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  1. Im sure its not just me that has discovered that the sleeve pocket is too small. As I attempt to sew on my por patch, I find that the pocket is too small for the patch. With the bottom of my patch at the absolute bottom of the pocket. The pocket flap lies over the top of the patch. As a unit commissioner, You can not see the words unit without lifting the flap. I have seen very little comment as to this problem in earlier posts. I couldnt help but to notice that the pocket doesnt line up correctly either. Y'all can say what you want about the position of the seam verses the epelet etc. fact is
  2. Im with gd98adams on this one. Any true knife wielder knows there are different knives for different purposes. Everyone should have a multitool and a pocket knife at a minimum. As far as a pocket knife goes there is only one that I will recommend and carry myself. It is hands down the best pocket knife available. It is the opinel. It is sold at smoky mountain knife works among others. The opinel is a light weight (wood stock/various choices), locking (twist barrel), single blade that comes in various lengths and a choice of steel (stainless or carbon). The european boy scouts (espe
  3. And he is serious. I suppose we will all be sitting on our hands while waiting for this one too. I would like to at this time give my full support to beavah and his auditioning for a lead role in this one. What say you all? ----RANBOW----
  4. Have to wonder how many of you have seen this film and what your impression of it was. I would like to see it myself but, havent gotten around to ordering it. I also wonder if your boys have or have not taken to the Alex Boye song from the movie that he sang for everyone at jamboree called "born to be a scout" I know they also played it frequently on jamboree radio. I liked the song myself even if it is very generationally modern. (my own personal diplomatic term for all things more recent than my generations taste. lol)


    Shame Shame Shame
  6. Congrats on the woodbadge and welcome to the forum. Relax, enjoy and share. We can all learn from one another. As a foot note. You may have to take some of these characters with a grain or two of salt. LOL. You will learn who they are in short order. See you on the trail, ----RANBOW----
  7. Great job by your SPL. This is a good reflection on you and your unit as well as the growth of your youths having demonstrated true leadership ability. Kudos to the mom also for addressing it in a proper respectful manner instead of acting out like an irate fool.( like some would do.)She must have already had a good idea of what might have transpired being familiar with her own child as it were.
  8. Welcome, And thanks for sharing this with us all. This is a cool new lashing and I cant wait to give it a try. It looks like a great way to build a table, bench or rope bed.
  9. Scoutnut is correct. The information you seek usually becomes available sometime after the first of the year. I feel that you wont be disappointed with CBS. It is a great camp. I have made many memories there as well as the previous camps Schiele and Natomi(the temp camp between Schiele and Bud schiele now used as a camporee area.). You will probably not get too much of a response to emails during this time of the year to questions pertaining to next years camp. Now is the time of the year that everyone is busy with popcorn, scouting for food, and training events for our council and next
  10. That sounds like it was a nice project. I must however disagree with the idea that there is no longer a need for teddy bears. Hear me out. Although there may not be enough time left this year to put this project im about to mention into place. perhaps it could be used in years to come. To follow the example of an amazing child from my area named Katie would be an exemplary project. She at about the age of six. All by herself (with parental support but, no prompting) choose to start her own np. It goes like this. Each year she saves her allowance, birthday money, and asks for donations for
  11. A compass for an experienced scouter. I will be looking for one. If anyone knows where to get one, leave a link for me please. This past weekend while on a rather great trip I found myself trying to navigate my way through a compass course without my reading glasses. As we become more experienced (aged) we find ourselves putting forth an effort to compensate for the small and slow changes taking place... For example: We tend to get up a bit earlier to compensate for the speed at which we begin to move after a night in a bag on the ground. We get those more and more necessary glasses
  12. Any of you that has worked with a scout on their first aid requirements has long ago learned the five most common signs of a heart attack. I stumbled upon this article about the top ten signs of a heart attack you might ignore and found it interesting so, I thought I would share. There are some that I have never heard of. Hope you too find this interesting and or educational. --RANBOW-- http://health.msn.com/health-topics/cholesterol/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100265378&gt1=31007 .
  13. Boys are like Bumbles. I like that. Its soo true. IMO boys, whether they are 12 or 16 will always want to show the others they are tough enough. I dont think this has ever changed from 25 years ago to now. The largest of problems is that often to many time a bag of cheetoes and a tv are being used as a baby sitter.
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