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  1. Engineer61 and Fellow Scouters, WOW! I thought Scouting was suppose to be fun. And COH are suppose to be fun too. We didn't shake hands, we did the high five. Sometimes we would do the wave. Sometimes with a skit/song. We would judges who had the best cheer. Our adult cheer is usually "Ask your Patrol Leader!". We recognize the bubbas, without reading off each certificate. Normally the snacks are divided by patrol, once we even had a breakfast themed COH, at 6:30 p.m., that ended up being a huge success. Maybe the migraine evoking COH are too much adult led? I'
  2. fred and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I wish BSA would consider the foreign Scouting one unit concept (one troop from ages 5-25). That is a whole other discussion though. But regarding recruiting and disappointments. I have a colleague, that told me, "We are youth led!" and I replied "So, you're saying, we are not?". Then the next statement was "I didn't mean that, I just meant, We listen to our youth!". To which I replied, "So we don't listen to our youth?" I tell my local fellow Scouters that Webelos cross over based on three things: 1) Where the Webelos' Den L
  3. Cito and Fellow Scouters, If I may add my comments and tell you about my local Roundtable. Roundtable is always a challenge. My district strives to receive attendance from each unit. Sometimes we get 2-3 Scouters from the same troop or pack, but our goal is at least one rep. We also know that we have at least one Scouting Pack and Troop that absolutely does not see the value in Roundtable. We know that we have a couple of units that meet on the same night as roundtable evening (one unit sacrifices a committee member to attend though). Our district accepts that we cannot satisfy
  4. Fellow Arrowmen, I've served in a few councils and lodges; Im just a regular Arrowman doing work with my sons and Arrowmen from my Chapter. Looking at how the OA sash is worn, there is a broad interpretation sometimes. I have arrived at OA work weekend with my T-shirt and Sash, for the Lodge Advisor to bring the handbook over to me, and show me the sash is worn only with official BSA field uniform or Indian regalia. Out of 100 plus Arrowmen, I was the only one wearing my sash with a T-shirt. Other occasions, I've arrived to the OA recognition banquet with my nice-ironed
  5. Fellow Scouters, Greetings again! And to caveat.... I didn't mean to steal the show. I didn't create a database or purchase one either. I'm just a fellow Scouter. I have asked Advancement chairs to determine which one is best compatible with their laptop computer (some friends are devoted Mac/Apple users). It seems I have had this similar discussion with Scouting buddies at least every six months for over a decade. And even more so, now that everyone seems to be carrying a smartphone or Ipad. I personally like the idea of accessing advancement eligibility with a few k
  6. Fellow Scouters, Similar questions come up every year at my local Roundtable, as well as during leader specific training. I provide my colleagues the "In layman's terms and as I understand ScoutNET" brief. So this is a lengthy history lesson to explain how I understand these "third party" Scouting databases. If I remember correctly. ScoutNET was originally called ScoutNET2000. ScoutNET2000 debuted, at the same time many commercial software application at the turn of the century where seeking Y2K compatibility and using 2000 in their name. Scouting sort of came out of the Sto
  7. Fellow Scouters, Prior to the centennial uniforms, and just before the microfiber uniforms were recently in the Scout shops and at Scoutstuff.org. I've also commented about the Australian Scouts uniform. From my visiting with, Scouts UK and sometime Scouts Canada, it seems they place patches where ever they desire. Their uniforms were very similar to our ODL, and from what I viewed, their arrangement of patches/recognition on their shirt(s) was unorganized. From a brief visit with Australian Scouts, I was impressed with the polo shirt which separated age levels by shoulder bo
  8. WestCoastScouter, Greetings! I read your story, and briefly skimmed over our colleagues responses. Bottom line. It is your families views, and it is your families' choice. So take all these advise/comments with a grain of salt. My own opinion.... I have visited and been a member of quiet a few troops. I've been a member of some pretty good troops, and been a member of some troops that were lacking. I have only seen one model troop, maybe close to 100 Scouts. It seemed they were pretty close to being boy led, with quiet a few Life Scouts and Eagle Scouts still
  9. sublimation, Greetings! I've attended and staffed Summer Camps in about six councils, so I think I have seen some really good and unfortunately some really lousy. Alot of the campfires, morning/evening assembly stunts, songs, etc add to the magic. I would say the most serious critique is the behavior of the staff, working under an appropriate Camp Director (usually a professional Scouter) and approrpriate staff SPL. The worst I've seen was when the youth staff rode their mountain bikes all hours of the day, when they were suppose to be conducting Merit Badge classes. If t
  10. Fellow Scouters, I must admit. After hours of searching, I finally found it on the Scouting website. EDGE is good for three years. (Dangit) Maybe National should put it in the Trainer's EDGE syllabus. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  11. BS-87, True.. But it was a good valid question. Just not the desired response.. It appears Run did not come to the forum to debate, which is good. Run, just didn't find the answer they were seeking. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21_Adv
  12. Scoutfish and Fellow Scouters, What frustrates me more is when extra rules are applied by well meaning trainers. Quoting something they heard, from someone else, that claimed it was factual and also the newest "secret limited release" from National. But don't tell anyone else, because only their secret source has the truthful information directly from Texas. "You must take YPT annually" "Where does is say that?" "It's in the manual!!" Or "Boy Scouts cannot use axes anymore!! Are there any questions?" "Really, are they doing away with the Paul Bunyan
  13. Run, Greetings! Yep.. Agree with Basement and fellow Scouters. There is no policy. Its a "Gentlemen's" or "Handshake" agreement not to infringe upon what is preceived as "traditional" territory; but nothing prohibiting it. On another topic. It is too bad that a Den left. Hopefully there was too much of a population of boys and your Pack was far to overpopulated, that would be the problem everyone would love to have. But sometimes a den or parents may leave because of disagreements, which is too bad if it cannot be resolved within a unit, because after all "its for the b
  14. qwasze, That's what I figured. It wasn't me, but it was a handful of the 18-20 y/o Dual Registered Venturers and ASM. Online recharter had just come out, ScoutNET2000 was still in its infancy. I did not like and disagreed with the double payment policy for that age limit and grey area, but our council stated this was National's policy. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  15. AJ, Strictly regarding the multiple registration and not the Code 42/MBC. I disagree with it. But I have been told multiple times, that the 19-21 year old Venturer/Scouter has to pay twice, even if dual enrolled. I have had three Venturing youth, which were also ASMs with their Troops (as well as knowing other Venturers/ASMs in the same situation). They have been the only multiple registrations I've known that the council registrar stated had to pay twice with each unit after they hit 18 and until the crossed 21. Why, I don't know. Seems simple enough, but there were is
  16. Schiff, I read something similar last year regarding this pilot program. I believe jetskis are also being tested certain camps. To find out if ATV and Jetskis can be safely applied into a Scouting program. Let's hope BSA Safety can find some good, reliable guidelines, to expand some of the fun to motorized events!! Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  17. Fellow Scouters, When my troop goes out recruiting for Boy Scouts. We don't promise them medals or Eagle. We promise them adventure and fun, if they want it. We tell the parents they will build character, citizenship and fitness. We will happily admit, if they really enjoy the trail, they will earn the Eagle Medal. Similarly for my Venturers, we promise them fun and adventure, along with character, citizenship and fitness. If they really get a kick out of the program, the can earn the Silver award or Ranger award. In 12 years within my Crew, we've had two Silvers, three E
  18. Fellow Scouters and Arrowmen, Adults are usually nominated, if they will be a benefit to the OA program. At face value, it sounds/reads like rldavis would be a benefit. There is a ratio in the guidebook, at least one youth arrowman must be elected to obtain an adult nomination. A troop may nominate 1 adult, per every 50 Scouts in the troop. I.E. If a small troop has 1 SPL, 1 PL and 8 Scouts, they may nominate 1 adult. If a large troop has 101 Scouts, they have the possibility to nominate up to 3 adults. Not only should the Troop Committee be made aware of the proc
  19. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! Just a few of comments. Scouter, how dare you ask a question like this.. (just joking). While it seems similar. Changing to Co-Educational and a merger with any other youth organization (or all female organization) are two separate issues, and maybe pursued under different threats. We are not on the executive boards. It's fun for us to dialogue about different aspects, and maybe some people listen/read this forum. But this online forum is not were policy is established. If young ladies and families are asking about the possibility o
  20. Jacobs, Greetings! I'm sure the staff should be fairly energetic, with alot of creative and goofy ideas. Try not to spend too much time on Gilwell Field (beyond the required practices) to the extent that it reduces class time. However, you may try to find a humorous way to remember and re-inforce the previous days topics (setting goals, knowing your resources, etc etc); or to advertise an upcoming "movie night" with popcorn and pajamas or Space Launch with sunglasses and lab coat. Remember, "Fun with a purpose". Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  21. Richard and Fellow Scouters, I somewhat agree. Scouter.org forum members have gotten into this same discussion here in this forum several times. Required vs Recommended. On the district and council level it is frustrating, that Quality Unit, Centennial Unit and now Journey to Excellence is hinged on trained leaders and quality of program, when so much of the training is recommended (and not required). Weather Hazards, Safe Swim, Safety Afloat, Climb on Safely, CPR / AED, WFA should be taken. They are highly recommended! But I don't see National BSA saying mandatory. Recently, th
  22. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! We had this recent discussion during a well attended Troop Committee Challenge just a few days ago. My local Scouting colleagues were a good bunch of folks. Though on occasion, I've met Scouters and Committee Members that thought a Troop should be run like a business; with the Committee Chair and Scoutmaster dictating the entire program. Fortunately, those Scouters didn't last long. The question that usually comes up. "What training is required?" My answer, "To the best of my research, Youth Protection Training is the only training that is
  23. Fellow Scouters, I agree, Garrison or Overseas caps don't block the sun, but they are easy to carry. I get a little disappointed, when in the chow hall I see a sweaty ball cap thrown onto the table, right next to my plate and drink. But hey, I also get disappointed when Scouts sit on the tables and put their muddy boots on the chairs. Back to the Garrison cap, at least they can tuck the cap in the belt, over their shoulder, stuff it in their pocket, or inside their backpack. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  24. Fellow Scouters and Patch Traders, Greetings! I always thought of these guys that sold multiple patches in Lots on Ebay as working in the manufacturing embroidery business or factory, rather than them being actual Scouters. Kinda like "A few fell off the back of the truck", if ya know what I mean. They count them as mistakes or slight defects when they come off the loom, and a few extra errors fall off into a cardboard box to take home (and ebay) rather than going to the shredder or incinerator. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  25. AJ, I believe the Ranger Cloth was finally sold, out of stock. The Ranger Bar, is (or was) suppose to be for youth and adult wear. Venturing and Boy Scout uniform. The medal is more for youth under 21, when attending ceremonies. On ocassion that there may be a group of Rangers (similar to a Nest of Eagles)you may find a few young adults (21-30) wearing it with a new Ranger Venturer receiving their award. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv(This message has been edited by Crew21_Adv)
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