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  1. Yes! IMHO, this falls under the "duty of care" umbrella for the registered adults, seeing as how 40-50 percent of abuse is by relatives (hence no tenting with parents after Cubs), and another 40 percent by acquaintances. (Final ten by strangers.) Too many adults I know want to use the checks as a crutch, though. As if a person having a clean record indicates they are not a potential threat. Background checks are just one piece of the puzzle...a "barrier," But, very often, abusers do not have a record "...and they know it." https://www.pennlive.com/midstate/2011/11/how_effective_ar
  2. Wow, the fact that there are several different opinions about the policies regarding unregistered adults here among us "experts" shows the exact problem I was highlighting to Johnson when he ID'ed me back to my local council as someone who was asking questions. For the record...unregistered adults absolutely can attend outings or overnight camping trips under the current policy, however, there must ALWAYS be at two registered adults over 21 on the outing. That you or your local council may interpret this differently and impose stricter rules is fine, and that is within your/their purview
  3. None. But unscreened adults can attend overnight trips. They are confused on what the policies actually say...
  4. Hi @wearrepair! So, there are two things at work here...1) Membership in the Order of the Arrow, and 2) Membership in your lodge. 1) Once you are inducted, you are always a member of the OA (as long as you are in good standing with the BSA) The OA Membership Emblem, or "dangle", is worn from your button to show this when it is not appropriate to wear your OA sash. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066/33066_Scouting_Honors_And_Special_Recognitions_WEB.pdf 2) You must pay yearly dues to be a member of your local lodge. If you are not a current dues-paid membe
  5. I will feel included, and like I belong, when they disband all Workforce Resource Groups and treat people based on character and individual merit rather than categorizing people according to skin color, sexual preference, national origin, heritage, religion, voting preference, gender, mental illness, income level, language, etc. etc. etc. And, I'm having trouble wrapping my brain around this...BSA still has this officer, but laid off their Director of Youth Protection 10 months ago? https://www.forbes.com/sites/maryannreid/2020/02/24/what-if-workplace-diversity-is-the-biggest-scam-y
  6. All these "apologies" came out in the midst of or after the bankruptcy declaration. They have an air (to me) of coercion in them...as if they were driven by lawyers and PR specialists, rather than a genuine sincerity. I suppose that is the nail-head...sincerity. Michael Johnson's words and actions expressed some sincerity. I have seen no other demonstrations of sincerity on the part of BSA. And, if MJ is to be believed, the "organization" is still not sincere, as (again, if his claims are accurate) they 1) excluded their National Director of Youth Protection from discussions and decis
  7. Is BSA trying to get the CO's covered in the channeling injunction??
  8. Yes, at Roundtable this past week, most volunteers thought it was a done deal already... Council had put out an email earlier stating what our council's contribution was to the fund, but they did say this was not yet a done deal...guess many didn't read that part.
  9. Also, recommend you let your COR know of the arrangement...
  10. We were discussing the possibility of Chapter 7. If that happens, what would we do at the unit level? The desire, at least on our part, is to continue scouting as a church sponsored youth group. Program would be pretty much the same, minus advancement and uniforms. The current question we are looking into is cost of insurance coverage should we forge ahead sans BSA...
  11. My SE did take adverse action...removed me from all council and district positions...and never had the courtesy to let me know...had to hear it from other volunteers when they were submitting rosters for training staffs and renewing district/council positions.
  12. Whenever I ask for financials, I always get the "Why do you want to know?" To me, that is the first sign someone is hiding something. I even got this when I asked for IRS 990s. At least for the IRS 990s, I wrote back, "Because the law says you have to provide them."
  13. Went to Roundtable last night and spoke with some in our district who are usually well-informed and whose opinions I seek when dealing with issues. (There is a group of five, specifically, that I seek counsel with.) None of them knew who Michael Johnson was, nor knew of the presser. (This surprised me.) None of them knew the latest plan was out for a vote. Only one knew how much our council contribution was to the fund. All were surprised to learn the former Director of YP would say that BSA is unsafe. All understood my heartache over the issue and my wrestling with th
  14. Yes, they do. Upon any accusation, the leader is supposed to be automatically removed. I have seen this in writing somewhere, but cannot find the source just now...
  15. Zero child abuse is the goal... "Zero tolerance" is not, because EVERY case is different. Some are clear cut. Others are not. Those that are not require dialog amongst unit leaders, parents, SE (currently), and then law enforcement and courts to find a way through the quagmire.
  16. I think it just means knowing which building is the shower house...at least that's what it seems to be for our Scouts. We incentivize the behavior we want...take a shower on Wednesday, get an ice cream! And yes, for some we have to define "shower"... but never "ice cream"
  17. Our COR has a Scout in the Troop, and camps with us regularly...is on the Board of the Church...very involved guy, and really makes the CO-Troop relationship strong - best I have seen in 35+ years of Scouting...
  18. And the State Police Check and Child Abuse check are free...the FBI fingerprint check is about $25. If you are a PA resident for 10 years, you turn in an affidavit of such and that you have not been convicted of a list of child abuse charges...
  19. No, not locked in concrete. A council could always give more of their own volition...but they won't. And even if they did, it would probably only be used to reduce the share of the other councils. What's the current total to LC's...$600M?
  20. Hoping (against hope) and working for change at our level... For example, at the local unit level (the only place I have most influence), we have implemented more stringent YPT measures. #1, ANY adult who wants to camp with us has to have background checks done. #2, a personal promise from me to every adult on an outing that, if they harm one of the kids under my care, I will risk prison for murder or attempted murder. #3, encouraging as many registered adults as possible to attend, not only to better supervise the younger Scouts, but to be able to provide the older ones t
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