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  1. That's another one that brings out the legalists...and you wouldn't believe the discussions I have heard on this (actually, you probably would)... Scouter 1: "12 years, 364 days old cannot tent with 15 years, zero days old. 15 minus 12 is 3! But on his birthday tomorrow, he can! (15 minus 13 is 2)" Scouter 2: "Oh no, tomorrow, he is 15 plus one day, minus 13 plus zero days is 2 years and a day...no tenting together!" Me: "What about Leap Years?" and run away smh...
  2. That'll be $590, plus tax, please http://www.durabletoys.com/speedway-express-series-860-six-wheel-tandem-wagon/
  3. It is also important to note the confusing verbiage in many of BSA's publications... For example, the Age Guidelines for Tool Use... https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/healthsafety/pdf/680-028.pdf National goes through all kinds of contortions here...it names these as "guidelines", and then says they are "recommendations", but, rightly defers to manufacturer literature... "Manufacturers’ literature and age and skill restrictions shall supersede the recommendations on the chart below." But then does a detour and uses the word "shall", which is prescriptive, rather
  4. Our last COR is a Law Professor at a nearby university. He enlightened me on this...it is by design
  5. I addressed concerns to our council...FOS heavy-handed tactics, FOS presenters not being able to answer questions about where the money goes, lack of council transparency about where the money goes, poor camp facilities, etc. After our Key 3 meeting with council reps concerning why we, each of the Key 3, did not wish to have an FOS presentation in our unit, I was removed from District and Council Committees by the SE. Without a phone call or any coherent explanation to date...had to find that out from other volunteers who run those committees... Not authentic P.S. Our council now
  6. Sorry, not the case...if you have a legitimate question, and you know your SE/local staff isn't giving a coherent answer, and you email National, it will bite you right in the keister. National views you as being solely under the authority of your local SE. So, when you conduct events in surrounding councils, you still fall under the interpretation of rules/policies as issued by your local SE, not the hosting council...unless that council is MORE restrictive. If you point out the disconnect, you get skewered. They shoot the messenger... I have experienced this personally. And
  7. This is my perception of how this works in many Troops. Most of the time, a new parent (probably one who was a DL) takes on ASM, and continues the Cub Scout model...this is not good... For us, we assign an ASM (who knows how to back off), and let the TG show them the ropes from Crossover (Feb/March) through their first few camping trips, PLCs, and a Summer Camp. Once the NSP "gets the program," usually around August/September, we have the TG back off and let the NSP operate independently. In October, they have their first Patrol-only camping trip (scheduled in two weeks, hooray!!)
  8. I do appreciate the fact that BSA announced they will not recognize a "First to Earn." Even so, there is a good deal of the "She is the First!!" syndrome this going around...here, and in articles I have seen. BSA cannot control what the media writes. My daughter has delayed a bit, for various reasons...she might make the Inaugural Class cut-off date, but we don't care about that. As long as she gets it, that's all that matters to her. She is at college now, and with all the Covid-19 restrictions, she has some extra time for merit badge work via Zoom. And she is one of the best Scouts I
  9. Not yet...but that is the goal/vision...currently, we do camp less frequently as a Troop so the Patrols can camp more as a Patrol. We are currently at one Patrol camping event per quarter. It is usually the adult support that is the limiting factor. The older Scouts really enjoy this, as they get a break from "supervisory" duties and get a chance to just hang out with their buddies. It seems to refresh them so they are more engaged on the Troop camping trips when the younger Patrols (yes, we use age-based patrols) need their guidance.
  10. I hate "one and done." It is a cancer eating away at the outdoor program... for the youth and the adults... Our long-standing Troop policy (since before we joined) was that Scouts over First Class could sign off requirements up to First Class. When reviewing some Scouts recently, we discovered widespread pencil-whipping of requirements by a few older Scouts. I questioned them individually, and they admitted it. All had been signing off one or more requirements that they had no current working knowledge of...first aid, navigation, woods tools and knots, etc... So, moratorium on th
  11. @TMcL you are on target...effects of almost any conservation initiative can be expanded to a planet level... "common to more than one country" is fluff to make it more "World Conservation"-y Flip the question...what conservation projects' affects could not be extended to be common to more than one country?? I can't think of any. Perhaps the purpose of this is to get the Scout to see small local efforts as having a far-reaching impact. (Think globally, act locally?)
  12. ♦ Q: If my camp is cancelled, can my unit get together with other units and have our own camp? No. Chartering organizations play an important role in the program and activities for their chartered units. Chartering organizations promote well-planned unit program for the units they charter and encourage their units to have active outdoor unit programs. Chartering organizations are not authorized to plan, promote, or deliver programs for units outside of their charter. It is the role of the council to plan long-term or resident camps and the role of councils or districts to plan campor
  13. Although, they will only be disbanding the corporation known as the Boy Scouts of America. Scouting is a movement that must be intellectually separated from the BSA. Scouting will go on, and I intend to be one who keeps it going, with or without the BSA. Hence my moniker...
  14. Ahhh...re-read, please...a) BSA national, b) local council, c) chartering org... Units are not mentioned, as they are not legal entities...
  15. Units are never legal entities...that is the purpose of the chartering organization. But I know you knew that! You could incorporate a unit, but it would not really be part of the BSA. The legal entity you created could charter a BSA unit that would have the exact same membership as the incorporated entity. But, the entity must have principal officers and a board which can, potentially, be held liable for actions of the corporation.
  16. A great resource... https://tap.scouting.org/ Check it out
  17. Save your money, book a week on the Chesapeake, DelMarVa Council: http://www.delmarvacouncil.org/high-adventure-opportunities/high-adventure-sailing-on-the-chesapeake/9297#Registration Save even more money...eliminate the middle man of the council, and book directly with the company: https://www.experiencesail.com/ You'll have to plan for and bring your own meals...but they will give you guidance on that...
  18. Wonder what drove this? https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/trail-to-adventure/the-highlights-of-short-term-camp-an-interview-with-the-ncap-chairman/
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