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  1. 80% non CS Do you have a source for that estimate? That 80% of the IVF names are NOT CSA seems to imply that the 80% are what? Victims of political repression? Or what else? The next question is if BSA has two IVF lists, those based on CSA, and "Other" (political, troublesome, ???) Have the non-CSA IVF files been released through the Oregon case? Or are they still hidden? Thanks.
  2. I hit that point 25 years ago. Cult. Yep. "Toxic culture." The operation will not change until all the senior leadership is trashed. They MUST go. Another poster waxed eloquent about how he relies heavily on council staff and how they perform wonderfully. I do not doubt his experiences. In my council, we only need the camp Ranger and a full-time Assistant camp Ranger, and someone in the Scout office to handle recharters. The rest are worthless to my Unit. Only in the last 10 years did lower level Council folks asked me to re-engage. I did at functional
  3. There are two issues here: 1. Ex Post Facto is changing the definition of a law TODAY to make actions prior to TODAY, criminal. So a year ago, I cut my grass to 2 inches in height-perfectly legal, then. Now, a year later, cutting my grass to 2" a year ago is a crime! I had no way to avoid being guilty as I cannot predict what the legislature will make illegal, years after the event. The Constitutional issue is that citizens are entitled to know at the time they take action whether or not it is criminal. This is completely different from: 2. "Years ago, I committed
  4. Jaded, or educated? Well, then, perhaps, biased or prejudiced? I just want to understand you.
  5. Gee, not just me. Whew. I don't remember any, as a youth, nor as a parent involved for 25 years, attending nearly every troop meeting and campout. Internet the culprit? This opens a whole new world of concern for me as a leader.
  6. So, what is Mr. Johnson's motivation to come forward and make any statement at all?
  7. Which, may be a deterrent. (Though apparently abusers are not inclined to change their behavior.) But it would get them out of the program.
  8. This is precisely the conundrum. On the one hand, careers of the innocent accused would likely be ruined. One legitimate reason for keeping things quiet. But, why all those cases were not referred to law enforcement-well, I can only conclude BSA did not want the publicity. I fault BSA for that, and that policy is the prime cause of this mess. And had every case been so referred, to some degree, at least, BSA would have had developed a reputation as hostile to perpetrators and perhaps a fair measure of these incidents would have been avoided. And, I'll say, such accusations, if false a
  9. What background about "Anderson" can you provide? Many may not understand the reference, nor do I.
  10. And so the plot thickens. People sometimes say 'the plot thickens' when a situation or series of events is getting more and more complicated and mysterious. -Collins National: "We want to out of bankruptcy in August, 2021." "I love it when a plan comes together." --Hannibal, A Team
  11. "Draws a vacuum" is the legally sanctioned term. (No, wait, that is a physics expression, and we know physicists only speak math. "S... " musts be legal-what do those folks know about English?)
  12. Sorry-mon (mes?), apologies! (Just too easy.) I LOVE blood pudding! As long as it is somebody's else's blood. (What is "blood pudding?") Can I get it from Mountain House, freeze-dried?
  13. I am sometimes reminded, when reading posts, of the Pogo panels by Walt Kelly: "We have met the enemy and he is us."
  14. National has sat down to a table to play the ultimate game of Texas Hold'em. Where a Chapter 7 liquidation is the "All-In." National has yielded control of its future to a formidable number of powerful players-a "Hail Mary" strategy.
  15. Well, in the beginning, National did start with nothing, and 100± years later built it into what it now has. So, even starting at zero is doable. But, the second time around,, National would have its intellectual property, and a tradition (some of which is laudable), and a shell of a structure, though hugely damaged, and some camp properties with which to carry on the outdoor component of the program. It won't be what is was before the bankruptcy, but what does one expect when they burn down their own house?
  16. I've never seen Articles Of Incorporation which did not provide that the corporation was "perpetual." Likely, they all are. My state has statutes providing for the voluntary dissolution of a corporation, (and the involuntary dissolution, for that matter, in the event that the corporation fails to pay annual corporate fees, and such-but not likely a BSA issue.) Seems to me there are only 3 likely scenarios regarding BSA intellectual property:: 1. BSA keeps all its intellectual property, having no right to sell it, or for the bankruptcy court to dispose of it due to so
  17. So, if National liquidates, does its intellectual property go on the auction block? And, if so, are the potential buyers limited to those who wish to carry on the Scouting Movement, or could someone buy the intellectual property and simply put it on a shelf to collect dust? Seems to me National is in the franchise business-it licenses its intellectual property, its name, logos, designs, merit badge pamphlets, handbooks, etc. Some tycoon buy Philmont? What is American Scouting without those?
  18. This is an EXCELLENT question. The blackletter rule (that is the default, simple statement of them applicable rule to the majority of situations), is that "negligence" is the failure to behave with the degree of care that someone of ordinary prudence would have exercised under the same circumstances. Another way of saying it (tort law, that is, civil wrong law-not criminal law-, is replete with parallel, vague statements of rules about negligence that are totally worthless, in my opinion) is that someone has failed to take "reasonable care" in the conduct of their business or
  19. You need not respond to such challenges. Einstein took at least a week to come up with E=mc (squared) (Well, maybe years.)
  20. Absolutely agree 100%. I am not an abuse survivor. I am a child of Scouting, Cubs through Eagle. Philmont staff, father of 3 Eagles. Scouting is my life and that of my family. I stand appalled that this "principled" organization has failed to defend and protect children. Children. The defenseless. For how many DECADES? (Longer than I have been alive at 7 of them.) An organization with a "religious declaration" requirement. "That which you do to the least of mine, you do to me."- Jesus. How does one deny that idea? My best friend only told me about
  21. And my best friend, from high school onward, only 4 or 5 years ago told me that he had been abused by a priest, by a scoutmaster, and by Christian Brother(s), and even at that, by staff at the facility to which his parents sent him for help. I am 70, so it was a long time ago. and yet he only told me, which he admitted was the person who best understood him, about 50 YEARS after the abuse. He was in weekly therapy for all those years. About 50 years. His marriage failed about 8 years ago. And he was not a weak-willed person: he earned a Phd. How does this happen? What
  22. Godspeed, TCC Committee. (Not a survivor, just a life-long youth and adult adherent to the principles of Scouting, appalled at National's betrayal of those principals. National needs to make this right or close up shop.)
  23. Sorry. From now to October 15, printing 24/7, I figure 63.6 pages per SECOND to get the job done. So, 64 presses running at 1 page per second is more likely. And to have time to assemble, package, address, and add postage, probably 130 presses. This is a VERY BIG JOB. So, the solo practitioners who see 5,000, or 10,000 Plan packages show up at their door, to have to add a cover letter, repackage them, add postage and get them back in the mail...well, that is where some of the 40% fees are going. Gotta go, the mouse committee wants me to put a bell on the cat.
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