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  1. I find this to be a very curious comment. So, perhaps, could it be, that the "Duty to God" element was introduced to U.S. Scouting to entice religious denominations to accept the Chartered Organization role on a denomination-wide basis? And, perhaps, so adopted because the SOLE religious denomination in Great Britain was the Church of England (courtesy of some arrogant King), but in America, many denominations were active and Constitutionally NEVER to be circumscribed. Does anyone have any further insight beyond my limited knowledge?
  2. Don't take CS seriously the minute he/she departs from commenting on btcy pleadings.
  3. What I know of Mosby comes largely from this forum. But I see a pattern here, and it troubles me. My experience with my local council, at district and council level, was that when there was bad news to deliver to a volunteer (we no longer want you to be Chairperson of District Boy Scout Outdoor...etc.) the appropriate level professional, DE, or mid level council staffer, would recruit a volunteer senior to the volunteer to be ousted, and have the senior volunteer to the dirty work. Thereby, the face of the "ugly" would be that of a volunteer, not a professional. I saw it time a
  4. My understanding is that when there is an SE vacancy, Area or Region submits the names of 3 SE candidates along with documentation regarding those 3 candidates. The LC search committee is limited to selecting one of those 3 candidates, and are to consider nothing other than the documentation provided by Area/Region, and interviews with the 3 candidates, and make their selection based on solely that. In fact, a search committee member had a good scouter friend in the council of one of the 3 candidates and contacted that good scouter friend for inside information, and when that contact became
  5. So, this may be the best recruitment year in the last 3 or so? Maybe there will be a post-covid, bankruptcy-pending rebound.
  6. This is just another of those aspects of all of this which has so many levels. From my understanding of compensation, governance, and promotions, successful fundraising does not increase the salary of any staff member of an LC. Directly. I am not aware of "commission" income based on fundraising. However, it is also my understanding that the SE, at least, and likely any Development Director, are judged as far a job performance on the success of LC fundraising. That might lead to an incremental raise, but the big money is an SE being promoted to a larger LC with a larger staff and g
  7. I'll just say, people are not machines. It is very difficult to tell masses of folks to do one thing, and then, when conditions change, flip the switch and expect a complete reversal of the momentum. There is likely to be loss of CO's, scouts, parents, and leaders after any reversal. People will have moved on or be fatigued by the whole mess.
  8. Back in the Jere Ratcliff era, I read or heard from a scouter that the combined salary of the CEO of The Salvation Army and top aide (his wife) was $86,000. (per year). My SE is making over $100,000 in deferred compensation (per year).
  9. @Gilwell_1919: If Churchill had said it, it would be called "oratory."
  10. I agree with you. Public sentiment will likely be the controlling power which determines the future of Scouting. I was just trying to lay out the bare legal mechanism. If control of the intellectual proper ty is lost, the Movement has no handbooks, patches, training materials, etc... One cannot download a .pdf of the Guide to Safe Scouting if the "lay" owner does not make it available. All I am pointing out is that if control of the intellectual property escapes the Movement, things will get even more complicated. And I also agree that the public has little appreciation for the fi
  11. Well, intellectual property rights are no different in legal concept than owning a building or Philmont. In a Ch 7 liquidation, all would be sold, and the proceeds distributed to creditors Those assets will not simply pass down by some process to the LC's. The LC's are separate legal corporations. The LC's might pool their assets and purchase National's intellectual property rights, but it will not be a gift to them. The new owner could simply discontinue publication of the Scout Handbook. If I buy a car, I don't have to drive it. The inventory of Scout Handbooks already published and on
  12. A big consideration is whether National survives and controls its intellectual property. If National is liquidated, depending on who purchases National's intellectual property, there may be no Scout Handbooks published in the future until they come into the public domain. That could be a couple of decades. Someone seeking to continue a Scouting program in the absence of National will be purchasing Scout Handbooks from eBay. And rank patches and medals. And, whomever operates the unit will not have any insurance (they may not have any now). And they will need to make arrangeme
  13. And how are actions taken by a Boy Scout Council and published in more than two dozen newspapers, inappropriate here? Particularly considering the subject matter herein discussed at length as the cause of National's bankruptcy.
  14. Ever had an adult scouter, publicly thrown out of scouting for political reasons, (and later reinstated) come up to you at a camporee at a Council camp and say to you: "My son told me he plans to stay close to me this weekend so that no one from the Council will show up and throw me out of camp-my son thought that they wouldn't do that if he was nearby." I have heard that. So, you wield the pen-strike from my posts that which seems "over the top." Please let me know what is exaggeration.
  15. Hardly hyperbole. For $100, I can ship a copy of the records. Ever been publicly accused as a child abuser in YOUR hometown by no less than that Beacon of Purity, the Boy Scouts of America? Because you raised the issue that the Council was bankrupt? A Council which attempted murder, but had to settle for rape, when the allegations were totally unfounded? My friends did. I know these things to be true. And perhaps, you might consider thinking before pouncing.
  16. You likely do not know as much about this as me, and you have been spared. Nowhere near the level of trauma experienced by sexual abuse survivors, but I speak almost daily with one of my friends who experienced the "shunning" procedure of National.
  17. Which raises the question: "Does National have any idea what 'principles' are?' Starting with, "Trustworthy..."
  18. Hyperbolic, perhaps. But to those DAMNED by National it is not. Their reputations have been damaged in their hometowns, communities, churches... I know several scouters whose faithful longevity and recognition and awards far and away exceed those of any others I know, were so abused by National.
  19. And so WHY would National drape itself in the American Flag, yet DENY the fundamental principles of which that Flag symbolizes?
  20. I know that the Bill of Right does not apply. But that is not what BSA SELLS. "We are good and decent folks, Americans, God and Country, Flag, principles..." BUT if you do not play by OUR rules, WE WILL CRUSH YOU. And National will. I know these things to be true.
  21. A Death Warrant by any other name... The BSA has a Death Warrant process.
  22. Significant donors in my council have walked away from making any donations.
  23. "Fire me?" (The very, very short answer is YES, National can "FIRE YOU." And it has fired volunteers for non-sexual abuse reasons (political), fired units, and sanctioned councils.) I came across your post while looking for something else. But I have returned to respond-as I must. My conscience will not permit me to pass by your post without comment. Everyone should know the things that I know. "But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career." --Liam Neeson playing Bryan Mills in Taken. In my case, substitute
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