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  1. With regard to the newspaper issue....I would not put anything in the paper about the scout or the scoutmaster - there is enough bad PR about scouting out there. I have a high regard to the scouting program for what it meant to my oldest son, and plenty of other people that have gone through it. IMHO, the right way that this should have been taken care of is via council. If the scout has any character (or gets any as he matures), he will deep in his heart know that he did not earn it, and will not mean the same as if he did. As far as the comment "it is fair to consider that the
  2. You are correct. We did nothing, thinking that with (literally) two weeks before he aged out, there would be no way he could get eagle. We did not anticipate another leader would forge sigs to have him get the rank to get some brownie points (or something) with the Mom. Lesson learned.
  3. Appreciate the response. Sorry if my post was not clear, I am not concerned about the scout (as mentioned, plenty of eagle ranks are given away). My question is the adult leader that signed a form he was not authorized to sign. Seems like that's someone we would not want in scouting.
  4. Our council would rather take the easy road and look the other way. Discussions with them result in statements like "Lets hope he doesn;'t repeat this" and (I am being honest with this one....) "We are too focused on popcorn sales to deal with this". They admit the other SM did this, but don't want to rock the boat. Thanks for the response. We have not seen the scout since.
  5. Thanks. That's what I figured. Really too bad they don't take too much of an interest in these things.
  6. Thanks. It has continued to happen, but our council is too focused on popcorn sales and not making waves. Sometimes I wish council employees were required to be eagle scouts....... Thanks. That's what I figured. Really too bad they don't take too much of an interest in these things.
  7. A couple of years ago, a scout in our troop who was aging out submitted an eagle scout proposal that had some issues. While discussing them, he admitted that a parent prepared it and forged signatures on it (the parent admitted as well). Unbeknownst to us, the scouts mom took it to a scout leader in a different troop that she had a "relationship" with. He signed his name on it for the scoutmaster and committee chair (not sure if he signed his name or forged our leaders' names), submitted it, got it approved, and also signed off on the eagle scout project report and eagle scout form, and sub
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