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  1. Yes, you can over rule but you could also share what you have learned here and from other scouters and use it to revisit their decision.
  2. In my opinion the more adults you add to a PLC meeting the more likely they will add to the conversation, As SM I rarely speak unless the PLC is hung up on an issue or needs guidance. I always answer thier questions with a question to get them to make up their own minds. I am not sure how adding an ASM would help the PLC. The quickest way to adult led troop is to have 8 or 9 ASMs for a 40 person troop and allow all to guide the scouts at the PLC. Reasons to allow an ASM in a PLC: 1. It will help the ASM know how a PLC meeting is run by the SPL. 2. The SM may be away on business for a few
  3. I have worked hard to recruit in house MBs for all Eagle required badges (except swimming) so we try to keep them from taking those at MBUs. My biggest issue is that scouts will sign up and take the class then come back to me with a "blue card" to sign. No guidance, no choice of MB counselor all legit according to the rules.
  4. A trailer is a pretty simple design so I am not sure if the brand will make much difference. Here are some things to consider: Doors - how many and how do they open. We like a side and 2 back doors that swing open - not the ramp kind of door. Its easy to get what you want, easy to load etc. A ramp may be hard for scouts to open and may need clearance in back to open. Axels - the more you have the bigger the trailer which means bigger vehicles to pull. Hieght - we currently have 2 trailers The one that is 7 foot tall is easy to organize and load but not great to tow. The other tr
  5. Why not organize the supply area by patrol? ID all equipment by patrol so everything has an owner and a place? If you have a Scout QM use 1 from each troop to focus on G or B patrols. Shared gear like HA tents, pioneering supplies can be split amounst the QMS.
  6. Its better to use symbols or in our troops case colors to represent Patrols so that they can change the name of the patrol if they wish and the gear IDs will still work..
  7. Council can ban skits? I think half of our skits could be banned if you applied this kind of logic. German biker gang, scout masters brain, Hanz the german, ugliest human. I could go on and on. For sure now we are keeping the JCPenny skit.
  8. I am good with letting the scouts (boys) do this, I think appropriate attire is a stretch. The boys think its funny, it hurts no one and the scout is in his underwear for less than 3 seconds. Scouts is not coed in my area and we dont plan on this anytime soon.
  9. Thanks for all of the responses. I was more concerned about being pulled into a council meeting because I have scouts doing skits in their underwear. I have a few moms that skip asking questions to the committee and go right to council. Now that I know there are no specific rules against doing a skit in your skivvies I will let them do it. I'll buy a pair of shorts or boxers that they can use and if they go briefs thats up to the scouts.
  10. They do both - in my opinion jCPenny is funnier and I am surprised they even know what this store is. We have banned the "I have come to marry the princess" skit because I find it very boring and not funny at all.
  11. Sure that's what I used for now - but I am not a "because I said so type of guy"
  12. My Scouts have a skit called JCPenny. in the skit the first scout comes by with a nice shirt and the Boy #1 says nice shirt where did you get that and he says JCPenny, second scout comes by with and scouts # 1 says nice pants where did you get them - JCPenny. At the end of the skit a boy runs on stage in his underwear and scout number 1 says who are you - answer - I am JCPenny. Due to YP I have asked the bos not to do this skit anymore or at least use gym shorts instead of underwear. They have asked to see the specific rule, page number where BSA does not permit this. - Can anyone help?
  13. Its hard to encourage Hornaday projects when you live in urban areas - less available advisors for sure. You can also double dip with your Eagle project. A much higher achievement in my opinion is the National Outdoor Award Medal not as rare for sure but does prove that you indeed worked hard at scouting and didnt just check the boxes.
  14. wow you have 3 years left to suffer on the ground. There are lots of options - 2 hammocks with a spreader bar between worked for me. 1 giant tarp over both of us. I sleep well in a hammock. Now that my son is in a troop I sleep solo in a hammock and haul my turtle dog stand in the troop trailer. If you can find a nice cot that you can sleep on thats great too, Dont worry about hauling too much when car camping. A 3 inch memry foam topper works great for me in my camper.
  15. We have CCS tarps in 4 different colors and each patrols has their gear color coded. We set these up at every campout so the scouts can practice their knots. At the end of each campout they untie all guy lines and remove all taut line, bowline and 2 half hitches. Then the next month they tie the knots again. This allows the scouts to learn and demonstrate the practicle uses of each knot. As a side note CCS does provide a scout discount and the many tabs provided allow for many different ways to set up the dining fly.
  16. If you would discourage a scout from wearing a Hope T-shirt then you should also discourage the MAGA hats. Politics dont really need a place in scouting there are many other things to focus on. As a conservitive I bite my lip and shoo away parents from talking politics as I get enough of that from working with progressives. We have much too learn from each other outside of politics and its a lot more fun learning scout skills or just doing scouting.
  17. Here is some help on teaching compass - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yymedzg6Gxo&feature=youtu.be
  18. The best way to make this happen is to volunteer to teach it. I teach 3 classes each year on scouting skills and they are always packed. I am not sure why because these are things you should know as a scouter.
  19. This has been a problem with our troop for the last few years. Our older scouts did not have this requirement and have no idea how to teach this. Typically they (first class and above) sign off on requirements and we had a few sign off on the use of a car GPS using a street address. As SM I feel that the BSA is an outdoor program and a handheld should be used in the back country or while camping for 4b. Our solution was to have a meeting with the scouts and discuss what they felt should be taught and learned in this requirement. The consensus was to learn waypoints, lat/long, working the inter
  20. In the midwest it is hard to make backpacking a core activity. Our scouts do enjoys it but its a good 6 hour drive to get to any decent trails that allow backpack camping.
  21. Sounds like you have a passion for scouting but you should focus on the boys for now - If your son wants to go to a troop with fun activities let him, volunteer to be ASM for 2 years at your sons troop, recruit everyone of his friends out of the old troop. Just because the troop has been around for a while doesnt mean it deserves a charter. After 2 years take skills learned back to the girls troop which is the best way you can help your daughter.
  22. Venturing dropping like a rock. Our troop has doubled in the last 3 years. We focused on getting into the Weblos heads early that the boy Scouts program is awesome and then focused on doing the program the way it is said to be done. Forget about focusing on girls (or gender) - focus and program and access to webelos and we will be fine. National or Council needs to sell the value of the outdoors and scouting to parents. We need more positive publicity and relavance so where is it? Our District cant even hire a DE!
  23. I think the real questions here is "why give the SM the power to put scouts on the ballot or not, even if they meet the criteria?" it should still be merit-based, not just a blanket "no first-years allowed" rule. The SM should decide on an individual basis, not a group basis. The SM in this case can make any rule and most likely over ride his rule as needed when it is not written. In true scout spirit the SM should work with all the scouts to help them know what is expected and what guidelines he has for being on the ballot. A true leader should alway be upfront about the
  24. This is not an "arbitrary" rule - that would mean it was random or based on personal whim. SM has the power to determine to who is on the ballot - its as easy as that. The SM should know and understand what OA is and make sure that scouts are both ready and worthy. For some troops this can become an issue because the SM has bias or plays favorite but this is rare. Am I missing something? Is there a rush to be in OA at age 12? If any rule seems random then attend a committee meeting and ask for rules to be written and have the SM explain his vision of the program. Sometimes first or secon
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