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  1. So what is to become of Venturing? We now use the same oath, law and sign as Cub and Boy scouts. After reading the new revised awards program I’m under the impression that there will now be more of an expectation to expend a significant amount of energy towards rank advancement.
  2. Well JoBob I’m sorry to hear that. Utilizing such derogatory terms towards the boys is disrespectful and hurtful. Suggest you review the Scout Oath and Law and reflect upon the values we are attempting to install in the scouts themselves. Continual use of such terms will eventually rub off on the scouts themselves and creates an unending cycle of cynicism and negative feeling towards others who may not agree with you. Constructive civil discussion on the program can happen without having to lower ourselves to such name calling and disrespect toward these young men who have earned
  3. Is it not obvious? “Eagle Scoutâ€Â
  4. I think it behooves us to refrain from referring to Eagle Scouts as coming from “Eagle Mills†or being “Paper Eagles†or whatever other derogatory title we put on them regardless of if we agree on the program they came from or not. Call ourselves names, yes, but please refrain from calling these outstanding young men anything other than Eagle Scouts.
  5. Many troops I have been associated with provide leadership training, and they have their super performers, the average and the ones who do the minimum if at all. Expectations are identified and communicated, but once 4 or 6 months have passed, and if we are following the GTA, it’s a done deal. So what makes your troop leadership training work so much better than the rest? What is you recipe for success?
  6. Just be happy for the kid and congratulate him on his achievement. To do anything else causes us to be bitter old goats who start assigning negative labels to the achievement of Eagle and forget why we do what we do.
  7. Wake me up? Oh, sorry, resulted to low blows and now "my son is better than your son" This is old.
  8. Well still proves my point. 1) I don’t track my son’s requirement, he does that, and after all he is a scout. 2) You still have not substantiated your argument using any established BSA literature which shows the weakness in your arguments 3) you (and scouter99) have to result in low blows.
  9. Actually, an active, involved scout in a decent troop can easily earn the Camping badge in less than 2 years of membership. Our troop camps 2 nights/month most months, an active boy could easily get his 24 nights in 18 months. The biggest speed bump anyone in our troop encounters is the requirement to earn First Class; we don't ramrod them through First Class, so most of them actually have over 30 nights before I introduce the award to them in their second year. I generally introduce it to the scout as soon as he has 24 nights, because at that point the award's requirements are a good roadmap
  10. Shure it does! If his time at the pool was done for the purpose of working on this requirement then it counts. Checking out the ladies is just a bonus!
  11. You guys seem to miss the point. First of all, nothing in the requirement states “at a scouting event.†Might try reading the requirement first, then re-read them again. Secondly, you obviously do not understand the definition of “auspiceâ€Â. Try looking it up before stating that it means “a scouting event.†Lastly, if your son want to apply all the hours he has spent at the pool with his scouting buddies, Yes, it counts, but only for the aquatics portion of the badge. Quit adding to the requirements!
  12. KDD. Suggest you get yourself a copy of the advancement guide and read it from cover to cover. There are a lot of opinions on this forum. Often these oppinions blead over to pratices in a scout troop and the past 100 years of BSA experience in putting on a program for the development of scouts go’s out the window. I’m no expert, so I read the Boy Scout literature and BSA is pretty clear about how things should get done. So no real need to interpret any “legealeseeâ€Â. You did the right thing and looked up the definition of auspice, and as you can tell it do
  13. Basementdweller: Really? Where in any of the boy scout literature all requirements have to be earned as part of a group? If you cannot back this up, then you are adding to the requirements. From the BSA’s Advancement Guide paragraph Personal Growth Is Prime Consideration “Though much is done individually at their own pace†So if a scout for the purpose of working on a requirement takes a bike ride to the doughnut shop with dad, does it count? YES!
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