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  1. I would wait until they move up in June to buy anything since everything Cub Scout changes to the new program June 1st. Or at the very earliest wait until May 1st when all the new, indepth information comes out, including books. Hopefully national learned from the fiasco that was the Centennial Uniform. I do not know if they are keeping the Tri-colors or not. But currently Webelos can wear the activity pins on the hat. BUT again that may change June 1st.
  2. What were the parents thinking? Are they out of their minds? Sorry but the parents were flat out wrong, and you have every reason to be ticked off.
  3. Yep, YPT is to protect both the youth AND adults. I know of one situation where a very experienced and good leader lost her membership because of an accusation. Long story short, she caught a "scout" being a peeping Tom by the ladies' showers after hours. When he was confronted by folks about it, he accused her of making a pass. Since it was a "He said, she said" case, national took his word over hers.
  4. Fred, I not only agree with you, but would expand it some. Depending upon the unit's leadership you are asked to serve as commissioner for, if you served with the leadership in ANY (emphasis) unit level capacity, it may take years to serve with them as a UC. You know the situation with me and my CO's troop when I was their acting UC. I was not a leader with that troop, but knew all of the current leadership via the CO's pack. Whenever I tried to help out or offer advice, I was told, "that's not how we do things in the troop," "Scouting has to change with the times," "you don't know
  5. Sent, I am so sorry to hear that. I know how much influence a former leader can have, for good or evil.
  6. "High Adventure" doesn't require paying someone to plan, organize and guide. If the scouts (patrols or crews) have been doing scouting adventure by planning and organizing, then doing so for the next level of high adventure is the next logical step. True, but sometimes the guides can be FUN! When I did the Canadian trip, we had a Canadian Scout troop provide us guides. We had a lot of fun, and a few years later, I was able to return the favor and be a guide for them. It saddens me that scouting has moved from scouts making their own gear, finding places to camp, and organizing t
  7. While it is possible, I would not recommend it. Sometimes folks need an "expert," i.e. someone not in the unit, to get advice from.
  8. There are local council HA bases you can go to. PAMLICO SEA BASE outside Washington, NC is one that focuses on sailing and kayaking. And there are many others. Also you can always have your troop plan their own HA trip. Appalachian Trail is popular in my neck of the woods, but also look at canoe treks and sailing cruises. As a Boy Scout, I did a 64 mile canoe trek in the Canadian wilderness. As a Sea Scout, I did a week long cruise with my ship. More work is involved in planning it, but they are cheaper.
  9. 'Gipper, I feel for ya. I actually lost a TIGER (emphasis) becasue the pack didn't camp enough for the family ( 3x/year). I know my troop did a "wilderness survival" type campout for Webelos needing an overniter to introduce them to the troop. What started out as an accident, all of our gear being destroyed and finding out the night before the overnighter, became a tradition as the WEBELOS ATE IT UP! (emphasis, ok maybe a little shouting with glee ) When I suggested that a troop do that with the incoming Webelos, one of the CS mom's freaked out and said there is no way the Webelos co
  10. By any chance, is that author William Hillcourt? I know he wrote a few non-BSA books on the topic.
  11. Mike, I saw a similar situation in HS with the JROTC unit. School wanted the school colors used during for certain events during the school year. So the color guard was expanded to 5 people instead of the usual 4. 2 rifle bearers, US Flag, USMC flag, and school flag. And with my CS pack, we've had a situation where the pack flag's stand is MIA ( that's a different story for a different time). So we uses the CO's church flag in place of the pack flag. Hopefully the troop will eventually return our stand to the pack.
  12. Let me tell you about the differences between Cub Scout camping and Boy Scout camping Seriously, as others have said Cub Scout camping is designed more for families that do not camp or do very little. Object is to get them comfortable in the outdoors and HAVE FUN! ( and yes I am screaming HAVE FUN! ) It may get a little more 'adventorous" as a Webelos as he will be preparing for Boy Scouts. The fun in the outdoors really starts as a Boy Scout when they do thinggs on your own without adults meddling about. And you can do stuff on your own. We have one dad and lad who are
  13. THANK YOU EVERYONE, the comments and recommendations have been very helpful and needed.. One update as an FYI. My son's first camp out as SPL was suppose to be tomorrow. He started feeling sick this afternoon and has a low grade fever. So he missed out on a cooking competition tonight, and will be missing the camp out tomorrow. I remember the last time a sick kid went camping and infected the entire camp! Anyway, we were talking, and he feels bad about missing out, like he is letting down his troop. I told him I would contact the SM for him, and not to worry about it. We talked some
  14. Don't know. Ebay may be a source for everything together. What my son's troop did was go to the dollar store and get plastic plates and cups. We don't have the old mess kits either, but they adapted.
  15. In my 30+ years in Scouting, 1've only met 1 Varsity Scout, and he was going to jambo in 2010.
  16. If I may offer some perspective? Now I am going assume, and you know what can happen when you assume , that JP has been a leader in Scouting no earlier than 1989 as that is when the concept of an NSP, one big AOL Ceremony (although many packs were doing it that way, it wasn't intended to from my readings), and the concept of First Class, First Year ( or OPERATION FIRST CLASS as it was called) all came about in BSA literature. So for many folks, the way JP states is the only way they know. Not saying that is correct, and I am not saying it is not. More on that in a bit. Now I am
  17. Calico, I hear ya. That's why once he did his first PLC, I dropped the matter. I also told him that I am very proud he got elected, and also jealous as I was never SPL of my troop, only the JLT troop. That put a smile on his face. He likes to one up the old man As for the ASPL, one of the reasons why I like the former SPL who is up for ASPL or TG is because he will offer suggestions, and then follow and support the SPL's decision. Saw this several times on trips and summer camp. He knows what it is like to be thrown into a POR ( when the troop first got restarted, he was first the
  18. Stosh, By balance and adult led, I think I need to clarify. Balance refers to me doing my job as his dad by showing him how to do things, helping him, and allowing him to be successful, BUT also doing my job as a leader and not helping him too much and actually doing things for him. I want him to do things on his own and the help and advice I give him not be considered commands from dad.That is my biggest fear, him thinking any advice I give him are commands. As you can imagine, in working with youth on the Scout level, I've never dealt with my own son before. Never had had to d
  19. Ken, Yes, both of us. But son is still a little nervous about doing so. Something he needs to work on. The challenge with the SM, and one he readily admits, is that someone younger, with more energy and time, needs to be SM. Also we need some ASMs who can commit more time. Currently every ASM, save one, is also involved in Cub Scouts. And the one who is not is involved in shift work, so he cannot get off to help every single meeting. So he is a bit overwhelmed first trying to get the troop running, then keeping it going. Quazse, ISLT is one thing that wasn't planned. And it
  20. OK, I need some help and advice to make sure I'm not going off base. My son's troop just had unit elections. As you know they are a young troop, so there were no rank and/or expereince requirements for SPL. I do not think the scout elected SPL should have been elected since A) he hasn't been in the troop a year yet, B) Is only a Tenderfoot, and C) has only 6 months as PL of the new scout patrol. Yes, my son got elected SPL on the second ballot. Long story short, the adult leadership is stretched thin, and training hasn't really been done. This is recognized and the goal is to send 2
  21. Interesting question. While for a very brief period it the late 1980s to early 1990s it was OK to wear OA sashes at COHs and other formal occasions, if i can find my OAHB from the time I'll post the relevant pages, prior to that time and currently it is not. OA sashes for OA events or doing OA duties, i.e. camp promotions, unit elections, etc. What may be an idea to spark interest in the OA, as well as get folks pumped up for summer camp, is to have the local OA chapter or lodge do a summer camp promotion at the COH. And if anyone is eligible for the OA do the election, and possibly
  22. As I have mentioned elsewhere, my pack does the AOL and Cross Over Ceremonies in December. Why that early? For a variety of reasons. 1) Since we have an active year round program, most Webelos IIs are waiting on the "Be active in your Webelos den for at least six months since completing the fourth grade (or for at least six months since becoming 10 years old), and earn the Webelos badge. " in order to earn the award, i.e. 6 months from June 1st is December 1st. 2)And since our Cubs are chomping at the bit to become Boy Scouts, as soon as they meet the joining requirements: "Meet the
  23. This is my interpretation of the topic of CS Advancement. If you read the pack and meeting den planning book, as you do the meetings, the Cubs automatically get whatever bead they have earned at the end of the meeting. For example after this weeks meeting, if i was going by the book I would have awarded the 2 Tigers beads they earned that nite. Then you record it on the den advancement report to give to the advancment person in the pack. No need to sign off in the book.
  24. If the cases I'm familiar with are the norm, it will backfire on the parents. In one case the Life Scout only needed to do his service project as he had everything else done, and would have enough time to earn several palms. Incentive was driver's license and car.
  25. For several reasons, my pack now crosses over in December. Reasons include the following: 1) December 1 is the earliest they can cross over with the 6 months since completing 4th grade requirement. 2) Because we do have an active Webelos program, and do year round activities, they are chomping at the bit to become Boy Scouts. 3) We recharter in January, so by Crossing Over in December, we avoid recharter headaches 4) Most troops are preparing for summer camp in the Jan-Feb time frame, and we want those new Scouts to be able to go to summer camp. 5) It gives the new scouts, and mo
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