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  1. My council is listed in 5.0 as giving a substantial chunk in property. I really wonder what that is. They've been silent about it so far, but I'm scared.
  2. Update: The Boy's Troop Committee met tonight and invited me as a guest to speak. Long story short, the committee voted unanimously to move forward with forming a Girl's Troop and welcomed me as the founding Scoutmaster. I'm going to be joining the Boy's Troop as an ASM as soon as my application is approved. The Committee feels confident they can get 5+ girls at bridging in March, but they are going to start marketing, and if they can get 5 girls sooner, we'll go ahead. The CO is already on board; in fact they've wanted this to happen for quite a while. Our Troop's Chaplain is also the Dis
  3. I assume you are referring to the comments that some G-Troops operate as patrols in Boy Troops. In the cases I've heard of this happening, the G-Troop is chartered, they just operate as if they are not. That's not how I plan on running things.
  4. I think we have at least 3, maybe 4, but we haven't marketed or recruited at all. There's 30+ boys in the Boy's Troop - and I imagine at least a couple of them have sisters that would be interested... My intention, if granted permission to make such decisions, is to have the G-Troop do opening and closing ceremonies with the Boy's Troop, but otherwise run completely independently. I absolutely want them to elect a full slate of leaders, plan their own program, etc. I think that early on their outdoor activities are going to be too "easy" for the Boy's Troop, but after a little while I can
  5. Thank you! There is one female adult willing to volunteer, but my current understanding is that she wasn't willing to commit to being SM. I think we are going to press hard to get two female volunteers registered, so we can maintain 2-deep and 1-female in the event one adult can't participate in an activity.
  6. Hello everyone! I was a youth scouter (aged out at Life) and active in OA in the early '90s. My son and daughter are currently Life and Tenderfoot Scouts. I steadfastly avoided adult participation in my children's units, because both of them struggled to interact with other youth and adults without constant reassurance and validation from myself or my wife. I felt that by not being there, I was actually giving them the gift of learning how to forge those relationships with peers and adults. My daughter had a great Cubs pack and bridged to a great troop that, unfortunately, disbanded
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