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  1. The final result of National' bankruptcy. Just wondering what survivors would consider a "good result." (Considering the inherent infirmity of the legal system to undo the damage that has been done.) I'm not looking for a dollar amount-that will be whatever it ends up being.
  2. "Gravity" is a natural law. Expound heartily to the contrary, yet the "Apple still falls." Stephen J. Gould. I absolutely and thoroughly reject your analysis. Good luck with Scouting.
  3. Perhaps I misjudge, are you advocating going to war with snot-nosed cub scouts and their moms? In my Troop I satisfy myself that the scouts have their shirts tucked in.
  4. So, some clarification seems to be needed (and particularly to confused mrjohns2). I heard somewhere, many years ago, that Boy Scouting was the only youth program that gave awards to adults. (I do not know if this is true or not, but it is irrelevant to this discussion.) (But that comment does target BSA as having an adult "advancement" element. Beginning to sound like a Mary Kay meeting.) It got me thinking, should I be accepting awards only for those for which I was competing (or competitively awarded), or also awards bestowed by a group for whatever reason suited it? "Do a Good Tu
  5. The Eagle Mentor pins I have received, I received at Eagle Courts of Honor. As a good scouter and troop leader I wear my uniform to Eagle Courts of Honor. I am to stand as an adult example. The Mentor pins have been pinned on my uniform. Perhaps I should pause the proceedings, change into a suit coat, receive a Mentor Pin, re-pause the proceeding to change into... Seriously? Does that not denigrate the significance and value of the uniform??? If the uniform is acceptable to accept the awarding of a Mentor Pin it should be suitable for wearing it there ever after.
  6. I forward emails from a scout to a parent and let them know I require parents to be copied on any email to me. (SM or other troop leader will do too, but parent is best.)
  7. A word about court and law firm mechanics. All I'll say is that Federal court deadlines, filing dates, and turn-around dates are much shorter than state courts. What would be 30-60-90 days in state court can be only a week or less in Federal Court. Cases in Federal court typically involve huge sums and the firms involved devote a dozen or more partners and associates to document drafting and revisions, but that the RSA 2.0 appeared within 24 hours of RSA 1.0's imminent expiration is impressive. It may have been in the drafting stage for some time, perhaps even being negotiated and
  8. The Judge could be evaluating her options between civil and criminal, direct and indirect contempt of court. Perhaps that attorney will manage this case to conclusion from a jail cell.
  9. For some strange reason, the BSA continues to enjoy a high level of deference. (Maybe it will all work out OK.) My best guess. (OK in the sense of "good news to report" as measured by the media. I doubt that any resolution will be seen as good news by the survivors.) However, on that note, would any survivor care to express their hopes for this procedure?
  10. Given what is on the table tomorrow before the Judge, a lot will be learned about the likely course of this proceeding.
  11. The course of a lawsuit can change on a dime and head off in virtually any direction. The hearing yesterday, the Judge completely changed her mind upon learning of the looming expiration of the RSA. Curiously, but understandably, for the reason that she was not about to put the smaller parties through expensive pre-motion preparation if there was the possibility that the hearing was not to be held at all. Sensitive and cost conscious. Back to changing on a dime...clients change their minds. There are many reasons to numerous to launch into, but a huge trial can devolve into the prep
  12. I don't think that a facilities use agreement is likely to fully protect the former CO, now landlord. The former CO's should insist on the Council indemnifying the former CO from all losses and attorney's fees, and providing proof of insurance coverage. Standard stuff in the legal world. In the past, this was of little concern as the CO's did not know of the silent avalanche of claims building and roaring down upon them. In its own way the silence of BSA toward the CO's is financial abuse. The CO's wracking up year after year of sponsorship (liability exposure) blissfully ignorant
  13. If I were a CO even with a facilities use agreement I'd still insist that my employee be present in three deep leadership concerned that some crafty/artful lawyer would seek to impose liability through some theory or nuance of premises liability. If you do NOTHING, you are almost certainly not a defendant. If you do anything, perhaps ever so slight as provide a key to the front door, you are a target. The risk is not zero.
  14. The UMC must see some way clear to continue involvement and drastically minimize the liability exposure. If they have a plan, I hope it is shared with the other CO's who may be on the verge of walking.
  15. And so, what is camp staff liability for failure to find the cameras? Will camps have to swap out (apparently) clear or translucent hand towel dispensers with opaque or metal ones? Will that even solve the problem if those can be tampered with in some fashion? Does looking for hidden cameras become a new NCAP standard? Do NCAP teams get trained on this now? And what of the liability of the NCAP assessment team that fails to find them? A number of adults and youth had their privacy violated. And there's the bad press to handle. And a camp that is reported to be one of
  16. “This business will get out of control. It will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it.”FRED THOMPSON - as Admiral Painter The fuse has been lit; the die is cast. I agree with CynicalScouter-there are tons of ways this can go wrong. Might as well try to control an avalanche with a trowel.
  17. And the problem of a "Parents of" organization is that you are potentially liable even if you are NOT on the campout where an alleged incident occurs. As a principal in the sponsoring organization, not incorporated or having some other liability shield aspect, even 1,000 miles away on a business trip, you are potentially liable, and a Defendant. Lawyers "leave no stone unturned." Everyone gets named as a Defendant-"Let the Judge sort it out."
  18. Heavens. Would I, as a parent want to take on liability the likes of which the BSA with its millions can't cover? I know the parents in my unit. I see them for an hour and a half once a week. Around a table, and sometimes at a weekend campout, but other than that? And I am to bet the farm on that slim knowledge base? Do I need to go into the insurance market and procure a policy for myself? That's crazy. Parents won't do that. Now that the BSA has shown us the nightmare of this all. The best thing a lawyer can do is keep their client away from the courthouse. And just behind that
  19. As near as I can tell, BSA has blocked disclosure of Hartford's policies and the amount of liability Hartford may face. If I am incorrect, someone please educate me. But, if that is true, it boggles the mind that the BSA and Hartford would seek approval of a settlement at $650 million without the benefit of knowing what is being given up. The answer may be buried in all the pleadings.
  20. I think that the bankruptcy stay prevents new lawsuits from being filed until the stay is lifted. If claimants could file new suits now, high volume filings might persuade insurers to soften their bankruptcy stance instead of facing a demonstrated onslaught of new cases. Since new cases cannot be filed, insurers can only speculate what they might face. The idea of "onslaught" has to be tempered with recognition that filing a case which is outside a statute of limitations is not only pointless (a hollow threat) but probably legally unethical on the lawyer's part.
  21. Now that the LC's are apparently "all in," time to look for a sheet. And yet not a peep in my Council about the effect of National's bankruptcy.
  22. Just spotted this: STATEMENT OF THE AD HOC COMMITTEE OF LOCAL COUNCILS IN SUPPORT OF THE RSA APPROVAL MOTION Document 5756, filed 7-26-21, page 3: "As of the date of filing of this Statement, virtually all Local Councils have returned letters of intent agreeing to pay amounts that, in the aggregate, will meet the amounts required under the RSA. Additionally, the Ad Hoc Committee is confident that, by the time of the hearing on the disclosure statement, it will have secured letters of intent from all Local Councils to contribute the amount r
  23. When I enter information in my Profile "About Me" tab, who can see it? And there are other features like articles, reputation, etc. How and where-how does this work? I am new and probably missing what everyone else knows. I don't understand how "reputationa' works and if I should be up liking or down liking posts and all of the mechanics of this forum. Perhaps there could be an introductory response to newbies like me to introduce them to the basics of the forums. (And I may have missed this entirely.) And if I am totally lame, just throw me from the bridge. Thanks.
  24. And so it has all changed. In my day, our patrol met once a week, no adult supervision, and worked on scout skills.
  25. Gee. May 6 was a busy day. All posts in a single day. There are no posts after May 6. Is there a reason? It is difficult to follow the discussion at points as there seem to be allusions to information not posted. I need to read this thread again. This is an important, if not critical thread. The issues raised here address the crux of the relationship between the LC's and the bankruptcy of National.
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