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  1. Most of us folks have not had any training on such conflict situations. So, we are all left to invent a response. (And do these issues not commonly arise and no protocol to deal with them?) "And why would that be?" --Downtown Abbey's Carson. Be Prepared. "Be Prepared" = If you are EVER caught off-guard, it is your fault. Period. (You have to see NOW, Tomorrow, the day after, next week, next month…Forever.) That is the standard of "Be Prepared."
  2. A legal analogy, for what it is worth, in a lawsuit, once a given judge has made a substantive ruling in the case, all the parties are stuck with that judge, unless later removed "for cause." The rule prevents "forum shopping," that is, skipping from judge to judge until you get one who issues a more favorable ruling. You became the judge on this scout's case, having made a "ruling" on the merits of his advancement, And it is dishonest of the Scout to approach another adult leader after having discussed matters with you and you having established the course forward for his advancemen
  3. Being from a very small organization and even at that, "leader" is better that "Boss." Long ago, I learned that lesson-as an SPL I think. Even just this day is the lesson's principle brought home to me, awaiting documents I requested and was told that they would be emailed to me several days ago, which never arrived, in following up on my request for those documents… I sent an email in which I could have said: "You told me you that would forward those documents to me and they have not arrived…so where have things fallen down?" (Accusatory and puts the recipient on the defensive
  4. I've seen it done multiple times. And put on the IVF. Multiple times. Quality people. Kind.
  5. I would not be so disheartened about things but for my 24 years of observing my Council, working at multiple levels in the Council to help out, pack and troop, district, camp, and Council levels, and seeing the bad management, neglect, misallocation of resources, failure of follow-through…. And my scouting active friends share my opinions. And the volunteers' experience in other councils posted on this forum, sadly, mirrors my own. There is a curious thing about human nature. Those who have come to a point where their future view turns toward the negative outlook earlier, and those
  6. It seems pretty clear, in the deafening lull of the Bankruptcy, that National's grip on governance will remain, though on a dramatically lessened organization both in finances and membership. The BSA model appears to be on track to continue, largely as before. One would think that many Council mergers are on the horizon, with the concomitant reduction of senior Council staff. But will any of the fundamental issues of the program be addressed-all so often mentioned in this forum? Program neglected by professional staff, struggling units, finances committed to salaries and not program and
  7. Any why would that be? It is the CRUX of the problem. EVERY SE is beholden to National for their job, first off, and for hoped-for promotions. Their current huge salaries are a reward for prior loyalty, and the prospect of promotions for future loyalty to National. In the Bankruptcy, National made the case that the Councils were "independent" of National, but I don't believe that. YET, those "independent" Councils, 100% of them, fell in line, trashed their camps and finances to bail out National. And paid what National decreed. (And I'd note, that those Councils are alleg
  8. Must be a misprint. I looked carefully…where is the factor" "times 10 to the 12th?"
  9. Correct. If you were a CPA or an Attorney on the Board, not so motivated to risk your career or social position by assaulting the BSA monolith by referring to the tax return, you said nothing. AND, again, what would you care? The "anointed" SE with his (and females too, however) high salary had to raise the funds to pay it. And if he failed, "no skin off your nose." But here is the "RUB." And it is significant. Salaries get paid FIRST. (And of those salaries, I suspect that the SE's salary gets primacy-his/her salary gets paid first, in full, before any other in the
  10. I agree entirely. My experience is that the ideal of "should have" has been replaced by "this is what we do…" Meaning that the "fix is in…"
  11. Sorry (and I note that my membership here only allows for three apologies a month so just one left for all the rest of you "pilers-on"). In my council, SE salaries seem to be a topic "off the books." For decades. My current working theory is that no one wants to admit just how much the SE makes, as parents, most of whom make MUCH LESS will revolt. Especially given how much fees have increased. And though Scouting is far from the most expensive extracurricular activity a child can engage in, its expense grows as a parent's scout need a backpack, hiking boots., backpacking tent, e
  12. This is perhaps only apocryphal, but back in 1998 or so, I heard that the top position at the Salvation Army, nationally, and his executive assistant, were paid $89,000 between them. Perhaps someone has knowledge of that. At that time, my recollection is that Jere Ratcliffe, Chief Scout Executive was paid $363,000 (not sure if benefits were included in that). I am just left with the impression that top BSA executives are highly paid for not for profits, and if folks have evidence that this is not the case, I'd love to hear it. Thanks.
  13. Sorry-mea culpa. My perception is that National largely dictates SE salaries, and the Executive Committee (the small subcommittee of the Executive Board, and perhaps even only the Council President have any say in the matter, our perhaps even only knowledge, the salary having been set as a fait accompli. And even if they do, why would they exercise any control? The Council President, or Executive Committee are not paying the SE's salary. And, besides, even if a high salary, the person getting paid that high salary has to raise the funds to do it. "What Me Worry?" -Alfred E. Neuman.
  14. That has been my impression. Sends the message" "Be Loyal to management and you'll have a chance at the ginormous salaries we earn." There are no external, market-based controls to my knowledge.
  15. Precisely who does set a SE's salary and benefits, if you know. I would truly love to hear some insight into the process-who has influence and especially the forces that control/regulate those salaries. Our last SE had a touch over $200,000 in salary and $100,000 in benefits. About 10% of the council budget. Well a $125,000 pay cut is better than a 100% pay cut. The SE in my council is grossly overpaid as "CEO" of a clearly failing organization. I am convinced that there is little oversight over SE salaries. "Wink and a nod" metrics. If our "Council Titanic" had a ban
  16. So, what is a council's budget that has 1,000 scouts? At $1 million, that's $1,000 per scout for a year's program. Hmm. Even at a council budget level of $500,000, that is $500 per scout. If every scout attended 2 camporees at $25 each, and summer camp at $350, total council revenue from those sources is only $400,000, falling $100,000 short of breakeven. A Fortune 100 company I noted the other day had revenue of a little over $500,000 PER EMPLOYEE, and over 100,000 employees. So, a 1,000 scout council has perhaps 6 to 8 employees, and a revenue stream per employee of $62
  17. National, despite its best efforts, has killed itself. Kodak.
  18. I know of many events where patches to cover budgeted attendance were not ordered, with attendance reaching twice budgeted attendance. And so the "FAILURES TO DELIVER THE PROMISE," continue.
  19. You obviously were not on the mailing list of the Bureau Of Pointless Name Changes. Had you been, all would be clear. Just contact Charlie…, no, Bill…-never mind, the name changes at random… Junior Leader Training is now "NYLT," or some such? Cub Outdoor Leader training is "Baloo," or some such? The fundamental principle of communication is that if you are the communicator, it is your responsibility to get you message across to your audience. If you can't do that, YOU have failed-not your audience. So, what does "NYLT" mean to a cub or scout parent? "Baloo?" That
  20. So, we apparently have a system (and I may be incorrect in my understanding of the sequencing of events, dates, etc., so please correct me), where a volunteer's YPT (Youth Protection Training) Certificate expires 2 years to and after THE DATE of completing the YPT training. So, you complete your YPT on dd/mm/yyyy, and it expires 2 years later on dd/mm/yyy+2. So, just doing the "date math," there are 365 or 366 days in the year and thereby 365 or 366 YPT Certificate expiration dates, depending on the date of completion of the YPT training. Well, how convenient? Not only does this syst
  21. I know many folks who have turned to making their contributions to the Movement by making gifts in kind, instead of cash, and one person who changed their entire estate plan to the tune of about a million, and another of $750,000. Councils do not see the folks whose contributions are changed from Boy Scouts to other charities. The councils never knew of the potential bequests, and never hear that the BSA has been dropped as a beneficiary. Immeasurable Phantom Losses.
  22. Nice sentiment, but when was the last district or council event that a professional was the "Face Of The Event?" In my experience, never. (My impression is "Let the volunteers take the heat.") Volunteers names are slathered all over the lead-up flyers, web pages, Roundtable announcements…everywhere. A professional may be listed but as an advisor, but their role is limited by design, in my opinion. ("Hey, I'm not in charge, call the lead volunteer.") Plausible Deniability? And what does it mean that it will "be in their laps?" The event is over. The professionals were lik
  23. I think that was an episode on "As The Stomach Turns." Sorry to hear that it has been syndicated and now in reruns. Experienced it once myself to embarrassing effect. (Breakfast for 20 purchased when 160 attended. Professional solution was to double the lunch food. Lovely. We should adopt a guiding principle, like, "Be Prepared," or some such.) Know many others who paid for many things, budget approved things, who weren't reimbursed by the council.
  24. Yes sir. 4 years on Philmont staff, though in the 1970's, A long time ago, but I do not think that the model has changed. If you demonstrate the maturity and skills needed, and are of the right age, you may be asked to join the Philmont staff.
  25. I have seen the Council President sign off on removing volunteers. Scout Executive agreement was presumed, but the volunteer Council President signed the letters and took the heat. The checks for the refund of the volunteers' chartering fees was signed by a subordinate professional. Ultimately cost both of them, the Council President and the Scout Executive, their jobs and reputations. At the end of the day, Council operations are governed by the rules of M.A.S.H.'s "Double Cranko." "Rules? There are no rules." --Hawkeye
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