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  1. Why "not preferred?" And what is the issue if a Committee Member "works like an ASM?" A scout needs a mentor, a scout learns, a scout passes his requirement, AND THEN some "rule" is offended?" (Yet, the Scout learned the requirement? Mission accomplished.) An adult is needed to mentor scouts. In 25 years I've never heard a scout complain that he achieved a goal because he was mentored by a "mere" member of the committee.
  2. Yeah-me: 25 years in a small boat with the snarly dragon of the "Void of Skilled and Willing Volunteers." (The Void tries its best to suck the enthusiasm from the willing who show up to make a difference. The Void looks a lot like indifference, but it is more pernicious.) Our Troop has about 8 adults who are involved from time to time, and 4 our 5 who are there ALWAYS. In my work life, I live in a world of rigid rules where a judge can sentence a defendant to life in prison or order an insurance company to pay an injured person $8 million. I cannot get too "wound up" over the
  3. Could you please explain what you mean? I just don't understand your post and I want to understand your meaning. Thanks.
  4. Amen. (Me not one "prior to" but certainly after they aged out.)
  5. Is the corollary that "If the CO approves the adult leader, they can participate in all unit activities?" Or can/should the CO approve an adult leader for only certain activities? "You can serve on Boards of Review, but not go on campouts." (How finely can one mince the onion?)
  6. I regret that I have one Upvote to give for this post.
  7. That is precisely the point. If you are registered, then you have had/done both. Not registered, may YPT but unlikely background check. Registration is a a quick and easy way top determine compliance.
  8. So, in your mind, an adult male, registered leader, 4 Eagle Scout sons, all of whom aged out, wants to go on a campout. What is your rule?
  9. So, as I read this, all scouts who have met the OA qualifications are put on the ballot, and stand for election. The SM does not exercise the SM's discretion to exclude from the ballot a scout that the SM believes should not be elected. The doomed scout's name appears on the ballot and the doomed scout knows he was on the ballot. The doomed scout does not know he is doomed. The scout electorate believes the doomed scout to be a viable candidate because he is on the ballot, and perhaps deems him worthy and elects him to the OA, not knowing that their vote won't count. And wh
  10. Does the Cub Scout have any service time in a Webelos den with the prior Pack before it folded? Maybe he could add that to Webelos den activity with your Pack.
  11. I live East of the Mississippi. In my state, I know of no "local tribes" which have a presence here any longer. I've lived here for more than 60 years. The only tribes claiming their origin in my state are far away. They have no presence here. Occasionally, a representative of a tribe will appear to speak to some issue. Maybe once a decade. And even at that, I have little sense or knowledge of their removal from my state, the depth of their connection to my state. How does one even determine which tribes occupied their area, and their current representatives? And, "honor."
  12. And supporters of Survivors are always checking. Truly said, "Silence is not absence." One eye is always open… No matter how long the trail, or how high the passes, or how heavy the pack, we will be there.
  13. I am struggling to understand the concept of "cultural appropriation" and continue my studies… But in the meantime, does an OA Lodge have some obligation to either obtain approval or conform to the Native American Personna of a tribe LOCAL to the Lodge's location? That is, can an OA Lodge in Minnesota adopt a Seminole personna? In my 50+ years of attending OA tap-out ceremonies in my Council, the ceremony always referenced the Lenni Lenape, which are from the upper Northeast. So, are all OA Lodges to conform to the regalia of the Lenni Lenape? Thanks.
  14. I do dislike auto correct. What I typed was "Are these Order of the Arrow members or KKK Folks?" (Not "of.") Maybe that makes no difference to InquisitiveScouter. But, I was NOT intending to equate the OA with the KKK. I just can't make sense of the picture. I must be missing something.
  15. I find this photo to be unsettling. Are these Order of the Arrow members of the KKK folks? I just can't tell.
  16. Just increase the level of "amenities" ordeal candidates can take to reduce the adverse effect of weather elements. An 8' x 10 ' piece of plastic tarp should do the job. And 4-6 lengths of para-cord to pitch it.
  17. That is the CORE of it, and, for me, changed my life.
  18. So, just what are folks consider things to be "cultural appropriation?" And just what are the or harmful or damaging effects of that "cultural appropriation?" Thanks.
  19. I've never been too involved with the OA, though an Ordeal member. My Troop was small, there were few of us in the OA, and fewer yet were interested in attending OA activities. Somehow, time just did not allow. My huge involvement in Scouting otherwise just cast OA to the shadows. That being said, I do understand that the OA is a huge factor spurring the involvement in Scouting for many who pass from youth to adults. So that I can understand you better, with respect to your post, from whom were you expecting announcements regarding regalia? The 24 month window, is that more or less
  20. This Christmas Day, Peace On Earth. And be blessed to find Peace in your soul.
  21. "Get lost together?" Hopefully, you'll have a sticky tag with all the pronouns you prefer for your body bag. And so, at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a cocky boatman asked me what I'd do if I were lost in the Grand Canyon? "I'd set a huge fire. It would be seen. Rescue folks would arrive." "You can't do that. This this is the GRAND CANYON!"
  22. At the rate things are trending, we'll have: Citizenship in the Solar System Citizenship in the Galaxy Citizenship in the Universe Well, probably not in the Universe until ZIP codes are assigned. I just have to agree with sentiments that Merit Badges are more and more academic. Less and less experience. Me, just a nobody, I can build a fire in a pouring rain. Period. And yeah, in a torrential rain. I am a master at it. OK, not a master, GENIUS. I am really good at building fires. Get lost in the Wilderness, get lost with me, if you are so lucky. (And my 2 de
  23. I just find this thread so sad. Us unpaid volunteers are treated so poorly.
  24. At least is my standard. And it is a cruel standard. But is how it has to be.
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