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  1. Starting from Lion, it has been difficult (programmatically) to get familiar with the program while working with existing leadership in joint den meetings. We are working well personally and the kids work well, but finding the crossover is already running dry. Having more alignment between den goals is going to be helpful since I will be helping to guide the Lion leaders next year. Reading more about the length of the program, I can see the potential for burnout in any activity. But I disagree that the program should be shorter. For scouts with older siblings, the lowe
  2. To be fair, it was a light snow but enough to close the roads early until it was cleared the following day. And coffee is good. I'll have another. ☕️
  3. Hi everyone. My son recently joined cub scouts in the US as a Lion. I was not aware that Kindergarteners were in scouts so I am glad that the local troop was out recruiting at the beginning of the school year. I never had the best memory but being involved in scouts again reminds me of so many memories I had forgotten about. Like I competed in the pine wood derby. A time when I was distraught because my handful of absences from cub scouts meant that I missed a couple requirements for my Arrow of Light (I did get it sorted out later). I remember cooking on scout campouts. I remember seeing
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