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  1. LOL His brother is trying for USMA or USMMA. This one surprised us recently and said his brother's ideas are growing on him, but wants to look at USCGA or USNA. I told him that if he continues to build upon what he learned during the project, anything is possible and go for it. It is fulfilling watching them grow.
  2. ~~didn't want to seem like I am blowing the horn for my boy's project, but, I am glad its done. And, it may give an idea to someone else, and, it may convince someone to go ahead and take the risk and work on that hard project. 4 weekends is a long haul for a project. but, I have seen, both with him, and other projects that we did when I was SM until earlier this year, that the harder the project, and, the longer the project, i.e., multi day projects, that the boy leader, eagle candidate grows much more during the process than a more simple project. During this project, he became more at
  3. posted on the beneficiary facebook page. 56 workers, 777 hours. its about 3 articles down from the top. I especially like all of the positive comments, and more so those that praise eagle projects. https://www.facebook.com/saintfranciswolfsanctuary
  4. I wonder if we can get a homemaker badge, a sewing badge, and an alternative lifestyle badge now?
  5. Parkman: Really. CO's have given their ok to this. You don't look at the news much do you. Southern baptist is up in arms about it, threatening to pull, or advise their members to to pull their CO status. Catholic is fairly limited comment, but it sounds as if it is leaning towards following the baptists, just not as vocal. Mormans--I bet they start their own.(edit--my bad--Mormans already allow gays) When i became SM two years ago, my paster told me that he is supportive of the Boy Scouts, as long as it does not conflict with catholic values. This greatly conflicts with cathol
  6. We have sign up sheets at the meetings, and then follow up with emails to the troop. We then have a full list. we have an adult coordinator both as a position in the troop, and one specifically for each campout to arrange the campout. They get the permits, reservations, tour approval, etc. Since 2we have a list of who is going, and who is driving, we meet at the charter organization at a predetermined time. the boys pick which vehicle they go in. Once everyone on the list is crossed off, we leave. very seldom do we have any request for reimbursement. sometimes for long summ
  7. Basically, the excuses for the sale, i.e. wastewater/sewer plant, noise level, deferred maintenance caused donors not to want to donate to the camp, are all excuses for the money grab. just imho
  8. Basement: We did use the camp, probably two times a year, but, as a camping facility, i.e. camp with the Webelos, Wedelos woods, and some times just because it is very close to us and easy to get to, and shooting sports are allowed. But, with regards the urban setting, for those of you not in or around or familiar with Houston, Strake was originally logging and oil land, owned by the Strake family. As I understand the donation back when, it did have a covenant that it could not be sold. However, the Strake family sits on the board and has given the ok. There are 2000 plus acre
  9. "On September 6, 2012, the Executive Committee of the Sam Houston Area Council granted approval for a new Land Procurement Committee, chaired by Steve Strake and Stan Stanley, to look for a new Camp Strake location to house a new state-of-the-art Camp Strake for the 21st century Scout in a less urban setting within a 2-hour drive from downtown Houston. If and when we find an appropriate site, we are committed to the sale of the current site of Camp Strake, subject to an acceptable sale price, with the proceeds used to develop a new state-of-the-art Camp Strake and endow it for future maintenan
  10. I think we use mickman as well, but could be wrong. Shipping is included in the price as the wreath is sent direct to the purchasor. Makes it great for gifts to family, selling at stores, church, etc. scouts just have to sell it, not deliver it. great response from the customers, and they last for the entire season.
  11. I am interested to see if you get any responsive ideas on this. My guess is that it is a self built box.
  12. And to try to address the questions that are sure to arrise. The plc could not come to a consensus. Even when prodded, they could not do so. Even when prodded by other leaders, they could not do so. (or would not do so). Even when indicated that logistics may pose a problem, etc., they decided to do their thing and just say lets offer both. My gut says that one summer camp will be attended in greater numbers than the second, and, that this decision may be one to use in the future as a means to illustrate the need for making a definitive decision......
  13. Can someone advise on how you have handle4d dual summer camps, and how they have worked out. At our plc, the plc decided to offer two summer camps, to two different camps. The camps are not ones which would be exclusive of certain ages. One has more merit badges, and less high adventure, but both camps are typical summer camps, with base camp and a high adventure program. I have indicated i will take one of the camps, and will seek someone else to do the other. But, can someone who has run two summer camps in their troop please advise how this has effected the dynamics of your troop, if a
  14. News reports indicate USAFA is closed, with (at least some) cadets evacuated and new class of cadets being housed and inducted elsewhere. Photos seem to indicate I25 has been changed into one way for the evacuation.
  15. m grumbles. Sorry to hear about BTSR, but not surprised. Last year it was full to overflowing over July 4 week. A very popular camp. If you are going 17 hours, that gives you a lot of space to look at. We are heading to Blue Ridge Mountain, but it is 1100 from us, so add on another 200 for you. When we were looking, there were a couple of neat looking camps in Kentucky. There is one in Arkansas an hour or two north west of Little Rock--but looked a bit difficult to get into--Bus would have some difficulty i think. I don't know if lost pines is back up and running. The
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