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  1. gnnennell, Greetings! Roundtable is not only suppose to be "One of the Best Shows in Town", its suppose to be "The Only Show in Town". I believe that is the statement in the Roundtable Training guide. Everyone has told you to add program, add material that they do not perform or possess in their units. That is the biggest draw. Before we commence with skill, my roundtable leads audience participation or action songs. At least they're energized by the time we begin the practical application. Many years ago, about half of the Cub Scouters would go out for pizza and laug
  2. ManyHats, Greetings again! Sounds like the Paul Harvey's radio show, "And Now for the Rest of the Story". I am glad that the Tiger Cub did a good deed, but I am even more at rest that an actual customer realized they were at a loss. Again, I can humorously imagine a stampede after a public service announcement in a large store "If anyone lost a hundred dollar bill, please come to the customer service to obtain your 100 dollars". Good Deed for the Tiger Cub still!!! Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  3. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I considered posting in the previous thread Scouting As a Program for Adults, but withheld. I could not find it on Scouting.org, but on some council webpages you can find that Cub Scouting is a Family Based Program. Cub Scouting seems to be about 75 percent of our population. On the Scouting webpage, there is a recent flyer "Scouting Builds More Than Just Campfires". On page two it states Scouting Builds Families (along with Character, Values, and Community). Though there is not much literature, that states it. The Scouting Advancement program
  4. ManyHats, Greetings! I'm very glad that the Tiger Cub did the right thing and committed a good turn. But putting on my skeptic hat on for a little while. Did he find the rightful owner? Mall Security? A Police Officer? or the Lowe (Menards) store customer service? I would hope that the rightful owner who dropped it, received it back. Or even a police officer would commit it toward the local police charity. But a mall security or a store customer service, I am critical. At least with the store customer service, it would probably be added to their nightly profits.
  5. Basement, Greetings! That's a good question. Here is just another one for our forum members to ponder. How do married adults tent on Cub Family outings? Looking around, there is some guidance from BSA on this issue. http://scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/GSS/gss01.aspx Under Leadership Requirements for Trips and Outings 7. Male and female leaders must have separate sleeping facilities. Married couples may share the same quarters if appropriate facilities are available. Scouting Forever and Venture On! Crew21 Adv
  6. ScoutmasterBradley, Greetings! I'm reading this post late, but if I may provide my thoughts. Again these are my own opinions. The news of a 16 y/o girl becoming pregnant can be shocking. It will affect her maturity, family balance, and education. As well as educational and character development groups like Venturing, Church and other social experience groups. I don't envy your situation. To answer your questions first. Can we deny or revoke the membership or leadership status of youth (or even an adult) for such a thing? Yes. The unit leader (Cubmaster, Sc
  7. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! Regarding District Directors. Here are descriptions from the Scouting.org site. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/LOS/positions.aspx Although this is "wikipedia" and anyone can edit it, it links to some reliable sources. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Professional_Scouter_(Boy_Scouts_of_America) Most Scouting professionals wear the patch of their hired position and payscale. I've seen and met a few paid professionals that wore different standard patches, with few similarities to their responsibility and payscale. The last a
  8. afscout, Greetings! You have received some really good advice. One of my first thoughts is similar to boomerscout's. In other circumstances with trouble-making scouts I have heard, "Every boy can sure need Scouting, but Scouting doesn't need every boy". Changing tracks slightly. Boy Scouting is not the only youth program out there. I believe it is the best, but there are also religious, character and sports groups just for youth; Sunday School, Little League, Girls and Boys Club, 4H, etc, etc. etc. Anyone of those programs may be a better fit for this young Cub Scout and
  9. dennis99ss, Greetings! Enforce sounds like a strong and harsh word. My troop demonstrates the structure to the newest PL's. By hosting a semiannual TLT, we also send at least one Scout to NYLT, were the model a PLC each day. Also, we issue them Troop guidebooks, and Patrol Leader Handbook/Senior Patrol Leader Handbook. We use the sample agenda from inside these handbooks. The meeting agenda seem to work fine. Granted, our PLC meetings are an hour and a half. Probably one hour more than the actual business. Regarding designated ASM. Yeah, my troop sorta does. I
  10. Scoutfish, Neat idea! I loved the Little Rascals movie. Course I was falling off the couch watching The Brady Bunch and The Cone Heads movies, since every joke was a re-hash of the same sitcom joke 20-30 years earlier. Years ago, I chaired a District PWD. I knew that the Cubs had short attention spans (heck my attention span is short). I held the PWD in a car dealership showroom. When the Cub families arrived the cars were surrendered, they were "impounded" and the registration immediately traded then with a "match box" car. Before the final heats, the Police Department sh
  11. RANBOW, Greetings! I'll echo Pack212Scouter. It was decent. I like the Alex Boye "Be A Scout" song, I believe the Scouts enjoy it. As for the movie, it was slightly humorous. The first (and maybe the last) time I watched it, was leading into our video game / dodge-ball lock in; and following our TLT and Annual Planning Seminar. To compare it, against a couple of other choices. After a long week and long evening we started the video at 10 p.m., then this movie put me to sleep. We voted for "Scout Camp, The Movie", since it was a new movie; over "Follow Me
  12. Sheilab and Clemlaw, Yeah.. Sorry for hijacking the thread and getting off topic a little. Just blowing off steam. I have a parent, that has legitimate questions, but doesn't attend Crew Officer/Committee meetings, where finance reports are given. But he wants an answer now. I think this parent is wondering why I receive checks from the Crew, which is explained during Crew meetings. I don't think this parents understands, that when Venturers (and their parents) pay to register for an event, within hours before midnight of the cutoff. That the Postal Service just doesn't work
  13. sheilab, Is there a rule. No. There are sometimes when members will do what they need to do , to have their unit program proceed along. I am having a similar issue right now. A parent, that does not attend any crew or committee meetings is asking to review the Crews purchases. That information is distributed and reviewed during committee, but this parent desires the information now. Further, I can recognize the life of a teenager, plus I know many of these parents. Council and District events usually require 2,3, and 4 months (sometimes longer) reservations and deposits
  14. Mike and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I am responding to this post late. There have already been many beneficial suggestions given to mike about how to handle this process. I'd only like to comment and respond back to Perdidochas on my interpretation. (and BTW Perdidochas, Im not picking on you; Im just asking you and others to re-read Mikes post from another perspective) Mike stated - there is no issue with either myself or the parents disagreeing with the decision Perdidochas asked - If you agree that the BOR did the right thing, why did you let him proceed to the
  15. SSScout and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! Yeah.. I received that email advertisement not only once, but twice. I thought even the advertisement flier was pretty cheaply done, with blurry photos, etc. I just wonder how (or thru what network) the advertiser obtained my email. If it were a council, or district, or even a unit that was selling Summit "groundbreaking" patches (or patch set) for just a few extra dollars above cost; well maybe I would think about it for two seconds. But for bottles of dirt, No; It didn't take a second to hit the delete button. Scouting Fore
  16. BluejacketScouter, Greetings! Yeah.. I think the "official" is kinda limiting, as our fellow Forum members have stated. But the unofficial does add something to talk about. Anytime someone post a topic similar to extra patches on the wool red jackshirt, it gets me thinking about a popular comedy movie. I can't remember what he had on it, but I still think its humorous in the movie Stripes, that Bill Murray had a BSA red wool jackshirt on, with his council CSP on the shoulder. I think the character had a few more patches, but I thought the CSP was funny and smart addition
  17. BklynEagle, Greetings! There really is not a rule that covers this. Even selling commercial products in uniform, actually comes from the backside of the Money Earning Project Application. Its only a action of bad taste or tact. For Example. Similar to myself running for a political position in the town or state, but campaigning during the Scoutmasters minute. I could be the best person for Governor, but the boys are not really signed up as Scouts to learn about my policies and campaign platform. I don't see any harm done. Rather than a waste of time and bad tast
  18. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I commented in the previous inappropriate posting, but I have something more to add. I had a Scouting friend that would not play any other game or inter-patrol activity, other than those published in the Woods Wisdom and Program Features. His opinion was that any game not published by BSA would make him liable for any injury, and any activity that was published by BSA if following the rules, would remove him from any injury liability. IMHO, some Scouters get too wrapped up with "inappropriate". I've staffed and chaired many SMF and then IOLS,
  19. Fellow Scouters, Greetings! I have a similar view as dg98adams, if you can do it in front of your parents or church, it should pass the test. I feel like I've seen a wide range of skits, from non offensive with adults over reacting, to extremely offensive and adults acting appropriately. I have known a few Scout leaders that were too prudish, and publicly admonish and ridiculed Scouts for "Singing in the rain" with the chorus about sticking your tongues out, because it humiliated people with Down Syndrome. I also, seen the skit Gut Buster Motorcycle Club (or giant mosquitoes),
  20. Fellow Scouters, I've gotten a kick out of "If I Were Not a Boy Scout", especially once when only two older Scouts did about 12 parts. During each adding chorus, they would run behind the other Scout to the other side, just in time for their chorus stanza. For Cub Scouts, something a little more easier I usually like, Train Tracks. Two Den leaders are arguing Bear Tracks, No, Wolf Tracks, No, .... Then the Cub Den walk right infront of the two leaders, first boy carrying a flash light, and the boys saying "choo Choo" Then both Den Leaders agree "Train Tracks!". Most rece
  21. IM_Kathy, Greetings! I don't think you have much to worry about, the ceremony is standard. But may take on slightly different appearances. There are protected topics within this forum, but non-OA members can regularly get access to those topics. So, I'll say this in the open. Even a visitor or parent that does not enter the ceremony, will see this at the parking lot, long house or dining hall in preparation for moving the candidates to the ceremony. There are two times when you should see a rope. Usually, it is a slow walk to the ceremony, with your hand on the pers
  22. sevie11, Greetings! That may all depend on the dynamics of your troop. They will usually need to be counted in for groceries and menu for campouts, during patrol corners. If you have a very young troop. The SPL/ASPL may need rank advancement as well. If they are Life and Eagle, they may be better at leading advancment training during patrol corners. If you have an interactive game (or inter-patrol activity) to re-inforce the skill learned. They shouldn't be left out of the educational fun. So it depends on their maturity. How many instructors, troop guides that you
  23. Once, Greetings! You've already listed the licensing page in your question. I've also recently heard phrases such as "marketing the brand" and "losing the brand". The Insignia guide tells us what a CSP is, but not the difference in normal CSP, special event CSPs, special donation CSPs or anything else. All I know is that the CSPs need to be approved via the SE. I've never seen literature from National BSA that tells a Scout when he can wear a CSP in lieu of another CSP. I myself am a Scouter and Venturer, so I wear both a khaki shirt and a green shirt, depending on the ev
  24. Pack24NC, Greetings! There is a Cub Scout Ceremony handbook, that has many recommended ceremonies. It has been some time, but each year, in Sept, after school recruting and summer/fall training cycle, I would do a Den Leader Investment. It was very much shortened, but essentially all the DL's pass the flame to light a candle, and promise to lead their Dens throughout the year. Do good, deliver a program, etc, etc. Meaningful, but short. Congrats. High fives. and sit back down with their dens, just to come right back up for den recognitions, within a few
  25. Thomas54 and Fellow Scouters, Greetings! My Troop meets similar to artjrk. I've seen this successfully done in other troops, and brought it to my troop years ago. Here is how my troop conducts these meetings. We previous held Committee and PLC on a different meeting night. But the attendance was low for both meetings. Most of it is dependent around the parents schedule (and/or) the willingness to drive a few miles. The boys that lived a distance from our meeting hall had to be driven by their PLC by the parents. So we may see 1 or 2 patrol leaders. The Committee
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