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  1. My two cents - some troops are searching for any excuse to have coed or have girls lead the boys. SPLs lead thier troop not other troops. Stop trying to read into things that you want to happen. BSA is currently not coed.
  2. I teach hammock camping at our council training event every year - here is a deck that I use Hammock_101_.pdf
  3. We attend at out Co and they make a big deal that we are there and talk about the other things we do during the year. Its one of the few times I get a lot of people thanking me for what I do for scouts.
  4. When I took it we didn't open any of the supplys in my kit but we did discuss expeiration date and went through the kit and noted what was expired and what could be added to be better prepared. Our troop pays for this kind of training scout or adult and the troop should provide their first aid kit so it can be checked also. Wilderness first aid is one of the requirements for National Outdoor Award Medal so he should take a look at this to see if its something he could earn.
  5. I volunteered as an MBC because I feel boys are underserved. Nothing against girls in BSA but I would rather spend my limited time on boys.
  6. I am both SM and MBC. I signed up for a few that I just sign off on like Climbing and Cooking because either the instructor was not one or there were minor requirments that needed to be done after we came back from camp or a campout. Our scouts planned a cycling program feature and they hit many requirements so I signed up to help finish off the last few and sign their cards (only a handful of takers).
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    How many moms showed up with chainsaws?
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    This seems to be turning south - I don't think it is worth anyones time to debate the strenght of any specific gender, please stop.
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    Not really, they changed up the activity pins 4 or 5 years ago. I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish with this dad. Sounds like he didnt step up and be a scouter to all of the kids in the den but not sure if expectations were set in the begining of the year or after the den leader quit. Now he wants to has his son earn every pin and is not being accurate in siging off on some of the requirements. My advice is to send an email to all parents asking to recheck all requirements signed off are accurate - a scout is trustworthy. Then move on. Its not worth the heartbur
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    Some may see this as confrontation and are uncomfortable about this. Most of the Scouting Adventure should be done with other den members so maybe he missed that meeting and did his best to do what he could.Maybe you could say "Hey Mr Smith, Can you help me? I see you signed off on makng a patrol flag but Jimmy wasnt in the den meeting when we did this, turns out Tommy wasn't there either so do you have any tips on how to help Tommy get this signed off?
  11. 5 million more to pay off past transgressions that current Scouters didnt do. 5 million more to create marketing material to show potential scout parents the value of scouts and to encourage more boys to join.
  12. Yes, I have bent over backwards to not show any favortism to my son due to the fact that the last SM left a huge mess based on his favoritism to his 2 sons. I had to back off a few helicopter/lawnmower parents in the past 5 years and have had a few of those parents stab me in the back. I get that as SM I will be subject to unfair criticism behind my back so just trying to isolate my son. He gets criticism from fellow scouts who say he got this award or that award (example 500 mile hiking) only because he is my son and this causes him to doubt how great he really is. I do help other scou
  13. The other great thing is the price $160 and at 28oz it cant be beat.
  14. I have that same tent and it is great. Its a 1 person so understand that there is not a whole lot of room inside the screened in portion but lots of vestibule space and doors on both sides. The doors are on the sides so easier to get in and out. Going to Philmont in 2020 and cant wait to try it out in NM.
  15. We did just change Eagle Coordinators and the comittee does not focus on building any written guidelines for this part of the Eagle project. EC has not responded to emails or texts but the CC has stated he wont put this on the agenda next Monday unless EC gives a thumbs up. The CC doesn't know the EC is slow to respond and most likely thinks the EC is working to help the scout fix a few things. I like the idea of my son letting the CC know hes ready to go. As SM I have learned quite a few tricks to help boys make decisions and act on them without directly telling them what and how to do
  16. "The unit committee is responsible for an approval of the proposal. It is acceptable for a troop, crew, or ship committee to designate representative(s) to act on its behalf. This is a unit decision. Neither the district nor the council may institute restrictions, such as how many committee members are to be involved"
  17. I am the SM so trying not to flex on the troop committee on rules but will if I need to. The Eagle Coordinator in our troop is slow to respond and my son only has a small window to get some of his project done. The CC says he wont review the project this month unless the Eagle Coordinator says its ready. I read what my son has written and its better than most I have seen presented at the troop committee meeting so he is good to go in my mind. I just wasnt sure on who contacts the CC that they want a review of their project. We have a great committee who mostly just provides a prod here or
  18. Who decides if a scout is ready to present his eagle project to the committee? Can the scout ask the CC and send a copy of his proposal or does he need the Eagle coordinator to review and set up the timne for committee for review? I am SM and this is my sons proposal so trying not to get involved directly.
  19. What happened to the focus on outdoors and individual accomplishments? I see family camping more as a Cub Scouts thing.
  20. OK Jenny slaps Tommys butt during a Venture crew meeting. I see no difference what the gender is.
  21. Let's relate this to scouts - If scout A slapped the butt of scout B do you call the police? Call the 1-800 of YPT? Have a discussion with both and help them come to some conclusion.
  22. Sorry but he clearly say it was a bad decision and not the right way to act. At :51 the girl admits that it is an apology. Is there a rule book or some kind of guideline that says here is exactly how to apologize to get forgiveness? We are a very diverse nation with different cultures and some people may say sorry in different ways. I get it that in your opinion he didnt go far enough or say the right words but if the world would learn to forgive it would be good for all of us.
  23. Sorry but I don't think there is any laws on how to apologize. He did apologize gave a good explaination of why it was wrong. I just think it makes you a better person when you accept someones apology and not have a specific conditions on it. Forgiving is not saying what happened was acceptable, its acknowledging that the person feels bad, learned his lesson, taught others and allowing yourself move on. Thats how you regain your power.
  24. He made a mistake and apologized. What ever happened to forgiveness? Not saying he shouldn't be punished but we all make mistakes.
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