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  1. I had some committe members (married couple) ask me (SM) to provide a list of each scout skill we would learn at each weekly meeting and cross reference this to a T-1 requirements matrix - for efficiency sake so their son could make 1st class first year, the dad signed up for 10 Eagle Merit badges and started to counsel his own son. But I digress, there is still value in doing the Patrol Method (especially cooking). Troops need to keep trying to make it work and give scouts the opportunity to learn in small groups by doing, failing and succeeding. Giving them checklists outside of the usu
  2. With that description the patrol is a relic of the past. The death of activities like pick up games has drastically reduced the number of young leaders that can lead a group to fullfill an idea about an activity. It still happens but most likely not as much as in the past. To me this is why scouts is so important and why it gives scouts and advantage over non-scouts. Providing the opportunity to lead a group to do some type of activity is better than not even realising that skill is valuable. Some troop do patrols really well and do have patrol campouts and patrol hikes frequently. We sti
  3. Interesting opinion. In my area the patrol method is alive and kicking. I do my best to make friends with other SMs and have sat in on quite a few of their troop meetings and can say each one does scouting different but they all used the patrol method. The troop meeting format is meant to be somewhat flexible and not dictate how you teach in your troop, We interpret the group breakout as a patrol breakout. We gather as a troop for 10 minutes, then partol does hands on teaching, then inter patrol competition using the skils you learned (this fits perfect in the format).
  4. An updated SM award? What does it look like? I am currently at 10 knots and put them on sequentially starting with AOL. I am going to stick with 3 rows of 3 for now.
  5. I spent last week at Sea Base doing the outisland excursion. This is a week long trip and 5 of those days are on Munson Island (30 miles from Key West). Here are my notes and observations in case someone is looking for more info. - Be prepared they will test you on swimming ability - They didnt seem to be concerned with BMI based on some of the rather large men that were on the island. - The war canoe holds 9 people with the mate riding on the back of the canoe steering. - The canoe paddle is 6 miles and is much easier with 16 year olds vs 13year olds. It tooks us about 2 h
  6. I am sorry this happened to your son. I do find it odd for an SPL to bully his own ASPL. In our troop using the guidence of BSA the SPL chooses his ASPL with the help of SM. The SM is doing the right thing and make sure he shares his findings with the CC.
  7. I switched from using the guide to using powerpoint and have had more success. Make it fun, have lots of breaks, use slides only as a framework to tell the story or the point you are trying to make. In the beginning I used 2 or 3 adults but have done this enough years to have the scouts do most of the training. The "who is your potato" and paper airplane making are the best of the games. Don't use every game every time, switch it up so it does not get stale. Additional games - Say what I say, do the oppisite of what I do, balloons with responsibilities written on them, . We go o
  8. Everything? like Nova, recruiter, emergency prep, interpreter?
  9. I have yet to see good results from a 1st year scout program and they seem to teach the same things we do in our weekly program. We highly encourage scouts to take Swimming and FA their first year and the other 2 or 3 is based on interest. This allows them to complete requirements in 2nd and 1st class. Advancment is one of the methods and it should be encouraged but not dictated.
  10. We don't know the context of this troop - a 13 year old Star trying to run a full Patrol Method Cooking summer camp that has 5 patrols is not a good way to learn how to be an SPL unless this troop is really adult run.
  11. Well - does the troop need him to have a good summer camp? Being helpful at all times might mean helping the troop first in his mind. I always have an issue with people who accept inferences. Just ask - is this a problem? Being an SM is hard and communication is not always as simple as it seems. As SM I too would like my older scouts to help the troop during summer camp vs being on staff for the big picture but on an individual growth aspect I would do I can to help get them a role on staff that they wanted.
  12. A few years back I had a chance to talk to one my 13yo scouts about switching from Patrol Method cooking to dining hall and here was his replay - No way should we switch! Patrol Method cooking for a whole week teaches accountibilty and team work way better than a weekend camp out. - Why? - Because when we do a weekend campout someone in charge of cleanig a pot on a Saturday can easily just shove that pot into the patrol box and no one will know who didnt clean when it comes out of the box the following month. When we have a full week to do cooking everyone knows who is pulling t
  13. No your are not. Our troop is patrol method cooking only. We were disappointed that most choices for summer camp were dining hall but we have learn to demand our right to bring our own food. This works in most states around us except for Michigan where their are health laws against this. We asked the scouts to vote on dining vs patrol method cook. votes was 43 to 1 for patrol method. The one vote for for dining ahll was from the laziest scout I have ever met.
  14. Tick Key is scout friendly and will give you a bulk rate if you ask. They can also stamp your logo or troop number on it for a smallish set-up fee.
  15. one option - Tell the SM you want to throw a retirement party for him - next month, Tell him how much you appreciate his time with the boys and invite all alum scouts that are still around and make sure it happens. Call a committee meeting 2 weeks prior and dont invite him, make plans and start the new role after month +1 day.
  16. We dont allow the scouts to have phones in camp, they stay in the car. Before we go to camp the SPl talks about the no phone policy and always mentions one of the reason why is because we don't want first years calling home. So even if the older scouts sneak a phone they know not to share it. I am really good at getting first year scouts to rat out scouits with phones, it only works the first year though
  17. This is what I do as SM. My son is now a Life Scout and I do plan on doing his Scout Master Conference for Eagle although with one of my ASMs.
  18. No adult leader should ever instruct a Scout or a Scout Patrol if there is a competent boy leader available. Many adults don’t mind this too much because they really aren’t teachers at heart. The problem comes when they decide what the scouts need to learn or want to jump in at the end of the session and fill in what the boy leaders “forgot”. No way. The Scouts move on from instructional sessions to other activities without the adults “helping”. As Scoutmaster I am responsible for the quality of instruction, but I am more interested in Scouts doing the instructing than the instructing being p
  19. As SM this is your program to run. Start by asking other adult leaders if it would make sense to run the troop by the book, the way BSA describes. Forget about the details, at a high level scouting has a framework and get them convinced that this framework works for any troop that uses it. Once convinced make changes based on BSA guidelines and best practices ant disagreements can be settled using what the book says. -Be prepared to lose some older scouts -Understand that you will make mistakes -Thick skin is recommended - Its your vision that the troop follows, get advice
  20. OldScout448 - You are in the wrong troop. If this is the only troop available you need to step in and move them back to the patrol method.
  21. Did the BSA provide any information on how much it cost to make the changes to allow girls enter Boy Scouts? Just curious on the return of investment and if there is any correlation between $ spent and scouts the number of new scouts. My prediction is slow growth for girl troops maybe adding 1 to 3 girls per year although that will put some into the double digits. My hope is that in 3 years they can grow to have enough scouts for 2 Patrols and an SPL.
  22. There have been boys that have planned and made it through to First Class in record time so no doubt a girl who mayor may not be driven to be "First" can do this also. If the girl troops are smaller there are more opportunities to get requirements signed of like first class 2e - On one campout, serve as cook. Supervise your assistant(s) in using a stove or building a cooking fire. Prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned in First Class requirement 2a. Supervise the cleanup. If everyone in your Patrol is trying to 2e signed off and you have 8 in your patrol it may take 6 mont
  23. I don't think this rule is meant for PLC meetings, the SM is only needed so why do I need 2 leaders? There is always other adults within hearing distance so I'll break the rule that I need 2 leaders.In fact I usually excuse myself from the meeting after the first 10 minutes and come back at the end to get the details. The scouts run the troop - so let them. Sorry I am a bit of a rebel you should follow the rules.
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