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  1. I would really like to see sources and statistics for this. From my experience, opportunities for abuse in children's sports seem to be much less than those in Scouting camping experiences. Kids leave their parents' car, go to the field, play, return, and leave. Where is the time for things to go wrong? Scouts are gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning. Two nights. Lots of time window for abuse to happen.
  2. I think, theoretically to identify the problematic and exclude them from future participation in the Program. As near as I can tell, all done via paper and manual tallying. But in that era it was a very limited and missed many "hits." "Bill J. Smith" became "Jim Smith." Or "John Smith," or "Fred Gonzolabus." Who would know? Never saw anyone check an ID. (Just 50 years in...And not my fault as I NEVER heard a word from the Council that abusers could be among us, nor have I ever seen nor heard of any claimed abuse. And NEVER instructed to be on the lookout-registration was
  3. Well, a statistical analysis of where the assaults occurred is an essential element of your argument.
  4. Agree. BSA appears to have done a lot to document issues and identify perpetrators. BSA also appears to have mandated that all materials held by a council about incidents be sent to National. The council retaining NO records. Now, the conspiracy folks may see something evil in that, but that measure would tend to eliminate the inadvertent disclosure of potentially defamatory materials. I am not sure of the meaning of "BSA held files" in the quoted text. "Held" how and from whom? So, further clarification would help. I will say that there is immense Truth in the conce
  5. Precisely true. However, the BSA is not unique in this respect. EVERY (not some, not most,) lawsuit targets those legal entities against which liability can be established (that is, the law and facts make them liable), AND which has assets capable of paying an award of damages. The legal principals which establish liability have long been established, without reference to the existence of the BSA. (Theories of negligence, gross negligence, willful and wanton, intentional, products liability, vicarious liability, strict liability, and so on.) So, if you really have a problem wi
  6. I don't think I've seen evidence of that. BSA is being held liable as a co-tortfeasor along with the miscreants. Miscreants have natural lives. Corporations have infinite lives. At some point, only the corporation is left standing on the field as the miscreant is deceased. In fact, other than in a legal context, most folks, at least in my realm, hold the BSA in high esteem. Despite all the legal turmoil.
  7. Meaning what? That a continuation of the failed IVF system continue?
  8. Which socio-political groups?
  9. My son got a CIT position at the local camp. Now, to my feeble mind, that means, "Counselor In Training." Menial work hired out in the past. He worked in the kitchen for two weeks, all day. No "counselor," no "training." He hated it. He never went back to a camp staff position. I don't blame him. My hopes that he'd have the benefit of the local camp staff experience and the Philmont staff experience I had were shattered. That was an enlightening event. Scouting could not be trusted. Had I an inkling that he would not have actually been a Counselor In Training, but
  10. A very long time ago, a "handful" CIT was dropped off at camp and the parents went to Europe! Had to track down relatives to pick the scout up.
  11. And, for all I have read about National's modus operandi in these matters, and local councils' complicity therein, councils are now complicit in that fraud in disclosure and have huge legal liability exposure. Councils took the easy course mandated by National and may well pay the price.
  12. Been there. Done that, except at the council level. National saw it my way and retired the council exec. Not fun, but necessary. These things do not play out according to organization flow charts, Robert's Rules, or the Queensberry Rules.
  13. When I first read the BSA trustee's objections to non debtor releases, I was persuaded. I do not expect them (non debtor releases) to be upheld. That's where I place my marker on this issue. Just my legal judgment. (Scouting has been of huge importance for me in my youth, and as a parent. The Program is great; National's handling of abuse issues is a terrible failure. If only we could separate National from the movement's ideals.) The BSA trustee's legal objections are very serious, legally. And the SCt seems to think so, too.
  14. It could also mean that the Supreme Court wants to resolve a known conflict among the appellate courts. The Supreme Court recognizing that the conflict has grown to such dimensions that it is "ripe" (not in a purely technically, legal sense) to be resolved by the Supreme Court. The SCt tends to let conflicts among the appellate courts develop to a point where there has been sufficient exposition of the issues in the lower courts to step in and bring it all to a head and set a rule. Absolutely agree. More discussion below. Again, absolutely agree. The SCt taking up
  15. It appears that both audio files and written transcripts of US Supreme Court oral arguments are posted to the Court's website. The site indicates "posted the same day" as the argument. This will be helpful in studying the questions asked by the Justices.
  16. Normally, I don't quote a post simply to "agree" with the post. I usually just upvote, but this issue is an exception. @MYCVAStory has precisely and concisely summed up the current state of the BSA bankruptcy in light of the Purdue case and the Supreme Court's recent action. The questions asked by the Supreme Court Justices during oral argument in December will be the next, best hint as to which way they are leaning.
  17. Just wondering what it is supposed to do. Why not just have professionals who run the not-for-profit? Our board only meets quarterly. Hardly any committees and those (maybe one) are/is barely active.
  18. Why does the BSA, like so many not-for-profits, have a volunteer board?
  19. And Scouts-children-are birds. Once taught, they "fly away." Were the lessons learned? Did the effort to teach pay out? Has it impressed them? Was all the effort teaching a waste of time? And, critically, "Will they pass that lesson learned to others?" Fortunate is the mentor who sees confirmation of the impact of their efforts..
  20. It is, no question in my mind. Totally inappropriate. I attended all the troops campouts for all my sons' scouting years. I'd buy a Leatherman Micra (handy little tool-my favorite) for about every third campout. On Sunday morning before the police line walk-through camp looking for trash (and teaching the importance of being responsible to leave a campsite in better condition that one found it) I'd place the Micra where some scout in the police line would be likely to find it. Usually toward one end of the line and usually close to where the line would start. A scout woul
  21. Another critical factor you need to consider is that your scout will only be in scouting for a limited number of years. Waste a year dealing with idiots is very precious year lost. (Well, they may not be idiots, just idiot impersonators, or perhaps much worse-sometimes hard to tell.) You can't afford to lose a year dealing with the Big "I"'s for that year will never be back for you and your scout.
  22. Thanks for your reply. I thought there might be a flurry of objection to my compassionate view of things. I don't have the training or answers either, but there has been so much bashing of those least able to defend themselves.
  23. My Council's President recently represented the fact of selling off about a third of our council's camp to pay the council's share of the bankruptcy as "fortunate" as the land sold (for about $1 Million) had never been used by the council for scouting activities. Who is this fount of wisdom? A bank president. Hmmm. No mention that the land sold was a "council asset worth $1 Million," which if truly unused (part yes, and mostly no) and never needed in the future, could have been sold for $1 Million and that money used to provide program (why is "program" a "dirty word?") to youth. In
  24. I agree. Thank you. (I really thought my post would ignite a firestorm considering how divisive the topic is in the national arena. Comforted that it has not. They are just children. I don't have the answers, but they need emotional support.)
  25. Well, some folks just cannot be reasoned with, nor have the insight into their own actions to see any other path but their own. The reasons are varied, but no amount of discussion will change anything. Move on to a "better fit" unit. They are out there. Thoughtful folks are always at a disadvantage in dealing with the thoughtless. "Surely, if I explain well enough, they'll see the light." Generally, no. It is not a big deal to move on. Some from the old troop may follow, hopefully some of your scout's friends. Or you can invite some of your scout's friends to "test drive"
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