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  1. Miki101, (et al) Thanks for watching my back.. lol That explains why it took so long for an experiment to become an official progam... Hopefully, an "experimental" honor society for Venturing will move along much faster. Like I stated earlier, across the nation we have some "groundroots" honors bestowed from the local council Venturing programs just to their local Venturers. They already have some good vision for a nat'l pilot program to be commissioned. Then hopefully, a Venturing honor society would follow a similar style to the OA. Being honored by election into a Ven
  2. Owl, Greetings! Here is my 2 cents. "Does anyone know about any Venturing Honor Societies that have or are in the process of being formed?" No, I don't believe so. yet.... As I've seen, new BSA programs will have a pilot program in one or two selected councils. Of course, National would look at everything, ethics, educational or recreation benefits, and risks assessments. Before, any new programs are published, National would want be sure it is safe and well planned. National usually debuts any new programs during the National Convention. Under the Commissi
  3. Fellow Scouters, I share the fustration in seaching for certain forms which may be edited, saved, and emailed. After seaching for the Eagle Application, I have found a similar alternative. Troop 661 of Orange County Council, Mission Viejo, California has an Eagle Scout Rank Application (2002 edition) recreated in the Excel format. Even though this form exist on their webpage, I don't believe it is widely known in other Scout Councils and units. (Or I'd expect everyone would be pointing to their website for this form.) If you already knew, then I guess I'm a day late and a
  4. Well... I know Kahuna lives in the largest (Geographic) council, and the same council where the Scouting day begins and ends. Could it be Aloha Council? or maybe Maui County Council? Venture On! Crew21_Adv
  5. Our Den and Pack meetings. in the evenings, were normally relaxed attire for the parents. But, I have worn my Official BSA Green tie (with my WB beads spun around from back to the front) to a just a few semi-formal Blue and Gold celebrations back in the mid-90's, while the fathers wore slacks, shirt-n-ties and mothers wore skirts-n-blouses. I also wore it to a couple of annual Council Awards ceremonies. On the few occasions I wore the tie, I would wear my long sleeve BSA shirt. It just seemed proper etiquette and attire. (I think I still have the Cubmaster POR on that shirt).
  6. Greetings everyone! Here's my 2 cents. I am happy to receive the various types of Scout training. I too, just desire that it is a good use of my time. On very rare occasion, it seems my time was wasted in Scout training. A friend once said to me If you can teach it better, then volunteer to be a trainer! Ive usually offered my experience to the District and Council to staff and even chair training. Many times with raving success; but, on rare occasion, with a disappointment. Hey ya just cant satisfy everybody! Outside of Scouting, in the outdoor recreational environ
  7. FYI..And I'm not making a point here, my entry here is just for fun..... There are a few photographs in some of our popular literature showing uniforming errors. Each year, I read this Scouter.com and other Scouting blogs about errors in the annual Scout catalog (or Scout Stuff website). They are pretty humorous sometimes. Even if you look at Cub Scouts in the leaders' Scouting Magazine, the patches are sometime stapled to the uniform or sewed in the wrong location. (Okay, their parents may not know where to sew the ranks and recognitions.) When you have the opportunity... Loo
  8. What I meant was, if any Fellow Venturer or Advisor desires to actually view the 2005-2006 Venturing Program Highlights 25-200D. They can view it on the Direct Service www.directservicebsa.org website, by clicking on the http://www.directservicebsa.org/pdf/25-200.pdf The www.Scouting.org Venturing Resources, list last year's Highlight as 25-200C, but does not link to the current 25-200.pdf file. r/ Crew21_Adv
  9. Greetings Fellow Advisors! FYI.. There are a few resources to purchase that are not available to be seen on the www.scoutstuff.org and may not normally be on the shelf at your local Scout Council store. You have probably seen the www.scouting.org Venturing page already. On the bottom of the Resources page is video support. If your Council or DE doesn't possess them, you may consider increasing your Crew library. For those adults that get stuck behind a desk, there is a good interactive CD which is new in 2005(Venturing Adult Leader Fast Start CD (AV-0321CD - order form). Whi
  10. Greetings Everyone! I am Crew21_Adv. I have been around Scouting for a while. I have read many post from this Scouter.com and different Scouting newsgroups and have taken on quiet a bit of the advise. But I may like to post on rare ocassion. I've been in Troops and Packs in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Panama, Hawaii, and Europe. I'm a summer camp staffer, Arrowman, WB Staffer, Assistant District Commissioner, Assistant Scoutmaster and Crew Advisor. I've also done a fifty miler and a Nat'l Jamboree. Now I'm looking forward to Powderhorn. But best of all, I've also had t
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