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  1. The hours must have been done while registered as a member of the BSA. Other than that, no problem double, triple, quadruple counting... Yes, quadruple... I have counted hours for a Scout simultaneously for Star rank, 50-miler award, Historic Trails award, and National Park Service Scout Ranger Award.
  2. I do not employ FAQ when applying rules.... If it is that important, write it into the rule...
  3. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes... Any time a company hires someone because they are in a certain group, they violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act - which prohibits employment discrimination on the basis of: sex (including sexual orientation / gender identity) • race • religion/creed • color • national origin DEI initiatives around the country seek to add people to the workforce BECAUSE they are members of certain classes. That is, a company looks at its workforce and sees low numbers of women, so they specifically tell their HR they have to hire a woman. This is illegal.
  4. "High Adventure" is whatever your Scouts say it is 😜 Backpacking by itself is not. But backpacking 15 miles over a weekend on the Appalachian Trail (AT) might be HA for your 13 year old's who are new to the experience. It might have to be backpacking 50 miles on the AT over 5 days and four nights for your older Scouts to say it is HA. If your Scouts want a High Adventure experience, let them help define what it means to them.
  5. They really oughta be doing both 😜
  6. OK, but I do not understand why that should matter... In fact, why should the council be trying to raise money only from families and youth? I guess that does beg the further question: Is this only type of fundraiser this council is doing? Ours does a Farm-to-Table event that serves alcohol. Purchase a plate or a table. Big fundraiser... not marketed to families, and definitely not for youth... But, our council does other fundraisers that are youth and/or family oriented.
  7. Great! So, it sounds like he knew his sexuality didn't matter one whit to his job performance, so he didn't flaunt it. Kudos to him. That is (I think) the real point the OP was making... while DEI may be getting employees from more walks of life, it is not expanding the pool of talent. The examples he cited (and you can find multitudes more) are showing that the implementation has gone badly... to the detriment of many organizations, because talent standards are lowered, often to the point of allowing unethical behavior, and, therefore, unfortunately bolster the perpetuation of ster
  8. The hidden message is that if you are not in one of those groups, you do not matter. All Lives Matter 😜
  9. And that isn't "participants"... that's a website for employees...
  10. When I first met our new SE, I asked him, "What is your biggest headache?" He answered, "When volunteers put on a uniform and think they know more than professionals." We changed the subject to other matters, and I observed him over the next few months. His actions confirmed the attitude. Our SE has a disdain for volunteers who have been in this council and active in Scouting for decades. (I have only been here a relatively short time.) The people he treats treats well? Donors $$ I have asked... most of those seasoned Scouters feel the same way about the SE. Not a great
  11. Check out the "WORKFORCE RESOURCE GROUPS" https://www.scouting.org/about/diversity-equity-inclusion/ And ask yourself, what is the hidden message?
  12. Agreed, because G2SS specifically prohibits MBCs in that role, as that is a District/Council role, versus a unit role...
  13. Got it. Yes, all on the overnighter must be registered... The guidance (for the benefit of others) says this: "All adults staying overnight in connection with a Scouting activity must be currently registered as an adult volunteer or an adult program participant. Adult volunteers must register in the position(s) they are serving in." So, this gives you WIDE latitude, I think, because it is still quite vague. But, if you have two adults registered in the position they are serving in, then any other adults, registered in any capacity, should be fine. (Except those who are MB
  14. If they say "yes", then why would a Merit Badge Counselor not fit the bill?? OR, if you have two "unit" registered leaders, could they have an MBC accompany them (say, on an overnight canoe trip to help teach and evaluate Canoeing Merit Badge), as long as the MBC is in that role versus in the role of adult supervision?? Isn't that what happens at council or national treks? (The Philmont Ranger, or council trek leader is not counted for two-deep, as they are not filling that role.)
  15. They hint at it in the FAQ. National should come out and say it overtly in the G2SS. I'm still scratching my head as to why they do not. Communicating in plain English is a skill many have not yet mastered. 😜
  16. Yes, the G2SS does not say registered "with the unit", but that is the interpretation we have gotten here. And this makes sense... your CO should be the one approving who camps with the Scouts in THEIR (the CO's) program. This is also why you cannot do inter-unit activities with council approval. (Of course council WILL approve if your CO's approve...)
  17. It depends... If you have a small Troop... say 15 Scouts or less, and you have the bandwidth, then maybe. Our Troop is larger. This job would be too much... so we have one person tagged to do all the Summer Camp admin support. - Registration of Troop - Putting in the Roster - Cat-herding the MB class sign ups - Sending out notices - Collecting the fees from family, coordinating payments to Camp, and recording it all in Scoutbook. - And swim checks prior to camp... We have a separate person handling all the medical forms and associated admin...
  18. LOL, check out the awards pinned to the pants...
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