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  1. Fellow Scouters, Great find skeptic! http://www.scout.org/en/information_events/news/2011/3_000_american_scouts_distinguish_themselves_in_normandy http://boyslife.org/wayback (Search for Nov 2005 edition, pg 44-45) Here are a couple of links in English. The first is about the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO project), to identify the beaches of Normandy as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (You can probably say it is more to limit and govern commercialization of a historic site.) The second links is a 2005 Boys' Life Article of the B
  2. Mike F and fellow Scouters, Just my opinion.... I would be happy to see a Patrol wearing the same custom patch (in good taste) regardless if it was larger than the standards BSA 1.5 inch round. At least they are thinking like a patrol. They should have a flag and cheer to go along with the patrol patch, and begin holding Patrol meetings as well!! It could become contagious! Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  3. afscout, Greetings! At Gilwell, My family only had about an hour to visit. (Not being prepared) We did not have the luxury of having a map of the Gilwell Park, so it was again, a new discovery. http://1stgilwellpark.org/images/content/GilwellToday/Gilwell%20map.pdf Outside of the Summer Camping season, the closest parking lot we found takes you in front of the "White House" (Map point 3, 2, & 1). The White House is the former Scouting Association Headquarters, and currently a Scouting conference center. During my visit, there was a reception office/window at the white
  4. bigbovine, Greetings! I hope you do attend WB21C and enhance the Scouting trail for your own boys as well as the boys in your Pack & Troop. You have already received excellent advice about position requirements for WB21C and also a few comments about remaining in the Pack. So if I may make a few comments about other concerns. I would recommend before you attend. Do your own assessment of their programs. Maybe you can see where a need may occur. Possibly review the Den Leader and Cub Scout Handbooks as well as the SM and Troop Committee handbooks to read how a compl
  5. moosetracker and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! Here is my take on old vs new NYLT. Before the 2004 NYLT, the previous JLTC course was identical to WB for Boy Scout Leaders. The curriculum was the exact same. After NYLT was presented, the ideals and methods (and nearly the same tool box) is closely identical to WB21C, although most of the topics are written differently. If you look at an hourly chart of six days (or two weekends), the similar themes occur on the same days and nearly same hours. My opinion, There is some prestige staffing WB, adults staffing NYLT does
  6. DLister, Greetings! Regarding your question. I've never seen a similar situation happen like that. It wouldn't surprise me to learn a very (very, very) small percentage of Arrowmen have been appointed instead of elected (I hope far, far less that 1 percent). I'm glad that almost all BSA troops do abide by the election guidelines. But let's not try to shame or differential those Arrowmen/Scouts. They just camp, and are good Scouts. It would have been their Scoutmaster; meaning well, but stretching the guidelines. Hopefully this young Tenderfoot/Arrowman in Basemen
  7. Rev, Greetings! Great responses from Emb and Eagle92. I think they defined the red "Boy Scouts of America" on darker green fabric, more than answering your question. I've seen just a few of those shirts about 20 years ago. Are there currently green shirts with "Boy Scouts of America" embroidered or a green embroidered strip to purchase. No. Not currently. Maybe older shirts on ebay, maybe local embroidery shops, but Scoutstuff does not sell that style shirt any more (nor a green strip to sew over it). It would be nice if BSA Supply and Scoutstore offered it. But
  8. afscout, Greetings! You've already received some great advice. A few more things to consider. Just prior to committing. Not all Packs (or Troops, Crews) are cookie cutter. It won't be exactly like the Den and Pack you are leaving. After arrival. Visit all the packs within the neighborhood. Of course, ask questions and survey the parents. But then also, check your work and social schedules. Ask what the sports schedule is like. A Pack or Den night, may severly conflict with other personal schedules and commitments. Finally. Figure out what new friends your son
  9. Fellow Scouters, The current Boy Scout (tan/green) uniform is pretty good. But the newest version of the Venturing uniform has pleated pockets without a pocket flap. Its breathable, but I just don't like the appearance. Possibly a Venturing uniform more similar to the centennial Scout uniform. Also, I don't want to become paramilitary. But in recent years, the U.S. Armed Forces are wearing alot of velcro devices. With Scouts advancing ranks and positions of responsibility, don't you think it is time for BSA uniform manufacturers to consider velcro? Scouting Forever an
  10. UCEagle72 and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! In my experience. I've served as a UC, ADC, and R/TC. Again, serving as a unit Scouter, I don't get to assign the UCs. I guess you can say I measure the UCs that visit. The highest measure is that I have a really good quality Commissioner, the lowest measure is that I have a good Scouting buddy (coming over for a visit). I gauge the difference, if I learn something new from my UC, or if the UC is learning something from me and is constantly saying "Gee, I didn't know that". I've had a few Scouting buddies swing on by, and tak
  11. TAHAWKS and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! Just to comment on the re-write. WB21C, I believe is currently on edition D. It seems to have gone thru three good modifications (maybe 5-6 minor addendums/written adjustments) with some topics removed and some new topics added between since 2000 and today. Of course, this is second hand & third hand information, so take it with a grain of salt.... I have been told that BSA did contract and pay royalties to Ken Blanchard, Steven Covey and Franklin Covey to purchase intellectual property or educational proprietary material.
  12. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I wonder how many phone calls Ms Janice is going to get tomorrow... She'll have to get call waiting, auto forwarding, a message secretary and etc. lol Way to go Janice! Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21_Adv
  13. Breaney, Greetings! Great advice already! If I may add. Here are a few question, and opinions I have. Why do Cub Scouts (and families) go to Den meetings? Because there is a personal need and an appealing draw. Why do Boy Scouts (and parents) go to troop meetings? Again, because there is a personal need and an appealing draw. I think it is the same for Chapter meetings. There should be a need. Sometimes big, sometimes small. Need to earn Brotherhood. Summer camp needs. Need to learn more about Native American culture. And then also the draw. Chapter meetings are
  14. Bingo, Officially. From the Advancement Committee Policy and Guidelines #33088. The Boy Scout is tested. "A Scout may be tested on rank requirements by his patrol leader, Scoutmaster, assistant Scoutmaster, a troop committee member, or a member of his troop. The Scoutmaster maintains a list of those qualified to give tests and to pass candidates. The Scout's merit badge counselor teaches and tests on the requirements for merit badges." It's not official. But how are they tested? I'd say they are tested, when they teach Scout thru First Class skills to the younger Scouts. The
  15. Eagle2000 and wife, Greetings again! Depending on the distance. I still believe you and your child visiting and having dinner with the district volunteers and SE would be a good thing. But re-reading your question again. It is a common courtesy to extend an invitation to immediate family for any monumental event (such as entering a new career). Family members are traditionally invited to graduation ceremonies, swearing in ceremonies, social club recognitions and etc. Depending on the wording of the invite (what was said and how it was said), it could just be a simple extended
  16. Eagle2000 and wife, Greetings! You've received some excellent advice already. I would concur with some comments by Eagle92. I have not been in that position. But as a Scouter, I would like to know that a DE is available to drive, visit, spend long hours Scouting. And specifically, I would also like to know that the spouse supports the job. I would hate to invest in a DE. Only to have him/her depart in less than a year, due to the job becoming a stresser on the family. I don't expect a DE's spouse to be everywhere in Scouting or to see the spouse at every event. But
  17. SP, Greetings again! I highly agree... I attended in 89, and staffed both the previous course and current course. I too, could not see additional value of attending the course again, after staffing it four times. I don't see myself doing anything more in my unit, district, or council. After a few WB21C courses, I too was invited to attend again. I agree, I never saw the point in recruiting previous Pre2000 WB learners. But that didn't change the Recruiting topic at CDCs or Staff Developments. Again. Here is my opinion. Definitely not based on fact, but a perception I
  18. SP and Fellow Scouters, Greetings again! Yeah.. I guess you can say, my understanding of how Pre2000WB was deemed inadequate is a skewed view. And again, it is an opinion. My information is third hand knowledge; after discussions during WB21C development focus groups, and brought back to council by a few CD attending the WB21C CDC. I've heard that "Recruiting for WB21C" is a topic at CDC, and has a slide about target audiences to recruit from. The second category being Pre2000WBers. Those CDs never say that Pre2000WB is inadequate. I've never heard that. They do say th
  19. sherminator505 and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! If I can provide my opinion to sherminator question. "What was it about the older Wood Badge that was deemed inadequate for exercising such leadership?" I attended the previous WB and staff the previous WB course once. I later staffed WB21C four times. My Course Director during my first WB staff experience participated in the development and testing of the WB21C course. In 98, he provided WB Staffers with a few discussions about WB and WB21C. So let me echo, what I've been told, and have heard this more than once. My CD commen
  20. drmbear, Greetings! Good idea to invite Eagles out to a B&G. But like clemlaw, I'm not sure if is the best idea. Let me start by saying. My attention span is short. I enjoy looking out the window at the squirrels, during lectures and presentations. So, if my attention span is that short, how do I compare with a 6 y/o Tiger or 10 y/o Webelos? For a Cub Scout or Webelos. A 15 y/o Eagle Scout (or even Life Scout) is a "Rock Star"! A Boy Scout hopefully would enjoy hosting a Cub Scout interactive game, or performing a skit for a Blue and Gold. We say this in my
  21. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I was chuckling as I read thru this string. Then I got down to Shortridge story. I started to cry, then Mrs Crew21_Adv was wondering why I couldn't breath. Oh my.... Shortridge story sounds so familiar, and so many times, and then I think it even happened to myself as well. Thanks Shortridge! I laughed with my Crew tonight, and I was really laughing, crying and rolling at home reading this. I've laughed with others, during many Scouting events. But for now the only story I can think of. About 15 years ago, our Cub Family Camp, about 9 p.m.,
  22. Burzon, Greetings! As I rolled thru and scrolled down. I see my thought was already posted. I'm with Trevorum. For many Scouts and friends helping on the project. A patch is priceless. For non-Scouts, businessmen, construction companies, and local establishments, a patch is still a great token of appreciation. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  23. JillKB, Maybe you can use a "Planting the seed" idea. Maybe you can have Johnny Appleseed come in and they can help plant seeds into a ceremic flower pot to become a huge apple tree someday. Or maybe Paul Bunyon, and they can plant an acorn, that will someday turn into a huge Oak tree. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  24. Apache Bob, Earning Eagle and climbing that trail is more about character building. It is not so much about how many merit badges they can earn, nor is it so much about the rank. But that an Eagle has the foundation of a good citizen, leadership and communication traits. I've made the mistake it saying and typing before too. But let's not say "get" and "his", as in "will he be able to get his Eagle rank". The decision if he will earn the rank of Eagle will be the EBOR, based off of his performance as a good Scout and citizen. I have also commented before. There are a few
  25. Fellow Venturers and Scouters, Greetings! Some of you may have already seen this video. I just watched a video on the Summit Bechtel Reserve, with a few comments about 2013 Jamboree and Venturers attending as Jamboree participants. Thanks to the many contributors and the Bechtel family. It does look exciting! Ft AP Hill was great, but it seemed decentralized with a large circle loop, any campuses seperated by a few miles. I understand "The Summit" being a permanent Scout site and developed by BSA, will be like a village with many more crossroads than AP Hill. The walking d
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