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  1. This has happened to us, and we've done it to others. We've lost Scouts to a nearby troop for several reasons: friends in the troop, they are more active, and they meet on a better night for the scouts in question. We have also gained Scouts fo similar reasons, we are more active than their current troop, they have friends in the troop, etc. My troop leadership's stance is that we don't care where they go as long as they are happy. Our concern is when they drop out of Scouting altogether.
  2. SP, I hate to say it, but we have done that. The SM, before he became SM, was invited to be on the district advancement committee. Attended only one meeting, and never showed up again. Explanation was he got promoted at work, and no longer had the time. Asked others and they said they don't have the time or want the job. It's almost as if all they focus on is getting their sons to Eagle.
  3. Old, Only 2 troops do not attend RT; the troop in question, and the LDS troop. And I discovered the LDS troop has started sending someone to RT the past 2 months. As for why they don't atttend, for this troop, it is because "we (unit leaders) don't have time to attend another meeting every month." Yep that was the reply they gave folks on Facebook. They do use FB, and when it was suggested we put the info on FB they said that it was a good idea. And they are still active on FB as that is where they commented on the district politics. In regards to training, the SM and ASM Specif
  4. When I did CSDC, I had three questions. 1) What were 3 things you liked about day camp? 2) What were three things you did not like about day camp? 3) What are 3 things you would like to see done next year at day camp?
  5. 'Gripper, Yes, the district can't make them do anything. One the boy scout side of things, my district does very well getting the info out to the troops. That info is given out at RTs that they don't attend. We even post info on a district Facebook page. But they complain about not getting information. One of the comments by the SM that chapped my hide related to training. He said that a leaders shouldn't have to leave the district to get the training when they want it. And if there isn't enough staff to provide training when leaders want it, we should hire trainers to come in and do
  6. May be this needs to be spun off, so mods if you feel this needs to be done, please do so. How do you get a unit INVOLVED with the district? You know from other threads the situation with one of the troops in my district, specifically the my Cub Scout pack's troop. They do not attend roundtables, do not attend district and council camporees, complain about the "lack of training" in the district, etc. We've tried getting district level folks to talk to them, to no avail. Had UC and acting UC (me, original UC passed away) talk to them, again to no avail. then this weekend happened.
  7. Every unit is run differently: some are laid back in attendance, some are as demanding as school extracurricular like sports and band. So the the time demands by the troop vary widely. My question is this, are there other issues going on? I know that I've seen folks have scholastic issues as a result of family trauma: divorce, illness, death, etc. Another question is this: is the negative attitude just 1 teacher or all of them? I had a teacher that I had philosophical differences with Junior year. I hated that class. Thankfully that teacher was honest enough to let our differences n
  8. Depends. On the Boy Scout side of things, RTs are well attended, only 2 troop to my knowledge that do not attend. Cub Scouts is a different matter. only 2 packs regularly attend, and that is with me emailing, posting on FB etc and announcing that we are going over all the different changes that will begin on June 1st. As for knowing what is going on, Boy Scout side is pretty well informed and get input. CS side not so much. Part of it is the fact that the CS activities chair does not attend any RTs, just hands out info to the DE. No input from any pack leaders, just by fiat. Best e
  9. As others have said, the CO owns the equipment, and can even take it away from you. I know of one CO that was dropping their troop, but wanted to keep all the troop's gear. When the troop found out what was going to happen, they practically emptied the unit's bank account and sold all their gear at dirt cheap prices to units their boys were going to. Another unit got a new IH that hated Scouting.Gave the unit their marching orders, but allowed the troop to keep their gear. Committee was thankful the IH was not involved in the program, and didn't know the extent of what the troop had, be
  10. Poor judgement of the leader, and CO should remove. But sometimes, as others have stated, things happened. On one scouting camp out, one of my friends came upon one couple that happened to be in the same area we were in. On a non-scouting event, I was walking down a trail and came upon 4 bottoms over a log.
  11. Yep, EVERYONE HAS A HEALTH FORM (all emphasis) is from national. No health form, no weekend activities. A few ideas. 1) Have Parts A and B, the parts that do not need a physician to sign and are valid for up to 72 hours, filled out when recharter is due.My Cub Scout Pack does that. 2) One month prior to summer camp, everyone going has to turn in a current Part C, the one the MD, DO, PA, or RNP must fill out. 3) use an accordion style folder, place everyone in alphabetical order, and SEAL IT. Bring on every activity 4) Make sure folks with epi-pens tell folks about them
  12. Stosh, There are a bunch of different requirements that are supposed to be met in order for a campground to be approved by the council for camping. Yep the council is suppose to pre-approve camps that Cubs can use.List can be found in the B.A.L.O.O. syllabus. Having shower and bathing facilities is one of the requirements, but I know of a camp that has neither, but is still used for Cubs. Port-o-potties are used to meet the bathroom requirement, and a solar shower was purchased for meeting that requirement. But the shower isn't used. Don't know about your neck of the woods, but that
  13. One idea in my neck of the woods that has never been followed through: a Backpacking/Mobile Camporee. Basically everyone starts at one location and stays overnight. Next morning, everyone is given an azimuth to shoot, then go to that location with all their gear. At the spot they do the event, shot a 2nd azimuth and repeat. eventually all end up at the main camp.
  14. Qwaz, As I said, "I personally... BUT ...'never ask an adult what you can ask a scout." And as you well know, I have been wrong before . As for the SPL, very rough around the edges, and needs some mentoring like all first time SPLs, but otherwise doing well. Training went well, but sometimes I do think it went in one ear, and out the other. As for being asked to run a camporee, I could see him staffing one in 2-3 years. And thinking about it, I know I would love the challenge as a Scout. But considering what I've seen him do at the troop lock in, as well as hearing about wh
  15. In regards to the scouts running the event, I personally would not do that as I would stick with adults running the events. My rationale for that is the camporee is FOR THEM (emphasis, not shouting,) and I think t would be more fun for them to participate than staff. BUT, as BP once said, "never ask an adult what you can ask a scout." So I'd ask the OA chapter their thoughts. Some ideas if the OA said it's a great idea and wants to follow through. 1) Get the OA on board ASAP. They are probably your largest group of scouts at one time. 2) Get the SPLs together ASAP to s
  16. ImaChristian13, If your son is having concerns and is interested in visiting another troop, DO SO!!!!! (caps and! for emphasis, not shouting). The troop I originally wanted my son to join had a change in leadership prior to us joining. Hearing the stuff that was going on from Scouts leaving the troop, from parents of those scouts, as well as from posted messages, I had grave concerns about the unit. Luckily 2 things happened to dissuade oldest from joining 1) camp out with them was a complete mess up that turned him off and 2) he found out the had been cancelling camp outs. We went elsewh
  17. I heard about the fake bugles that you push a button and it plays Taps, but never heard one until last Memorial Day. You can tell the difference big time..
  18. Some things I've received, given out, and seen given as gifts: Specific editions of the BSHB . My original BSHB got ripped in two and went for a swim. One of my Eagles, pre-internet, tracked down a copy and gave it to me. BEST. PRESENT.EVER! Scrapbook of photos. Cheap, Walmart photo album with photos through the years. Wasn't even filled up completely. Norman Rockwell print. 1910 ed. of the BSHB Challenge Coin. Dutch oven. The SM was really big into Dutch oven cooking and, the scout got a hold of one for his collection Gift card to Applebees. Some don't
  19. Folks, I just got a copy of the new SM specific training syllabus. For those who may know, my question is: WHY NOW? (caps for emphasis) We all know that changes are coming ot the Boy Scout program in 2016/17, so why come up with a new syllabus now? For the most part the content is OK, short but good, but I ask the question because one section, Advancement, will need to be changed when the new requirements come out next year. Wouldn't it make better sense to wait a year?
  20. Eagle90, I', sorry to hear about the loss of camps, but don't blame the Cubs. Blame who is coming up with these ridiculous standards that are causing camps to be closed: national.
  21. OldScout, Try this link: http://nocbay.com/learningcircle/index.asp Look down try numbers 56 through 58
  22. Stosh, Actually with my boys, it was SWMBO that was insistent initially with them going with her. Now she is good to go. Heck last Cub Camp out she made the comment, "You and me are in camp giving out [Halloween] candy. The boys are somewhere in camp. They know where we are." The only problem I had with a Webelos doing a 50 miler with the Boy Scouts (way back in the day and day was a leader) was that after that trip, the weekend trips and summer camps were boring after that trip. He dropped out of the troop he joined, but did eventually join the law enforcement Explorer post.
  23. One thing to remember, Cub Scout camping is FAMILY camping (emphasis, not shouting). Yep Cubs should be able to handle it. But the pre-Cub age youth may be an issue. I know the wife took my boys in the bathrooms with her when they were not Cubs. On a different note, is BWCA still or running water? If' it's still water, and the Cubs pass a swim test, good to go. If running water, NOPE!
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