelines but are not really anything new except YP BSA guidelines have been thrown in. I know some BSA leaders who think that if a few words or pictures are used by a scout on a personal web page that they deem a "offensive" media conversation or video then the BSA guide lines including YP guidelines should be used to control that situation. Does the BSA have the right to co
  8. A meeting to be held Monday night. The SM has had to talk to several adults on this matter and he is ticked off. There is now talk about trying to remove the SM as well as me. This is getting out of hand to the point that I may have to approach the IH for his opinion. We are a large church and he has very little to do with the scouts.
  9. Here it is. The SM will talk to him. He is still out of town. The SM will request that he apologize. I understand that most of you think that the scout need not apologize but that is the SM's decision, he has his reasons. He has been in scouting 20 years. There have been threats of 3 adults taking there kids and leaving. He will talk to them and explain this course of action and if it does not satisfy them then they can walk.
  10. I am not going to produce the file. It uses language like M***F**** on several occasions. FU on more occasions. Talks about girls having orgasms so on so forth. It also uses most all the lesser cuss words. You just have to take my word for it. Thanks for the advice.
  11. Look guys it is not a contract, its a statement that in all areas of his life he will hold up the morals and values that are embedded in the Scout oath and law and do so daily. Just a tool used to let him know that he has entered leadership in the scouts and that eyes are now upon him. He is in the spotlight. Both youth and adult leaders are watching and following his lead. Our adults are also held to high standards. Pray tell what is wrong with that? Believe it are not, Yes an adult would be approached if they put something up on his Facebook like this scout did and if on that same Face
  12. My response to the situation is to back the SM. He sees no need in further embarrassing the boy. He is going to have a long talk with him. His stance is if the "concerned" parents do not like how he handles it ,then they can walk. Just to let you know the video I started to watch was so full of vulgar language and innuendo that I stopped it after 30 seconds. It is still posted on his face book page. He will reap consequences outside our troop that I have no control over. He was (and I hope still is) well thought of by just more than our troop. He is well known by the whole Area Council.
  13. Most Troops have standards that the Scout should obtain before he is elected into a scout office. For instance we like our SPL to be at least 13, hold a First class rank, attend so many camp outs, wear his Scout uniform, attend at least 75% of regular Scout meetings so on so forth. We also explain to him that we expect him to adhere to the Scout Oath and Law in all aspects of his public life. This is explained to all of our "office" holders and they are required to read (with a parent or guardian present) and sign a statement that they will adhere to these standards in and out of scouting.
  14. I happen to be the CC/COR so that is the reason I am involved and that is the reason I talked to the SM and the DE and the DE is the one who let me know that he was approached by "Concerned parents". He is not really sticking his nose in it. I originally went to him and asked him what he thought about the BSA "Media Guide lines" and of he thought that that should be thrown in the kid's face . These parents seem to think that those guidelines ought to be enforced on a "Scout" personal page. That is another discussion. Kudu, yes the video is on you tube,(This message has been edited by
  15. The Scout in question is with a OA group hiking at a location several hundred miles from here. As far as I know he does not have a clue as to what a stir he has caused by posting that video. Our troop is considered to be the best troop in our District (per DE) which cover 4 counties. Up until now he was considered by many to be one of the best SPL's in the District. He is an outstanding speaker, writes articles about Scouting for the local newspaper and has published a book about his trip to the 2010 Jambo. I had a talk with our DE and found out that "concerned" parents have talked to him
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