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  1. Have you already asked the CM to go? How about talking before firing. He or she might decide that if the Pack doesn't want him ro her that it's best to just leave. But I've also seen where a COR or the COmmittee asked the Council to ask the CM to step down.
  2. I have to add, that although I support the Local Policy. I worry that Local Units will go too far and start making up their own rules. I've seen this in action already, and it becomes a watered down BSA.
  3. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/07/20/opinion/graddick-boy-scouts/index.html This picture was taken April 2011 at Normandy where our COuncil holds a Camporee once every three years. The kid on the far right is a friend, and from a great Scouting Family. His Father is one of the hardest working Scouters in our Council. The scout is asking everyone to contact CNN to take down the picture.. he doesn't like having his picture related to the topic.
  4. Barry, I think you've hit the nail on the head. One thing I have seen in my 5 years of adult scouting, and that' not very long I know, is that when the parents don't do their job, then the SM has a problem. I've either become a dad to non outdoor families scouts, or I am the bad guy because the parent isn't comfortable being a parent. Also we have older parents, as in 50's with young children, and the dads sometimes seem to be two generations away from understanding their sons.. That's also what's going on here. Another thing is that several of these scouts aren't American, so they a missing that connection. They already hang out together everyday, and weekends, and only want to hang out every meetings. and do nothing. Like I said, I am going to talk this over with some of the dads this weekend who are there. they ones who are not there I'll catch them later. ANd again, one boy lost his mother a couple of years ago, and his father is now in a new relationship, so the boy is missing out on a father. YOur right, this isn't about kicking out Scout, it's finding a way to keep them in the program. THese boys will do better in the program then outside of it. This also answers again my old saying about if it weren't for parents, scouting would be fun.. we need adults who help, but not parents who don't..
  5. Thanks everyone. Some great advice here. Nothing is that simple to explain, nor handle. I'm glade that all of you have chimed in. Again thanks. I am going to think this over, and talk to some other ASMs about this this weekend. And even talk to a few parents to get more advice about how to deal with this. I don't like to see a boy quit. I don't want him to think he wants to quit. I've realized that they say one thing and do another. I suggested to the Rich kids dad to not let him quit. He was very sure in his ugly answer to me, that if his son wanted to quit then he could quit. I was like, OK, and let it go at that. But I would never let mine quit. I would talk to him, and find out what's going on inside. This happened to my son a coupe of years ago. He wanted to quit, but after talking to hi, I found out what was really going on. And now he's been to NYLT, and is the ASPL.
  6. Thanks guys, Beavah the Troop is at this moment about 55 scouts. We have three large patrols and a Venturer Patrol, whom we never see because they are too busy with school. Numbers will change very soon. I was at Summer Camp with these same boys, and by the second day they were almost kicked out of two MB Classes because of behavior. One of their dads called me a Bully because I was working to get his son the PL to do his job, and he didn't want to make his friends do something they didn't want too do. Kid cried to his dad, and dad got pissed off with me. But dad is a self made millionaire, and doesn't take advice from others well. Anyway, it's been like that. Another kid lost his mom a couple of years ago to canser, and his dad is more a friend then a dad. another is a Former Scout /Eagle Scout. And the last is a smart guy with loads of answers, but his son really doesn't like listening to him. SO these boys are all 13 years old, and not really advancing. They are just kidding around, and ridding bikes at meetings, and hanging out at camp outs etc.. the one kid with the rich dad has always gotten what he wants, and just wants to hang out, play his guitar, rid his bike, and did I say hang out. He became the Patrol leader by vote, and hasn't done a thing in the 5 months he got it. So he already told em he wasn't going to be the Patrol leader again. I'm thinking of talking to the parents one on one and making a suggestion. I don't want to see any boy quit, but these four aren't scouting?? they really aren't serious. When they aren't together, they work great. but when together, there's not work. They only want to hang out with the rich kid, and do whatever it is he wants to do. ANd it's always been this way. Anyway, still need more advice. I want to take care of this before it gets to a point where I have to ask them to leave.
  7. These 4 boys don't play with the others, they don't work with others, they are only about themselves. And their parents well a few want them to work with other scouts. But I am at a loss here. Not sure how to go forward with this.
  8. Eagle, That would be great, but that Patrol would be 4 boys and 4 boys only. I have other scouts in the troop.
  9. I have several Scouts who met while Cubs, and joined the Troop two years ago. They were always together as Cubs, but I've split them up into other Patrols because of how many WEBELOS we got. First, I am having problems with these boys. They come to meetings with or without uniforms, or worn incorrectly. They only hang out together, and not within their patrols. They misbehave at camps and activities. And they get angry and cause problems when they can't do these things. There parents aren't getting involved, leaving it up to me to sort out. Their parents are also serving on the Committee. I don't sit in on all of the Meetings I prefer to let the SPL and PLs handle these, but I am seeing that these same boys always are together, although one is a patrol Leader, and doesn't pass on information of deal with his Patrol. Non of them want to lead or be a part of the Troop. They just want to hang out. I could use some advice. Everyone please churp in. ScoutBox
  10. Congrates Cito. Good luck working your ticket. Keep us up to date on your success. SB
  11. I need to promote this award more in my troop. I think awarding boys who recruit would help get the word out more about membership.
  12. Our council has a Web site, and it was posted on that. One of our camp directors this summer camp from another Council in fact.
  13. Good points Beavah.. had some problems like this at Summer Camp last week. Boys not wanted to do the right thing. even a boy telling me he wasn't going to do something, I couldn't make him, and he was going to tell his dad.. I offered my phone to him..
  14. If I am called out, I do the exercises too.
  15. I didn't know they were warranted for life. My sons needs to be replaces. His WEBELOS Den Leader Award has rubbed it up pretty bad.
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