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  1. I think the best approach would be to give the CO's options, and let them decide how they wish to structure their Scouting program... Just like they already do with selection of adults, religious and character requirements, and whether they have a girl Troop under their umbrella. There are many that would wish to stay with the single-gender approach. There are many that would integrate.
  2. No, they do not. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. Just like a Texas Flag on a uniform does not make sense for Scouts from Texas.
  3. And not enough, or quick enough punishment of the offenders. We are seeing the rate of our decline increase... coming to a neighborhood near you...
  4. A Scout is Obedient ..."He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks those rules and laws are unfair, he seeks to have them changed in an orderly way." Is that who you are?
  5. Love the idea, but... trademark violation.
  6. The price mark-up is a lot less. Gotta fund those salaries! That whole "A Scout is Thrifty" thing... nah, BSA doesn't mean it.
  7. Still waiting for a coherent answer to the post above... Meanwhile, I asked this question at our last Roundtable, as one topic of discussion was recruiting and transition. This went up to council, and the word back through our District Commissioner from our SE (we have no DE) was that youth who meet the criteria for joining Scouts, BSA, may camp with a Troop, and they are covered by insurance if not registered. (and I have the email trail...) Our Caesar has spoken. And common sense has prevailed. In my opinion, the more nonsensical restrictions we (the BSA) impose on families
  8. Funny how we discuss these things here, and voila! National starts "testing the waters" on this...
  9. 100% Also 100% Commissioner has correct picture... it's about best opportunity for those Scouts. Let others worry about the other unit. They can work to either save it, or transfer their Scouts to you. Be open and supportive to their coming over, but focus on your unit and Scouts. My hunch is, their CM will bring them over.
  10. I would say to anyone who is making a decision about Scouting to not pay attention to posts on a website that is not official. And that ALL Scouting is local. So check out your local Troop to see if it is a good fit. I honestly do not believe anyone is so naïve as to think that way. We can (and do) have any number of people here who are not even involved in Scouting, yet post their ideas in conversations about topics. Just because you do not like people's opinions, or how they express them, or the way they pose an idea or question doesn't mean you are the hall monitor who has
  11. I have done that section of the AT! This may not too much for WEBELOS who have never backpacked, if you limit their pack weight by having a good gear shakedown, and limit their weight to about 25% of their body weight. This means others may have to help carry gear. Or, you could let them join you for just one night on the trail! Have them backpack up with you to the first campsite. In the morning, they pack up and go back down to trailhead. This means you'd need two more adults, but they could ferry your cars to Crater Lake, and save you that logistical pain on the first day.
  12. Ummm.... where did I say I was offended, or that you were an enemy? Your posts have not offended, just... confused (to use your phrasing) I often find myself reading tone and intent into these posts, and have to check those inclinations. Doing either pushes my own thoughts and biases onto the other person posting. So, I ask a lot of questions to get at the heart of a matter for understanding. I do find people often take offense at the mere asking of questions. This I find puzzling. And it is why I often say if you look for offense, you will find it. And on your discour
  13. Drei Ecken hat mein Hut!
  14. We disagree that that is an answer. The verbiage you cited specifically applies to den coordinated camping, on its face. But since you are the guy who publishes it, would you care to edify us on the thought behind it, given the situation posed? Here's a hypothetical to help view the policy gap more clearly: Twin 11-year-old brothers arrive at our Troop. They are looking for a Troop to join. Their parents asks if their twins may attend a camping trip before deciding on whether to commit to joining. "Sure!" We say, as this is allowed under current policies, and they ar
  15. I do not recall seeing this one in scoutshop.org. Might be a custom job?
  16. And yet, when you point out gaps in BSA policy like this, you get the stink eye. But, we can have an effect! I am convinced @RichardB got hold of people to make this change due to our conversations here! https://www.scouter.com/topic/33455-concerns-for-bsas-future/?tab=comments#comment-549021 And the result generated: "Cub Scout pack unit coordinated camping is limited to no more than two consecutive nights. " https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss03/#a Thanks, @RichardB!! I do wish they recognized and appreciated the brain trust we have her
  17. No... he is inactive because the den has not completed AOL, and has no definitive plan to do so. So, he (his parent really) is wanting to ditch Cub Scouts, and they are looking for a Troop. The parent (I guess after their experience with an under-performing den?) wants to make sure they avoid a similar situation, and wants to find a quality program for their son. "Try it before you buy it." The crux of the question is, why would we impose a handicap on a youth who meets the criteria to join Scouts BSA, that he would not otherwise have, simply because he is registered as a Cub
  18. Yes, our Registrar confirms they are covered by our Accident and Insurance policy, per "Scouts and guests who are being encouraged to become registered Scouts and volunteers are automatically insured while in attendance at a scheduled activity." https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss10/
  19. LOL, thanks. You see the logic trap, therefore avoid answering the question. I will appeal to Caesar, and hold hope that common sense still reigns. @qwazse, you are once again proven correct! Rule #1 (Don’t ask for a rule, you’ll live to regret it.) Not regretting it yet, but getting there 😜
  20. A youth cannot be registered in both programs. They are mutually exclusive. I looked in the Registration Guidebook, but could not find this specific prohibition. But, I do know the electronic systems do not allow this status. So, your Registrar would not do it. In implementation, yes: A youth is unable to earn the AOL once he joins Scouts, BSA.
  21. OK, so what's the difference in that Scout having "joined". Your insurance coverage was exactly the same. And you haven't really done anything to prevent exactly what you have outlined from happening again, have you? Are you saying that, once having "joined", you still do not allow a Scout to camp, until you feel comfortable that the parent has filled out the medical form correctly and sends the Scout with his meds? How do you know when you have reached that point? BTW, we require the medical form, a signed permission slip, and have that conversation with the parents in t
  22. Just curious... What do you mean by "too much liability"?? Would you specify, please?
  23. But if he was not already registered, at 11 years old, he would be OK? Can you see the incongruity in your interpretation of that policy? This youth has already met two of the three existing criteria to join. But because he is registered already, you impose only the third criterion? And... to take that to its logical extreme... because he cannot withdraw his membership, on what date would he be relieved of your policy burden, if he chooses not to finish his AOL?
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