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  1. A possible answer is that since wfa requires cpr and first aide before starting the full class for FA with the complete cpr adult , child and infant with aed is 7-8 hours plus wfa is 16+ hours and can be as long as 24 hours that would fulfill the requirement. the only draw back is with some groups this can be costly. john
  2. Ok maybe I missed this one some where, Philmont Training Center Masters Award Why do we need a knot given basically for and recruiting others to attend Philmont training? I am not saying the training is not top notch. But it looks like its main purpose is to increase people going to Philmont training center. (I may be wrong but a trip to Philmont is not cheap ) How about a training knot for us that do things like cpr/ first aid instructors, LNt master educator and trainers ,WFA and ACA and other certified trainers that work with the scouts day to day. Mostly for free. Fr-john
  3. Yes I miss the days when hiking was eagle required. I always felt that being able to plan a safe hike was a good scout skill ,but i also felt that that cooking (once an eagle required badge) was a good scout skill also.
  4. Maybe this is another reason that we should be supporting American Heritage Girl organization more http://www.ahgonline.org/
  5. Good thinking You could have also used a closed cell sleeping pad, The backpacking merit badge book/ scout book (LOL) , hiking poles , water bottles all these would work If you are to add an item to your first aid kit I would suggest a Sam splint (many uses) and light weight To answers the question about AHA course. The answer in all basic courses is to call 911 so splinting is not an issue in most calls, plus the instructor had the option of presenting the splinting module If you want practice at take that the very least WFA or WFR course
  6. I have been both an ARC and AHA instructor for years. my advice is if you are an ARC instructor cross over as soon as possible. I teach for my college and for the lay public. The arc class cost $130 as listed the same AHA course my college charges $50 for and pays me a small stipin . When I teach for scout troops i charge about $10 to cover the price of the card and supplies. Its free if you do not a card (friend and family program or for a merit badge requirment) fr-john
  7. i have been on two wood badge groups(staff-1) and have assisted with others. The game of life is the event that I most fear the most it has been over 7 years since my first wood badge I still know of scouters who have hurt feelings over that game. The idea is good but I would say but people do not act the way you would think they should all the time.
  8. How you kept track of scouts at OA function? We check them in them on Friday night but never again Some will check out on Sunday most do not. My fear is that late Sunday afternoon there will be parent to pick up their scout and no scout. At troop functions a much tighter control is kept if someone is not a breakfast we start searching right away not at an end of weekend . At a normal OA breakfast no one would know if a scout was missing.
  9. scout C would have been able to get in if the new scouts could have been able to selectly abstain
  10. How can should this election problem be handled A troop of 20 scout s has its OA elections the scoutmaster certifies 3 scouts for the election On the night of election 12 scouts are present so a quorum is present Of these 12 scouts 4 are new scouts. Scout A received 11 positive votes (this scout had worked with well the new scouts when they were webelos so they know him) Scout B receives 3 positive votes only ( this scout had worked poorly with the new scouts when they were webelos) Scout C receive 5 positive votes - a new scout to the troop who transferred to the troop to with h
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