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  1. SM2, 1) WELCOME TO DA FORUMS! 2) I provided links to two uniform links, the Inspection Sheets and current uniform price guide below. 3) I am going to assume that he went with the current issue, tan and green Webelos uniform option. What needs to be done is the following A) He will need a new, green Boy Scout hat. B) He will need new green shoulder loops C) He will need a new Boy Scout green belt. D) He will need a Boy Scout Handbook E) He will need new green on tan numbers F) Depending upon the troop, he will either be issued or need t
  2. Fehler, Are the campouts something the packs can do on their own? I haven't read all of the requirements yet. ALSO I do know that for those units that cannot camp, specifically LDS packs but maybe a few others, the information being given to RT commissioners is that Troops can do day activities that do the camping activitities, i.e. campfire, cooking, etc. instead. Also said that family camping would meet the requirements too. So I'm assuming, and you know what can happen when you AsUMe , that that option will be available for everyone.
  3. Blue and Gold should be in February as thatis Scout Anniversary Month. But I know some units push it back to March since December is essentially a loss with Christmas holidays. Biggest concern the leaders at my RT is Crossover in the December through March timeframe. According to the literature out so far, You cannot start on AOL badge until after June 1st prior to 5th grade. All of our packs start working on AOL requirements simoultaneosly with the Webelos badge. And as soon as they finish Webelos badge, they then work on AOL exclusively. So we have Cub Scouts crossing over to Boy Scout
  4. http://www.scouting.org/Home/programupdates.aspx These are the biggest changes to theCub Scout program in over 40 years, and probably longer. In a nutshell All ranks will require 7 "Adventures" that consist of 2 den meetings, 1 activity, and a pack meeting to get recognized. Each adventure will be either a belt loop (T-W-B) or Pin ( Webelos). The Webelos badge is no longer required for AOL. Some requirements for the adventures working with other dens, visiting a pack committee meeting, etc. More outdoor activities including Camping.
  5. I know in August 1982, Tiger Cubs became a BSA program for 2nd graders. 3rd grade or 8 years old was when Cub Scout began. Wolf in 3rd, Bear in 4th, and Webelos in 5th. That's why some religious programs have 1 religious award for Tiger and Wolves, and one for Bears and Webelos.
  6. Just out of curiousity, what happens if a group wins the lottery, but then backs out? Is there a waiting list? Like I mentioned previously, we have a troop that won the Sea Base lottery, and when it was announced on their facebook page, it appeared as if this was the first time the parents of the Scouts heard about it. The leader is know for doing spur of the moment things, and some have speculated that his troop signing up for Sea Base is one of them. Especially since he was trying to sign up for Philmont with another troop in the district the month before. I know that these activit
  7. One of the issues I've encountered is that summer camp is a "bonding time" that allows acceptance of the younger scouts more easily than if they didn't attend. In my expereince, not only did the guys in my den who went to camp come back way ahead of me advancement wise, but more importantly were accepted by the rest of the troop. By not going through that experience, I had some challenges with my patrol and troop. I did quit. Thankfully I eventually found another troop to be in. I've seen the same thing happen,especially in NSPs where folks are coming from different dens and/or packs
  8. It will take approximately 7 months to earn AOL in the new program. 1 "adventure" is 2 den meetings, a "Go See It," and a Pack Meeting. Hence 1 month. Grant you every pack does things differently. In my neck of the woods, Round Ups are not finished until mid to late October. grant you at Webelos it doesn't affect ya as much, but Tigers and Wolves, most definitely. And December is a wash because of Christmas holidays. Now my pack and others tend not to meet on school is not in session, i.e. holidays and teacher workdays. While Holidays are unerstadnable, the work days tend to be the same
  9. Somewhere I read in the materials out, sorry I cannot find them at the moment, is that 4th graders can only work on the Webelos badge requirements. Once they finish 4th grade, or June 1st, THEN they can work on AOL requirements. Whereas now as soon as they finish Webelos badge, they can work on AOL. So if you cannot work on AOL until June 1st, and the pack doesn't really meet until September, then you are looking at a May Crossover. We've found that the Webelos are chomping at the bit to be Boy Scouts in December. It also gives them, and I've found the parents, more time to get to know th
  10. '90, I'd call them. They may not have done the lottery yet after all. That same SM said he made reservations for summer camp this year, and when I went to the camp's leader's meeting, they were not listed.
  11. Agree with you 110% In regards to day camp, to use a saying from my old home council camp, "she was pulling stuff out of the magic sphincter." Day Camp had lots of issues under her. A very large portion of them went away when she was removed. In regards to other events, what saves her is that they are sponsored events by local organizations. She is responsible for organizing the event and some supplies like ribbons, trophies etc. The civic organization supply the manpower and other supplies like the ramp or track. The events are good, but some of problems happen over and over again
  12. BLW, Of the four packs I'm familiar with ( mine, and three friends') all of them will continue to use the current program for the current 4th grade Webelos. Some of the reasons given are the following 1. Doesn't make sense for the boys and their parents to buy new books that tehy will only use for a few months 2. Doesn't make sense to have them redo some activities they already done because of the way the new requirements are written. 3. For 2 packs, they do not want to do anything that may disrupt their scheduled December Crossover date. And the new program looks like it w
  13. SSScout, I may be one of the few folks who is for the merger. We are already sharing a DD with the 2 districts, but maintaining our own district. None of the three districts have received the support we use to have because of conflicting schedules, priorities, etc. that the professionals have with juggling 3 districts. i know as a DE back itneh day, dealing with just my district was a challenge. I can't imagine how our DD does it. I think consolidating would be beneficial. But before I commit, I want as much information as possible. But in all honesty I think the compromise solutio
  14. Did you get in? I know one troop in our council that got in, but from the response I'm seeing from the SM's announcement that they got a spot, seems as if no one in the troop knew he was even applying.
  15. Some background on why there is talk of merging. 1) Council is facing economic difficulties like everyone in today's economy. 2 years ago there was talk about redistricting since we downsized on the number of Pros. However there was stiff resistance to that. As a compromise they reduced the number of pros, but kept the same number of districts. A Dist. Director and DE are suppose to cover 3 districts. However, It is a lot of stress on the pros as you can imagine, and we have been running through DEs. Right now my DD is responsible for all 3 districts as he has no DE working with him at th
  16. I see we have a lot of folks looking, but no one posting. While I was trying to get others opinions and experiences first, I'll go ahead and start this conversation from my point of view on the Cub Scout side of things. I post the Boy Scout side once I'm done. YOUR THOUGHTS PLEASE! (and the caps are me begging for mercy and getting your thoughts and expereinces. ) Pro-Merger In the district, all Cub Scout activities except Day Camp and Webeloree are run by one person. And she tends to run people who want to help off. “New†district Cub Scout leadership will m
  17. Attending district committee meeting last night, I was informed that I was going to be one placed on a sub committee to look at the district merging with 2 others. I have seen the writing on the wall for over a year now, this isn't the first time it's come up, but it is the first time that they are actively looking into it and getting folks together to see if it is feasible or not. I am looking for your expereinces, both positive and negative in regards to merging. All aspects: logistics, social, morale, activities, infighting, etc. A few things. 1) I know each and every situati
  18. Rick, You are so correct in that there are over 500 different Native American cultures. And each has their own beliefs, customs, etc. Sorry if I generalized. I know better. Also please bear with me if I use poor wording below. I am not rying to denigrate or lessen the significance of anything. It's just my brain is frozen form all the snow and I can't think properly at the moment. Originally I learned from the Houma of SE Louisiana, but the concept of gifts has been reinfoced here is NC with the Haliwa-Saponi, Lumbee, etc. One of my theories, and again this is my theory based u
  19. I was taught the gift is a sign of respect and it's good manners to do. I was told pipe tobacco is the best gift as there are religious and purification uses for it. Sweetgrass is another item that is good to get, but harder to get. Alcohol is a no-no, but other drinks and food are OK.
  20. JS, 1) WELCOME TO DA FORUMS! (And yes, that is me screaming at ya in a welcoming manner.) 2) The use of Native American culture in Scouting goes back to the very beginnings of the Scouting Movement in 1907, and some would say even before with Burnhill's influence on B-P, Seton's Woodcraft Indians, etc. 3) The perception of Scouting within the Native American community varies from individual to individual. I've met folks who had reservations about Boy Scouts and their use of Native American culture, and I have had others rejoice and gladly shared with us. See post # 76 for info
  21. CNY, I have to ditto what Stosh said. I can speak with first hand expereince that if the guy takes over, it will be a train wreck. The troop will lose boys, and wither and die. I found out SM of the troop with my pack's CO was stepping down when he asked me to be SM. I had Wolf and two wannabe Cubs and declined. While I do have some regrets, and yes I do get angry with myself at times for not doing becoming SM, I know it was best for me and my family. The new SM is exactly like the ASM you have described. They have lost Scouts to other troops or dropping altogether. They did no
  22. 1) WELCOME TO DA FORUMS! ( a little late but, better late than never). 2) Before your Scouts pick patrols, I suggest they look at SCOUTSTUFF.ORG ( National Supply Division), http://www.patchtown.com/patrolpatches.aspx ( Patch Town), https://www2.advantageemblem.com/Home/Store.aspx (Advantage Emblem and Screen Printing), http://www.classb.com/bsa/patrolgear/ (Class B), and http://www.boyscoutstore.com/patches/custom-patrol-patches ( Boy Scout Store). 3) If they don't see anything they like, they can get custom made patches. They just need to provide the artwork. But that route
  23. One thing that may be affecting the number of new Crossovers is that they may not have the cold weather gear needed to camp. I know my son's troop gets their new Scouts from the Pack in December. Their first weekend activity is in January, and it is a lock in. We drive to a nearby climbing wall, spend time climbing, and then do other activities when we come back. Last year it was First Aid. This year it was ILST. Oh, and the requisite goofing off time. One thing that isn't done on a formal basis, but does get talke about informally is gear.
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