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  1. Is there any other "Land of Pleasant Living"? Is there a better state to live in than Maryland, "America in Miniature"? Mountains, plains, coastal areas, lakes (albeit man-made), rivers, the bay, the ocean, the Home of the Star Spangled Banner, etc. and birthplace of me! How sweet it is in the "Old Line State"! :-)
  2. About the only "more to the story" was that I haven't been on the best of terms with the SM and CC for a while, though I've been with the troop longer than they have. I really didn't expect the nomination in the first pace. I'm a stickler for following BSA rules and guidance, and they're the helicopter parent/tiger mom/Webelos 3 variety and they don't like it when I question their motives or actions that don't comply with BSA guidance and such. It's unfortunate that these leaders lacked the skills, confidence and maturity to work out a problem through communications. Lesson learned!
  3. My troop's Exec Committee voted to nominate me (an adult) for OA last summer. (Someone slipped and told me.) From what I found out later, my name went on the form during the troop (boys) election process at summer camp, but was accidentally left off the tap-out list, so my name wasn't called during tap-out. After the tap-out concluded, our SM chased down the ceremonial team, pointed out the error, and asked them to come to our campsite and tap me out there. Unfortunately, nobody knew I'd gone to the showers, so I wasn't there when they arrived and they left. I came back, they dramaticall
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