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  1. A Death Warrant by any other name... The BSA has a Death Warrant process.
  2. Significant donors in my council have walked away from making any donations.
  3. "Fire me?" (The very, very short answer is YES, National can "FIRE YOU." And it has fired volunteers for non-sexual abuse reasons (political), fired units, and sanctioned councils.) I came across your post while looking for something else. But I have returned to respond-as I must. My conscience will not permit me to pass by your post without comment. Everyone should know the things that I know. "But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career." --Liam Neeson playing Bryan Mills in Taken. In my case, substitute
  4. Considering the focus brought to the CH 11, Act 5, thread today by a mere court ruling or two, were the judge to so oblige...daily...the problem would be solved. (Sorry-not even worth 2 cents.)
  5. Knowledgeable folks in my council, for over 20 years, have discussed how we could run the council with only a Registrar, and save about $3 million in payroll. Our SE earns is paid out about 10% of the entire annual budget. The rest of the council staff is paid about another 10%. Think of that ratio. Our SE is paid to supervise a minimum wage person that the minimum wage person is paid to do their entire job. And to whom is the SE beholden? National. National determines whether the SE is "offered" to a particular council for employment (big council means better salary-not
  6. I draw distinction between Scouting (the Movement of Baden-Powell and Hillcourt), and the "commissioned," senior administration of National (running a business franchise operation out of Irving). Many of us are deeply committed to Scouting. And hope it does survive. I have nothing but contempt and disgust for those at National who have brought Scouting to its current plight. I have little doubt that were National's business conducted more like a typical business, instead of the secretive, low transparency organization that it is and has been historically, things would be differe
  7. This is just a d*mning analysis. And, upon the move to Irving, someone had to point to a set of plans and say, "This is where the IV files go." And was that room a key-card access only room? "We have to make this a secure area." "Why?" "Can't tell you." "Oh the tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive."
  8. Methodists: 3,670 cases. At the top of the list. I guess the question is whether there were only 3 Methodist cases in the last 10 years, as was stated in the article.
  9. Back a few pages in this thread, I recall the Methodists were at the top of the list of number of cases.
  10. Has Steven Scheid's April 28, 2021 article in United Methodist Insight been noted or discussed here? https://um-insight.net/in-the-church/local-church/sexual-abuse-in-um-scout-troops-is-nearly-non-existent-let-s/ One paragraph particularly caught my attention: The fact that one in six males have been sexually abused increases the perception that there must be thousands of incidents of sexual abuse within Scout units. However, the cumulative rate of reported sexual abuse within United Methodist sponsored units over the past ten years is 0.001 percent. With more than 300,000 youth
  11. I don't like the weight of Nalgenes either, nor the wide mouth as it is too easy to spill too much if bumped over, however, some have noted that they are easier to work with in winter if water becomes frozen or slushy.
  12. In the case of the time barred claims, they not only ripened, but expired. The purpose of bankruptcy is to discharge valid, enforceable debts. For individual debtors, virtually all their claims are known as of the date they file bankruptcy. These are claims known as of the date of filing. For corporate debtors, such as a manufacturer of trucks, there is a greater likelihood of claims arising in the future based on facts existing prior to the date of filing of the bankruptcy. I think these would be based on warranties extended, or a tort theory, like negligence or products liability.
  13. I am not familiar with that case having come late to this forum, but it sounds like the court held that the statute of limitations was tolled for the period of concealment. This is a common doctrine, applicable in cases of those out of the country, in military service, minors, and where a cause of action is concealed. I doubt the court held that the the statute of limitations was no longer applicable. If you recall the citation, I'll check it out. So, consider the case of a scout abused in one state, whose council's office is in another, in 1955. Perhaps 3 potentially d
  14. This is entirely accurate. It is an attorney's ethical responsibility to understand the legal aspects of a situation, the client's circumstances, and then advise the client regarding different courses of action, the consequences of those courses of action, and the range of typical results. Sometimes the attorney recommends a course of action as the one most likely to coincide with the client's known interests. And then let the client decide how they want to proceed. A client who directs an attorney to take a course of action that the attorney does not recommend, or which is signific
  15. It is the compassionate thing to do, no doubt. It is the smart thing, in slight defense of National, as it can make the claim that it is trying to (equitably?) compensate victims by including a class with no legally enforceable claim in the settlement. But National does not need to be successful in this attempt, just make the attempt to claim that it tried. (As I've posted, National definitely seems to want those folks voting in favor of its Plan.) With respect to claimants "turning on one another," my read is that that is unavoidable. I find it highly unlikely that a Claimant
  16. I agree that someone with a time barred claim should have no vote. And because they have no right to recovery and no path to have a right to recovery. The law does not tend to favor those who "sit on their rights." It is why we have statutes of limitation. Courts do not want to be in the business of adjudicating stale claims, where documentary proof has not been retained (discarded in reliance of the existence of a statute of limitations), witnesses are dead, can't be located, or their memories faded-because these factors tend to diminish the ability of the court to assure both sides a
  17. I agree, but think the court "can't suddenly make it so." Not without authority in the bankruptcy code.
  18. I absolutely agree. I cannot conjure up even a hint of a wisp of a legally sound argument to support a time barred claim recovering anything.
  19. Generally, the first to volunteer for the job is the only one to volunteer, and the committee then generally acquiesces in the volunteer taking over the role of COR. We have a small troop; the active adults is 8 to 10, and most attend troop meetings, so we know each other over many years. The IH's participation or involvement with our Troop is minimal and largely limited to signing the charter application and that is about it. As Pack and Troop Committee Chairperson for about 20 years, I never had any substantive discussions with the IH.
  20. That answers that. "Ancient" = "the memory of man runneth not to the contrary."
  21. Both IH and COR, or just only one? I seem to recall obtaining the IH signature years ago, but not sure if the IH signature is still required.
  22. In my unit, the COR has always been a volunteer. And so, with every signature on an adult application, perhaps the COR has signed on to liability if the adult abuses. And National knew this was a problem, created risk, and gave no warning? Trustworthy?
  23. My adult involvement goes back to 1996± and I believe COR or IH signatures were required then and ever since-and were pro forma at that.
  24. And there times when one must speak the Truth, to be true to one's core beliefs, or remain silent and die a little bit in spirit and soul-and forever regret one's weakness. One never stands taller when one shirks from one's beliefs.
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