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  1. "The White House is a dump" <~~~ name the President that said that then wonder why anyone should take the right wing's complaints about Bill and Hillary seriously if they insist on continuing to support this man after insulting the "people's house".
  2. Trump had the opportunity to rise above and deliver an uplifting speech - there is even a portion of his speech that would have been fine all on its own, if he left it there. It's a shame that that part of his speech was overshadowed by his belligerence and whining, by his campaign style ramblings. As bad as that speech was, some (many?) of the Scouts present embarrassed the BSA again by acting like snot-nosed little brats and booing President Obama. The wishy-washy statement from the BSA afterwards, in response to a great deal of criticism by PARENTS of Scouts, is not helping their
  3. Snark engaged: Ronald Reagan didn't show up to the two Jamborees held during his time in office either. And we all know why Reagan really dissed the scouts. Snark disengaged. Instead of plying us with snark and imply with a wink and nod that we really know why Obama dissed the Scouts - why don't you go ahead and tell us why you think Obama skipped the Jamboree. What I know is that both Reagan and Obama had scheduling conflicts. Whether I think those conflicts were more important or not would just be my opinion. I also remember what a cluster it was when GW Bush visited the Jamb
  4. Welcome to the forum!
  5. The only thing I truly need in my backpack (beyond the basics of clothing, food and some tools like a knife, matches, and a headlight with spare batteries) is my journal and writing/drawing instruments, and my camera, with spare batteries and a solar power recharging set. The food I bring is stuff I can eat raw - I don't cook on the trail anymore.
  6. Perhaps the question should be "why would a Troop treat Summer Camp as some kind of separate and special Troop activity with it's own leadership set? Do units create "summer camp only" patrols? (ok, I get it sometimes a unit might temporarily combine a couple of Patrols if the participation rate is low but that should be something that is rare). We hold elections for Senior Patrol Leader every 6 months - a Scout is welcome to run for re-election if they desire. Though not mentioned in the official literature, we do limit a Scout to two terms as SPL (the Troop is large enough to be fort
  7. My memory may be faulty - it may have not been in the Fieldbook - but I do remember seeing illustrations of tent trenching, and other ideas for campsites, in BSA literature somewhere - perhaps it was an old BSA handbook, or an old merit badge guide. Of course, way back when trenching was de riguer, it wasn't uncommon for Troops to be using shelter halves (which, when put together, formed a 2-man floorless pup tent).
  8. I'm pretty sure that if I were to find my 8th edition BSHB, it would probably read much the same - of course, that was the 1970's and things tend to change over time. Looking at the most recent guide to advancement and the information available on the BSA's own website, it refers to Scout through Eagle Scout as ranks - not as awards. It's not about who taught us - it's about keeping up with current information. My oldest brother (he's 10 years older than me) was taught to dig a trench around his tent when he was a Scout. I was taught not to dig a trench around my tent. I remember the B
  9. Hmmm - I wonder where you got that idea? Possibly because non-advancement BOR's are so rarely discussed? Intersesting turn of phrase too - "award of importance" We don't do BOR's for Totin' Chip, Paul Bunyan, Mile Swim, 50-milers, interpreter strips, religious awards, or the Den Chief Service Award. I'd argue that at least a couple of them are as important as Palms. BOR's for rank advancement are the most common BOR's. Palm's aren't ranks but their BOR's may be the second most common (after all, they are required (for now). Displinary BOR's are probably the next most common.
  10. The regular SPL is the SPL at summer camp. If the SPL can't make it, the ASPL takes it on. If neither can make it, the boys at camp make the decision
  11. To answer the question - yes - the adult leaders who thought it was a good idea to leave the cash in the booth over night. Someone should have had the responsibility to take it home with them overnight, and should have had the sense to take it home at night. That being said - something just doesn't smell right to me about this. I don't believe people are naïve enough even in small towns in Iowa to leave $13K in cash in a cash box in a booth overnight - especially in a small town in Iowa that has a history of issues with meth addiction. Of course there isn't a lot more information, and
  12. I suspect that even if Troops are pushing First Class-First Year, 6 camping trips a year might be ambitious for some troops trying to provide a balanced program.
  13. Just as an aside to the discussion - I find it rather interesting that there were no big discussions about National changing the requirements in the first place given how generally reluctant folks are at accepting changes by National in the first place. I didn't see anyone asking if there was an issue worth changing the program for in the first place. (Col - not a reflection on you - your post was just very convenient for the observation).
  14. When staffing, we had a lot of parents calling us on Saturdays after their sons had gotten home telling us there were care packages of cookies and snacks that hadn't reached camp in time for their sons and that we should go ahead and keep them as treats for staff. We never had a dearth of homemade cookies in the staff lounge.
  15. Chota boots are more suitable for wading while fly fishing/stream fishing over mostly pebbly/rocky surfaces - if you go with Chota, be careful that you don't buy boots with felt soles - those are strictly water shoes - meant for wading, not portaging. The Chaco Outcross shoes are the right idea, but you're going to want ankle support so I'd skip those. You can go with Jungle Boots - I know a lot of folks recommend them, but in my opinion, they're overkill - you aren't invading a small country. I would recommend a lightweight hiking boot with over the ankle support. They don't tak
  16. Here's a rundown of an average year in my Troop growing up: January - Klondike Derby - outdoors but not camping February - Cabin Campout - though overnighting inside, activities take place outside - no camping March - First Aid Meet - not camping April - Galena Grant Encampment - 1st camping overnight May - Camporee - 2nd camping overnight June - Canoe Trip - day trip - no camping July - Summer Camp - 3rd camping overnight - using pre-set tents - doesn't meet the "in shelter you set up" requirement August - Service Project - help sponsor with corn roast - no camping (our unit consid
  17. The Boy Scouts of America still has the trademark for "Scouting USA"
  18. I don't think there is any impact on the Congressional charter - it says the purpose is to provide training to boys - it doesn't say only boys so that doesn't necessarily preclude offering training to men, women or girls. If there would be a problem with the charter, that would have occurred a long time ago when Exploring became co-ed.
  19. We always answered "empty space" because chances were pretty good that what they were really studying had vanished as they were setting up their spotting scopes.
  20. The only guidance we give is to post any letter to a Scout at camp no later than Monday. It no longer surprises me the number of parents who send a letter or card to their son on a Thursday when the Troop is returning to home on Saturday.
  21. I think the key is this sentence - I read it to mean that the boat driver is considered a supervisor and an aquatics activity supervisor must be 21 years of age or older. I believe this also means that the official observer must also be an adult 21 years of age or older because the observer is also a supervisor.
  22. Motor-boating Merit Badge does not include towing skiiers (or anything else) behind a boat.
  23. I have never encountered anyone who has asked a group of young men whom among them was an Eagle Scout and then follow-up by asking about Palms. I don't know anyone who was not involved in Scouts who knows there is something called an Eagle Palm. I have rarely met an Eagle Scout who talked about how many Palms they earned after getting their Eagle Scout award. Those that do, tend to have more than three and what they're really bragging about is the number of merit badges they earned. Eagle Palms are a bit of a throwback to the old Star, Life and Eagle ranks - for those unfamiliar
  24. Ummm - yeah, Robby - sorry to say - that's just a little weird.
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