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  1. 5yearscouter


    So if 2 adults over 21 need to be there for outings and meetings as of Oct, how is this going to work with summer camp program areas. Currently most program areas run with a Director usually age 21, and an assistant age 18 and a handful of staff of various ages and genders. They hold meetings with their staff in their program area, program area set up on pre-week before camp gets started, clean up after scouts are done with merit badges for the day, where other adult lleaders (scoutmasters with their scouts) aren't around, but where the director and asst director are around youth and aren't both age 21. It's hard enough to get dedicated, mature people to step up to be director and asst director all summer for low pay at our summer camps. They are very happy when dedicated staff turn 18 and could be an asst director. But now it looks like both would have to be 21? The director usually gets paid a more cause they are 21, sin order to entice them, but now how to entice 2 age 21 year olds? Whenever staff leaves summer camp to go into town--like to do laundry and shop for deodorant or go to the movies, most camps count that as an outing. And our camp has always made it two adults in any vehicle, one of each gender since they hire youth female staff age 16 and 17. But there aren't very many adult director females over age 21. saying merit badge counselors aren't really leaders is false, they are adult leaders who fill out the adult leader application. So it would have to say for a private meeting it's ok cause in view of others. But what about merit badge roundups, where a classroom setting full of scouts is not a private meeting? Oh cause they are outnumbered by scouts no one on one, but certainly not two deep both over 21 that the new requirements seem to say has to exist for ANY scouting to occur. But merit badge counseling doesn't require 2 adults, just 1 adult and a scout with his buddy. This isn't going to work out as intended. All leadership positions are going to end up being only for people over 21, so nobody ever has to guess someone's age when looking around the room at a troop meeting.
  2. 5yearscouter

    Same CO...multiple CORs

    Our Chartering Org has a different COR for the pack, troop and crew. But national wants it to be one person Every year at recharter whoever's charter that gets renewed first resets the cor for each unit and then council registrar has to go in and change em back.
  3. 5yearscouter

    Girls in Cub Scouts - Actions taken to date

    If you are running a one room schoolhouse version of cub scouting (all dens in one room cause you only have 1 or 2 scouts in each rank) this is probably going to be the hardest to implement as coed. Because you will not have enough parent/leaders to make separate accomodations for gender. In that instance a suggestion would be to do a different night of the week for the girl dens (whether all the same pack or two different packs will depend on if you get enough core committed adults). To help get more adult leaders, require all scout applications to come with an adult application attached with ypt certificate. Then you work on the next trainings and get those adults running dens or whatever. If you are running a full program of cub scouts with all den levels with training, it may be easier, if you have room in the building you all meet in to accommodate girl dens in the next room over. or if the dens meet in different people's houses then you need more houses. the separate dens come together for inter den competitions and pack meetings but each den is able to meet on their own. I think that is best case scenario for larger size packs. But again, you may have to force each youth application to come with an adult application attached, and additional payments. But that means your minimum amount to charge is $35x2 + any pack fees. So $100 a year scouting before doing any activities or uniforms. yucko, but reality.
  4. 5yearscouter

    New rule for Eagle palms

    Well since he did all of the WORK (earned all the mb) before he turned 18, and he was just waiting on the BOR to be scheduled to complete the last portion of the requirements for eagle and his palms. So he gets the palms.
  5. 5yearscouter

    What App/Program do you use for advancement tracking?

    If you catch your error on a rank or merit badge or award in internet advancement before you click SUBMIT to council, you can cancel by clicking START OVER on the top right side of the screen. and then reload the roster and start over. But that's cause the report doesn't go anywhere or do anything with scoutnet (or whatever they are calling it now) until you hit submit. If you do not catch your error and have already submitted to council, you can't go in and delete the date on the next go around, it won't save as blank fro the date. You can CHANGE the date, so if you just entered the date wrong, you can fix the date the next time you log in, But if they never earned it, you can't delete it. So if you accidently entered canoe merit badge under the wrong twin brother, when their names are almost identical, you will have to call your registrar, or email (if they reply promptly to email) to ask them to delete the date earned under the wrong scout. btdt. lol.
  6. I would think you would want him to step up to the next level Cyber Chip requirements to ensure he learns the next level of online safety.
  7. 5yearscouter

    LDS Dropping Senior Youth Scouting

    Around here, in our district, the LDS adults tend to stick around in their called position for a long time. They might be working with cubs again after years working with boys, but they are also running the eagle boards, or roundtable break outs or other larger things. They have a lot of commitment to scouting in the LDS church, and I admire that. I hope that the change to drop Varsity and Venturing and the ensuing drop in units, doesn't kill off LDS scouters commitment to all the rest of scouting that they do. I hope they keep/ allow/ encourage older youth to continue registration in their troops or encourage them to seek out the OPTION of non LDS traditional unit Varsity and Venturing programs in their area if the youth doesn't want to give up on say varsity/venturing awards. It's certainly going to make things different at roundtable.
  8. 5yearscouter

    Unofficial (Fundraising) Pinewood Derby Races

    The only fundraising we did at pinewood derby races is the Webelos would get pizza cheap and they'd sell pizza, water, soda, and things like little Debbie snacks. Any profit would help the den go to webelos summer camp. That's of course, not what you mean. lol
  9. 5yearscouter

    Expired Merit Badge Counselor

    For expired mb counselors, fill out the adult application, put position code 42, mb counselor, sign it sign the disclosure write your bsa id number on it if known and write duplicate position at the top if you are also registered in somewhere else so they don't MOVE you from your unit to the mb counselor list (they do that sometimes) print copy of your ypt certificate fill out the mb counselor information form find your proof of safe swim or shooting sports training as needed. Scan the whole shebang and send it to your council registrar say you seem to have been dropped from the mb counselor list but you should have been registered continuously since DATE fire did this. Keep a copy of this. update your training and your ypt as needed send a copy of this to your registrar as needed any time you are dropped from the mb counselor list. Check scout book, and your my.scouting.org info. Both should show you as a mb counselor if you are one.
  10. 5yearscouter

    Expired Merit Badge Counselor

    Used to be that you'd have to attach a copy of the blue cards to the handwritten advancement report to buy awards Scout shop would take that advancement report and council would file it in the troop's file folder at council. Sometimes at council someone would actually enter the scout's advancement in something like scout net, because units didn't have internet advancement yet. Then when a scout went for eagle they'd pull out the file and make sure there was actually advancement records and blue cards for every merit badge. I guess that was when councils had a lot of volunteers hanging out at the council office, those councils would go thru those blue cards and make sure they were signed off by an actual registered mb counselor. With the use of internet advancement, Most councils have moved on from this process some to the point that you just show them the advancement report an don't even keep a copy and let the electronic scout net record speak for itself. , but there are a few councils that want to keep us all honest by forcing extra steps where they still want the internet advancement form and some want blue cards, copy of blue cards or at least names of merit badge counselors so they can muddle about with it. They have too much time on their hands.
  11. 5yearscouter

    Uncovering financial issues

    It's very easy to get caught up In who approved these expenditures of the funds and trying to prove it was approved or against the rules of the unit. But overall, the important thing is here it appears that the $ was spent on scouting, and that's a good thing in your favor. To give you an idea of how hairy it can be, sometimes the decision is made as a quiet covering of a scout's camp costs without discussion of the full committee, due to the pride of admitting out loud to others that you can't afford camp for your own child. Without further proof, I would assume that is what it was, and let it go completely. While the $ likely should have been spread around a bit more to other youth in the program, sometimes the other youth's parents don't even ask, because they are too embarrassed or whatever, so the people who ask get the $. My pack would always try to cover the cost of camp more for leaders--usually because In our council to go to camp, the leaders and parents ALSO can to pay full price. IN boy scouts 2 leaders are free, but for cubs no such break. So the people who have to pay for their kid plus their fee as an adult leader who watches over everyone else's kid, the pack would try to cover all or part of the leader fee. Or if there were extenuating circumstances, like last summer the cubmaster or other leader paid all or part of kid's fees in the pack/den out of their own pocket, so this year when time to sign up, the pack decided to cover those fees to pay back to the committed leader. Sometimes it's cause they were the scouts who sold more popcorn than anyone else, so part or all of the cost of their camp was covered by the pack out of popcorn profit. Usually those variations were all discussed and approved in the pack committee meetings, but often didn't make it into any kind of minutes just due to the secretary missing the details, or not sure how to write it up. Unless your pack committee is a moved and seconded all in favor kind of formal meeting, those details tend to get lost in the write ups. Verify the starting balance, decide on policy going forward for spending, Discuss variations of camperships when scouts can't afford camp. and try to spend the $ judiciously in the future and try to keep better records When you know better, you do better.
  12. 5yearscouter

    weird patrol names

    WE have a patrol that just renamed itself the Old Spice scented Leprechauns. I'm not sure the patrol yell yet.
  13. 5yearscouter

    Troop Smartphone Policy

    We always use the data that is in this http://www.boyscouttrail.com/content/award/tech_chip-2052.asp but not the actual award/card. Scouts using the linked training ideas will mostly get the point across to the rest of the scouts that there is a time and place for using your cell phone and when it interferes with other's enjoyment of the outdoors or interferes with scouting it's a problem But that it can be a useful tool. I think MOST people nowadays are poor in their cell phone etiquette and could use some training.
  14. 5yearscouter

    POW WOW BOOKS and training materials

    Take em to your district roundtable and see who wants them.
  15. Well first they say if you make the csv file out of troop master or troop web host or whatever, they tell you do not open it, cause when you open it, that changes the file somehow so it won't upload properly. So that's not helpful at all if the format is changed by opening and viewing it. The problem is there are some fields that make no sense. They are numbers that mean nothing when you look at unit number, Internet advancement/unit ;log in number, or anything that makes it seem to be reproducible without knowing some secret BSA codes. If you could get the gobbledygook numbers figured out the rest is sort of header for unit id/scoutmaster info/date the unit recharters, district in two rows. then list by row for each rank or mb with random number, count of what row you are on, then scout name, first, middle, last, date of birth, date of advancement earned and the code for the merit badge or rank But the bsa codes at the top and several other places are unexplainable. it won't let me upload this type of file to the message board.