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    parent rank pins

    When I talk about the difference between scouters and adults in my troop I highlight the fact that scouters treat each scouts as thier own. I have many adults that are there only for their scouts and they would be the type to wear a mothers pin on their uniform and then argue with other scouters about why its ok to do so. If you are SM or ASM don't show favortism or remind other scouts that thier parents don't care.
  2. We just received the forms. Looks easy enough and I am sure this will help make rechartering even less chaotic
  3. June has the wettest weather and black flies. In my experience fishing is better in July than August. August is drier so less mosquitos. What does your crew like to do? Fishing, 100 mile paddle, camp at a different place every day, moose viewing? To me its the easiest of the HA venues to "roll your own" plenty of outfitters and guidance.
  4. I wouldn't count an HOA meeting unless there was no alternative. I do think the the word attend can mean watch on-line when its not possible to be there in person.
  5. Sounds a little like you want to be the SM. If the PLC has an issue with the CoH they need to work with the SM and set expectations. If the parents have an issue with the SM they need to join the committee and set expectation of the SM. This kind of drama has no place in scouting and an honest conversation should be all thats need to make changes.
  6. I think the number of scouts and leaders all depends what the scouts are making. We make leather tripod stools that take about 6-9 hours and it would hard to have more than 10 at a time. Also I don't think its a good idea to ever focus on MB for a troop meeting, Teaching a specific skilll that might lead to an MB is good but using all the troop time to do MBs might not be the right way to help scouts grow through the MB process.
  7. Depends on where you live. In Chicago they say "if you dont like the weather just wait 5 minutes" a small cheap disposable poncho is always a good idea.
  8. Cover all bases by first contacting the MB Counselor and find out what they might have skipped. Tell angry parent that you want the best for this scout and that means getting him some experience doing communication i.e. getting a chance to run a campfire program and other speaking skills experience.
  9. I don't recall seeing this pledge before and don't remember any reference to porn in scouting. Thank you for the link.
  10. Our council cant get our act together for teaching Outdoor Ethics let alone LNT. My district reps have now ghosted me and wont respond to any of my questions regarding this type of training although they keep asking when can they come and discuss Friends of Scouting donation.
  11. Looks like Netzsmartz no longer has a scouting section to do some of the requirements (grade 6-8 #4). I wish BSA would do away with this stuff.
  12. We also have 6 month terms and do ILST the week after elections. The only time we dont do ILST is if all the PLs have been through it one or more times.
  13. This "seperation" seems to be a common occurance for our troop. As the SM gets closer to the end he tries to make sure the scouts he has worked with for many years get the Eagle MBs needed and that the older scouts get a break from the young ones. This is where the "mid" scouts need to decide what HA they want to do and how they want the troop to be run. The 12-14 year olds should forget about what the older scouts are doing and build their own adventure. The SM and ASM should be fully supportive and help the mid scouts start taking ownership of the troop.
  14. Didn't know dodgeball was prohibited. I'll add this to my list of things we thumb our nose at.
  15. if you are thrifty you can make a stool for $30 -35. The tri-bolt is $9, birch legs from HD are $6, leather $10, extras (stain for leather, stain for legs, needles, sinew, tracing paper, latex gloves, sponges etc) $10
  16. I provide a yearly Leatherworking "workshop" for the letherworking MB for my troop. We only make 1 item which is a leather stool. This takes between 6 and 9 hours worth of work and is usually spread over 3 or 4 weekends.Heres is how we do it. Weekend 1: We go on a trip to the Tandy store 30 minutes away. They have a huge selection of everything. The scout get to see all different types of tools, hundreds of different leathers (snake, skate, lamb, goat, chrome tan, veg tan). As we are looking at different leathers we talk about how the idfferent leathers are made. I just ask questions know
  17. Not many full time in my Troop but about 25% use one for lounging at summer camp. Here in the midwest most youth campsites are cleared and flat so not many choices to hang from. Its a crap shoot if there are any trees so I use my turtledog stand half of the time.
  18. I have been hammocking for in scouts for 10 years now and teach safe hammocking at the Council training expo. From my research there is no good evidence or study that shows using a strap to hang your hammock causes damage to the tree. I have camped many places where trees are used many times for hammocks and no damage - Sea Base Munson Island being one, Boundary Waters, SHT and Isle Royale. I agree adding hammocks would spread sites out and having a mix of tents and hammocks causes some issues when choosing the camp site. Dealing with scouts that bring hammocks but are not prepared (TQ,
  19. We do it a bit different than others. I have list of 50 places and possible activities (backpacking Porcupine MTS, Backpacking SHT, Rafting Wolf River, Canoing Wisconsin river, Canoeing Fox river, Shooting Elgin etc..) I print out 1 page for each of the 50. Each page contains a description of activity, a link to some site and location. Each of the 40 scouts are required to either choose one of the 50 and add more detail, choose one of the 50 and modify activicty/location or bring their own idea. Each scout then does a 3- minute 2-3 slide presentation on where, what, when and why the troop
  20. The only reason I would have ASM assign to a patrol would be in an age based patrol and then only for the first months. In our troop the ASMs are given specific responsibilities - one is our adult QM who helps the QM purchase items (adults have credit cards). He also will help the QM set a goal for his 6 month term and to set goals per month. He then reviews those goals on a monthly basis. The other ASM helps with the logistics of the camping program when the committee has not provided what is needed and he also is my backup when I am not present. Both help keeping new parents
  21. All scouting is local and it difficult to know whats best in this situation. Allowing the PLC to make every decision can be a little difficult. If the PLC decides elections should be every 3 years, every month etc there mayy be more chaos than usual. In the OPs case I think its good he made changes based on others past experience and now should meet with the PLC to help them understand and to listen to any objections they have to the length of terms. My first week as SM the PLC voted to not wear uniforms (ever), changed the day we met and to only play dodgeball during our weekly meetings
  22. This would be a good discussion at your district round table (if you have one). I often will google the place I think would be good for the scouts to explore and add the word "troop" to the search. Most of the time other troops have done the same trip in the past (no need to recreate the wheel) I then hunt down someone from that troop for advice. Works about 50% of the time Looks like Parsons HA base may have some answers for you - https://www.seattlebsa.org/scouts-bsa-camping/42-scouts-bsa-camping-cat/67-pacific-northwest-high-adventure. Looks like Troop 27, 166, 15 and 493 might know a
  23. I think if you made the term length change for the right reasons and had others agree then this is what you tell the scout and his parents. Just getting out of NYLT is a good reason to be a PL again before running as SPL. Also tell the scout your are looking forward to him running for SPL in 6 months.
  24. Sounds like you are on the right track - good luck. The pain will only last a year or so but it will be worth it.
  25. My 2 cents - SM should not be involved with determining requirements for any MB for a specific scout. However scouts should not be cooking for adults, adults are not patrol members although could be part of a crew. You own the program and you should be able to determine who is in which patrol when needed.Make yourself the leader of the adults patrol so you can deny this type of MB requirement bending - The new -to-be SM and you need to sit down and have a discussion on your vison vs his. Does he have one, is he willing to put in the work, what makes sense for the scouts you or him.
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