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  1. Nothing wrong with "Practice to Master," THEN test. The test should not be a practice session. Little is simple or obvious if one truly understands the skill-has mastered it. "Craftsmanship." Journeyman, not apprentice. "If I don't practice one day, I know it; two days, the critics know it; three days, the public knows it." --Jascha Heifetz (I thought Vladimir Horowitz said that. A Google search ALSO attributed it to Louis Armstrong-enough searching…it is the thought that counts.) As a BSA certified angling instructor, I STILL practice my fishing knots. They are inhe
  2. The Ranger Marathon is a huge inspirational goal to many Philmont Rangers, though its course and times recorded for its passage seem to be obscured in fog. There are varied discussions of--course, route, times, and pack weights carried (more or less). The start point seems to be accepted by all as the camp Dan Beard, but the end point seems to vary over time from Kit Carson Museum, to Abreu (New Abreu), to Carson Meadows. Anyone who has first experiences running the Ranger Marathon, I encourage to post. Thanks.
  3. And these are just comments, Eagle, summer camp staff (2x), Philmont Ranger (4x), Philmont Trek Advisor (4x)… Scouts headed for Philmont treks needed NO training-they are just too resilient at that age. That being said, there might be a scout on the fringe of fit-that issue needs attention. "Loops" are by far the most logistically feasible. Do loops. Not efficient at all. Carefully plan food, carefully package food into 2 or 4 person portions, just like Philmont has done for decades. (On the Ranger Staff at Philmont some decades ago, I was told by the head of Philmon
  4. Oh no! I wrote a whole book, "My Circling Hiking Life." Always ended up where I started…
  5. So, there was this District Executive (male) who was rather "rough around the edges" who came to put on a "Boy Talk" at our Pack's and Troop's feeder school ( with a female District Executive who was, is, and remains (after 30 years) the most impressive professional scouter I have ever met. He always seemed a bit short on sincerity-a bit cocky-so I was not too impressed, but, for some reason, I attended the Boy Talk (now, "Everyone Talk?"). And he said: "Scouting is the only youth outdoor program (meaning "sports") 'Where everyone can play all of the time.'" And that struck
  6. Not sure where this fits, if anywhere, in this topic. In my day, just post the last glaciation, patrol leaders and assistant patrol leaders would routinely sign off on skill requirements from Tenderfoot to First Class. Adults also signed off, but at that usually on campouts. And the patrols in my troop had weekly patrol meetings at the patrol leader's house. We practiced scout skills. None of that now happens in my sons' troop. Troop meetings only, no, that is, NO patrol meetings. Hmmm. And having attended nearly every troop meeting and entire campout weekends with my several kids,
  7. But I wonder of the participants, sports or Philmont Trek, which 12 days are remembered more, 30 years on?
  8. "Succeeds" not "replaces." An important distinction. When Thomas Jefferson succeeded Franklin in 1785, French Foreign Minister Vergennes asked: “It is you who replace Dr. Franklin?” Jefferson replied, “No one can replace him, Sir; I am only his successor.”
  9. Back in my day the Philmont Ranger Marathon was from "the northern most camp to the southern most camp," being Dan Beard to the Kit Carson Museum at Rayado. Carson Meadows camp did not exist. A little over 42 miles. Carrying a 30 pound pack, more or less (water load varies during the run as consumed and refilled). Pretty much meaning carrying a "Ranger Pack," which is what a Ranger would carry taking a crew onto the trail for two days. It's lighter than the pack a scout or adult would carry. (Insider info: It's why Rangers always look so relaxed on the trail-don't get short-winded or sweat
  10. The of history of Eagle merit badge requirements is rather vague my memory, having earned Eagle about 1965. At my time there were Eagle required merit badges. The 3 Citizenships, Swimming, Life Saving, Camping, First Aid, Personal Fitness, maybe Safety, Pioneering, and Soil And Water Conservation (I earned Soil…and NEVER would have if it weren't required.) I earned all of those. And I earned Bird Study. There was no formal Eagle Project in my day, but apparently that was instituted a few short years thereafter. We did have a service requirement, but I cannot remember what I did. The re
  11. This whole topic is an Elbonian Bog. I doubt that there will ever be any clear or satisfactory answers to anyone on either side of the discussion.
  12. Who cares? Go to the local bait shop, get a dozen nightcrawlers, take them to "training." Make the night crawlers sit through the entire training program. CAUTION: open the lid so they can hear. (No bathroom breaks.) Present them to the untrained adults at the next troop meeting(s) advising the untrained adults present that their contribution to the education of their children is equivalent to that of the "trained" nightcrawlers. There is an anecdote of President Lincoln, in the presence of some Senator, was "blacking (polishing his boots.) The Senator, watching Lincoln polishing his own
  13. The SE is a paid employee. Yep. And paid well. The COR's care not a whit. COR's are entitled to attend the Council ANNUAL meeting, but not the regular board meetings, which years ago, were held monthly, but now, apparently now only held quarterly (all to the dimunituon of the COR's level of control. Attacks on the SE, like getting the SE fired, well, that triggers HUGE pushback. Area and Region level folks rise up. SE's are paid huge amounts. And those at Area and Region levels,. who are paid even more, stand up and protect. I know these things. And so, to amalgamate a voting w
  14. What does the community know of the Philmont Ranger Marathon, Dan Beard Camp to Kit Carson Museum at Rayado (earlier, 1970's), (well, and shorter routes} to Abreu or Kit Carson Meadows.
  15. I think that there is some reference in the congressional charter prohibiting military marching, or some such.
  16. Absolutely. I'm just a kid at 70, but you are absolutely right. The principles of Scouting have been no hindrance but only benefit in my life.
  17. All the upvotes should be attributed to @RememberShiff. For me, at least, and from your upvotes, I recognize that he/she? has clearly spent many hours "behind the scenes" ferreting out really interesting and useful (not to mention uplifting insights in times not always so uplifting), all to my (and perhaps your) enlightenment of really neat things carrying the movement forward. Maybe even arcane. Where does @RememberSchifffind this stuff? A magician never reveals his/her secrets.
  18. Maybe just a moment to take a break in the discussion and upvote or downvote @RememberSchiff for his diligent and faithful monitoring of this site, and all the delightful and informative Scouting news and insights he brings to us. "Diligent" is how I think of his effort. (AND, moderators, all upvotes should be attributed to @RememberSchiffand downvotes attributed to me.) Thanks all.
  19. I do not understand the concept that "the premise plays in both directions." National lost the Oregon case. Filed bankruptcy anticipating 8,000± claims. >80,000+ claims were filed. (Now I don't for a moment believe that 80,000+ claims is anywhere close to an accurate measure of the actual claims as the bankruptcy claims process appears to me to horribly bungled.) But, National believes 8,000+ and the bankruptcy proceeding is 80,000+. So, nowhere do either of those figures reduce to zero. That is, even National agrees that there are valid outstanding claims. Tha
  20. Thanks for the reference to "IF." Some professional from Milwaukee, I believe, unknown by name to me, in the early 1970's would send a box of Scout Mirrors to Philmont to be distributed to the Philmont Rangers (at least, and maybe other groups and classes of staff-I was a Ranger) which had a copy of The Man In the Glass (now Mirror, apparently) on the back. A remarkable contribution and a treasured possession. The Scout Motto: "Be Prepared." What more concise summary of life can be made? If you are "caught off-guard" you were not "Prepared." End of discussion. An "F."
  21. There is some merit to the sentiment that, “All’s well that ends well.” A scout whose effort on a particular requirement was not as hearty as they could have done or should have done, and that they have recognized their shortcoming, and used that as a springboard to improve or perfect their future efforts, toward their future scout advancement or later as an adult scout mentor… Well, the Scouting program thereby produced a responsible adult. Meeting the program’s goal. And, everyone follows a Scouting Trail personal to themselves. Unit leadership, summer camp staff, m
  22. PLEASE POST COPIES OF LETTERS FROM THE BSA IV FILES DIRECTING ANYONE TO CONTACT LAW ENFORCEMENT. Or admit you are just an apologist for a failed program that damaged children.
  23. I AM NEVER DISINGENOUS. I am an Eagle and a Philmont Ranger. And those two status' are more important to me than any other accomplishments (but one which would identify me.). And in my world, my veracity is unquestioned. But you, and the forum here are at liberty to form their own opinions. The IV files I have read, about 40 of 7,000 or so DO contain newspaper articles about perpetrators and police reports. And conviction reports. BUT NOT A SINGLE LETTER FROM BSA NATIONAL OR LOCAL COUNCIL, not one, to any law enforcement agency reporting suspected abuse. Not one. Nor
  24. Not sure I understand the significance of "being a mandatory reporter." I see Tom smack Bill with a baseball bat, I'd report it, even if not a "mandatory reporter." I hear/see AAA abuse ccc, I'd report that too, mandatory reporter or not. Are we standing on technicalities in the protection of children??? When in doubt, REPORT. Raise the alarm. Raising a false alarm, you are "The Boy Who Cried Wolf." Fail to raise the alarm, well, abuse.
  25. Well, from National's BSA files, the council would receive an incident report, send it to National (now what we'd call "snail mail,") get a reply, AND THEN the volunteer's registration would be revoked, (or perhaps suspended pending further information). But this all begs the question, just what level of confidentiality did you hold in the hierarchy? Were you even privy to this level of mess? Well, from National's BSA files, the council would receive an incident report, send it to National (now what we'd call "snail mail,") get a reply, AND THEN the volunteer's registration would
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