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  1. I agree completely. I did this when I went in 2016 and it was completely worth it.
  2. @@Eagle94-A1 @@Stosh @@Sentinel947 @@Eagledad I got a pair of jungle boots for free when I was a first year, because one of our former eagles is in the navy, and sent them to us. I just don't like how they feel. @@CalicoPenn I mean the Chota portage boots. They can be found https://www.boundarywaterscatalog.com/clothing-footwear-shoes I've tried them on, and heard many good things about them. I'm hearing that the chaco ones will not be good. If I could get any help with which model is best, that would be amazing.
  3. I just finished up Seabase, and my troop is going to northern tier next summer. I want to start thinking about gear, the most important being boots. I'm currently split between a pair of Chaco Outcross shoes, and a pair of Chota boots. I haven't yet decided on a model of either one yet, so any suggestions would be great. I've never used either one, but I have Chaco sandals, which are great for hiking other than that I can only use them for 2 campouts a year. The Chacos look like they will be more versatile after Northern Tier, but the Chotas may have more support. What do y'all recommend?
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