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  1. As with all of the "legal paperwork" relating to National and the local councils, it is a mess. Either intentional or by neglect. Had folks donating property for the use of Scouting truly wanted to limit the use of their donation to that as a scout camp and no other. And to prevent the sale of their donation, the legal path to do so is ridiculously simple, but apparently rarely used. The deed of conveyance of the donated property to the local council should have contained all of the restrictions desired by the donors. It also should have included was is called a "right of reverter
  2. Part of my Wood Badge ticket was to improve my troop's opening ceremony, and I added the Outdoor Code to the ceremony, and some years in, it is still being recited.
  3. I too have zero tolerance for role playing, games, and such. I really don't need that to motivate me. But, nearing the end of my scouting career, the wife of a great, life-long scouting friend of mine-both of them are strong Wood Badge folks, (4 leaders:) looked at me at a scouting dinner and asked, "Why haven't you taken Wood Badge?" Well, I have a lot of Scouting experience and just didn't think it would help me or that I would fit in. I said, "I'M NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF DISAPPOINTING MRS. XXX, (her) I SAID I'D GO." And, I just resolved to go along with the 2 weekends and then
  4. I find Mr. Johnson's appearance on the stage of this situation to be a bit problematic. I posted early on asking if anyone had any idea what was his motivation. I don't recall any replies. I can see the arguments on both sides. That he was laid off or fired, is not very persuasive to me. Organizations tend to lay off or fire senior, knowledgeable managers who come to conclusions contrary to the company's preferred line. "Hire an expert for expert advice, and when the expert contradicts the company's, the amateurs look for another expert." "We can't let AAA continue as head of BBB
  5. @ThenNow having captured (been imposed upon) the position of Forum Dunce, so I'll just claim "stupid." I'll even answer to ":stupid and clueless." So, as I understand it, we have a volunteer who has spent 2 full weekends, at their expense, and perhaps 18 MONTHS WORKING THEIR TICKET to improve scouting at their level of involvement, and y'all are debating whether their beading ceremony should take 30 to 60 SECONDS, but GRACIOUSLY allow them 2 or 5 minutes? And, as one poster suggests, if the scouts, in the ideal "boy led troop" does not invite the beading ceremony into its COH, it sh
  6. When a young attorney realizes that they need to speak tautologically (at some point in the future) about something, they learn to THINK tautologically during their research, so that they can speak tautologically about it later. Not just a big word, but THE difference between a hack and a master attorney. And a master attorney is one among thousands or tens of thousands. They are rare.
  7. I want to comment on this sentiment, having watched at least 3 TCC town hall Zoom meetings at which Mr. Stang and Mr. Lucas were speakers. There is this realization that comes to every young lawyer serious about his/her craft of the necessity of learning to speak "tautologically," that is, that every statement they make is true no matter what the circumstances it is applied to. This is not easy to do, nor easy to learn, but it is a must to practice law at the highest levels, and with the greatest precision of analysis, and clarity of argument. The ability to do so is the mark of a mast
  8. The goal is to get kids in the door, turn them into Scouts, with trained adult leaders, and teach them while they are having fun, learning life skills, and building relationships, in a safe environment. Any rules that get in the way of that, are obstructions.
  9. On the other hand, if National allows someone to register for 5 positions, is that not an implied recognition of that person's right to earn the recognitions applicable to each of those positions? And on another front, Tom, multi registered, works himself silly, completes the recognition requirements for 3 of his 5 registered positions, though awarding them all would violate some rule(s), nevertheless, receives all 3 recognition awards. A lawyer's first question will be, "So what is the damage?" And a wholly insufficient answer is, "Well, he violated rules, though he works ha
  10. So, I've made this argument before. So, as I understand the issue is that we have an individual who has taken on TWO jobs as scouting volunteer, done one (perhaps both) well and is going to be DENIED performance recognition because of being double (triple, quadruple…) registered? Seriously? Who thinks up this trash? Being DESPERATE for volunteers, Scouting has rules to insult them? There are folks who can perform 2 or 3 or 4 Scouting unit, district, and council positions simultaneously in great form. I personally know many. I have held so many positions, at so ma
  11. I would note that I have been counseling distressed individuals and families for 45 years. And giving folks a bit of leeway, consideration, and forgiveness can work wonders. And that every injured soul appreciates a kind word. And a kind word costs nothing.
  12. Another poster made a comment about this ending with "And now we return to your regular programming." I agree with his sentiment. Benjamin Franklin is attributed as saying, "We must all hang together or most assuredly, we will all hang separately." Long interpreted as "we all have to stand together." From that I take, in these difficult circumstances, we all need to make a special effort to cooperate for the greater good. There is a measure of patience (always underestimated in its significance by those who have the luxury of never having to demonstrate any), and humility (not eas
  13. This is a huge topic, but I agree that a complete review is required. My bio, resume, or whatever it is, on my profile, many positions held for 5 to 15 years simultaneously, I have had extensive experience as a scout, camp and Philmont Ranger Staff (one year responsible for the training of the entire Ranger staff), observing, teaching, and mentoring scouts, my three sons included. I have noted a tremendous diminution in the outdoor skills learned, or that are required to be learned, by scouts. And that few to none have actually mastered them. There is much to be said for requir
  14. Why not? Your reasons may help others consider their individual situations on sticking with their current attorney, or making a change. Thanks.
  15. My state has statutory exemptions from certain types of liability-generally negligence-for unpaid volunteers serving on governmental or quasi-governmental boards. Perhaps such exemptions exist for unpaid volunteers serving as volunteer firefighters, etc. And, it could vary by state. I doubt that intentional torts are given the protection of an exemption, so the abuser would not have any protection, but those not intentionally committing abuse would likely be protected. Whether the government which sponsors the firefighting unit would be exempt raises the issue of "governmental immunity
  16. I remember a TV series some years, ago, M.A.SH. There was an episode with a scene with the two principal characters sitting in their barracks tent, each holding a few playing cards, with a chess/checkers board between them, with checkers and chess pieces on the board. Another character came in and made some comment about the "game" noting the discordant collection of pieces, and asked, "What are you playing-and what are the rules?" The reply was "Double Cranko-there are no rules." And with the new bill, the entire dynamic of the BSA bankruptcy may change. Not so much for t
  17. And, I just want to say, I rather vented on what I consider "insiders" on this forum, speaking in a partially obtuse code. Speaking to each other. It is hard to follow at times. And anyone-me-who can post the quoted post above-does not tend to find anything hard to follow. And any lawyers on this forum who have refinements to make to my post, please do. I apparently have a completely different view of this particular part of the forum (political issues and bankruptcy) then many others. I understand the need for "insider" discussion and to support Survivors. All those fol
  18. Notices Of Depositions normally follow Requests To Produce (documents), and sometimes Requests To Admit (facts). Attorneys want the documents first, for review, and then structure their deposition questioning strategy around the documents produced, and admissions or denials of admission of facts. So, dig up TCC's Request(s) To Produce, and you will see what TCC is interested in investigating. Likely, the TCC is interested in the nature and extent of insurance carrier coverages: coverage type, time period covered, amount of coverage, deductible, identity of insureds, and the coo
  19. And even with this explanation of yours, and your "cutsie" reference to Spartacus, you still communicate NOT to me. And yet I understand most of your posts, perhaps because I hold degrees equivalent to yours. This is a forum to make communication of serious information to abuse survivors.
  20. I didn't bother to Google it. The point of communication is to communicate. The really important folks here are those who are NOT registered. They are looking for information. And it is our duty to provide that to them.
  21. piobndinerinxsdingespoinesinberonobneqdsinxeonindeeeondeinonn !!! Well, at least we speak the same language. Can we try to communicate with those who are not on the "inside?" This forum is worthless if it does not EXPAND the audience of informed scouters. About a dozen registered members "trade messages," essentially a forum of "private discussion" conducted in public. That will not create a "movement" nor educate nor inspire the casual lurker on this forum. They are seeking CLEAR information. Those here who have it, should share it CLEARLY. And thus goodne
  22. I understand appreciate your post. My position on supporting Survivors has been stated several times. But, there is a huge qualitative difference between posters analyzing data from court pleadings, news articles, tweets, texts, press conferences, town hall meetings, and such, and, an anonymous statement in support of a position that attorneys will net $400 million in fees, especially considering that the bona fides of that block of attorneys is considered to be highly suspect. This is not an easy nut to crack, for I am not willing to take the position that the Anonymous Survivor sh
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