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  1. Debbie 821, As others have pointed out the Guide to Safe Scouting does allow patrols to do day activities without any leaders, or 1 leader present. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34416.pdf There are a few instances, such as patrol activities, when the presence of adult leaders is not required and adult leadership may be limited to training and guidance of the patrol leadership. With the proper training, guidance, and approval by the troop leaders, the patrol can conduct day hikes and service projects. This exact same passage is found twice in the GTSS on pages 2 and
  2. '99, Not everyone has internet service as fast as you do. Heck I know of a pack whose CM doesn't even own a computer! As a district level volunteer, I liked UVTS, WOSM's MoP, and other record keeping programs. But now that I have to use UVTS, and SCOUTNET, I have major issues with the network and programs they are using. Heck I'm still waiting for SCOUTNET to transfer membership and training records between councils like it was promised to us back in 1998!
  3. To BP's defense a bit, BSA did de-emphasise the "OUTING in ScOUTING" with 1972's Improved Scouting Program. From 1972 - 1979 you could earn Eagle without a single night of camping. IMHO, today we are seeing some of the repurcussions of that era. I know of at least one troop that has leaders who earned Eagle during that era, and they rarely camp. Another piece of the de-emphasis of the outdoors is the fact that you only need to do 4 camp outs a year to get Bronze level JTE. On the concept of STEM Scouts and why some are upset. BSA is really big on "branding." BSA went after the B
  4. Yep, a patrol's day activities do not need adults. And yes if there is an adult, only 1 would be needed since there would not be "one-on-one" contact. Wife was concerned that she would need to stay home with me since son is having a patrol meeting at my house. Not needed since A) it's a patrol day activity ( meeting) and no adults are needed and B) there won't be any one-on-one contact anyway.
  5. TAHAWK, There are so many problem with Common Core, that many school districts, and some states, are doing away with it. The math examples I've read are so out there, that folks with math and engineering degrees have issues with it. Read on about my history comments. Pack, I couldn't read the entire link as it was to painful and aggrevating. First and foremost, I hate group work in a school setting. Some folks in the group do all the work, while others sit in the background. Other times, directions and goals are given out, only to find out that folks go off on tangents that have
  6. My thoughts. 1) have the PLs or buddies talk to the ones who missed. We had a few who did not like to camp, and they did drop. We have one who is highly allergic to peanuts and he has very protective parents. We have one whose mom said no camping in cold weather. And we got a few who can only camp when dad has custody. And we have one extremely bizarre situation where oldest brother can go only if ex-step dad is not camping, and younger half-brother can only camp when dad has custody. 2) Scheduling. I know growing up, my troop had to deal with 14 different school calendars. No joke,
  7. Good grief, I am so glad I homeschool. As a one time historian, I can tell you that is not how I was taught to read and understand historical documents. Nor did I teach my college students that either. You needed to know the time, events, etc to understand the document.
  8. For me, this is Learning for Life under a different name. Me personally, they need to get rid of the "Scouts" in STEM Scouts and there is no OUT inthe program, only classrooms and labs.
  9. I have a hard enough time doing the commissioner UVTS inputs. SCOUTNET is a pain to use, and I have high speed internet. I live in a rural area, and I remember it taking 4+ hours to download the online YPT due to connectivity. So I know we have units not logging in their service. Heck we have units not doing internet advancement still.
  10. Make sure you don't get the jac shirt wet. While wool will keep you warm when wet, it bleeds. One of my uniform shirts has pink spots from when I was in the rain with the jac shirt on.
  11. In the troop I'm talking about, all of the scouts save one are First Class through Life. They have one Tenderfoot. Also to go along with #5 above. 5A) All the youth positions are appointed by the SM. Reason being to give everyone a chance at a POR.
  12. Exactly! One of the reasons they are losing scouts. From talking to scouts who have left; 1) Meetings feel like school. 2) For those who have the MB already, boredom, misbehavior, or playing basketball are the options. 3) Focus is soley on the "older" scouts: working MBs and getting Eagle. The new Scouts are not learning the basic T-2-1 skills. 4) Not enough camping and fun. 5) Adults doing the work (which is really sad since they sent 2 Scouts to NYLT who came back fired up and ready to go, only to have the SM and adults shut them down) One of their scouts transerred and got
  13. Peri, Alas, the troop in question is getting the parents registered as MBCs and they are doing MBs as their only program. Most camp outs they do now are MB weekends. One scout that transferred to us said the campout with us in which the scouts did trailblazing and goofing off was the best camp out ever. I can't wait to see him on one of our water weekends. Now that we got 2 trailer hitch equipped vehicles, SM can bring sailboat, and the other driver can bring the canoes. edited: reminds me of a Cub Scout pack with the leaders doing all the work
  14. Peri, Sorry about preaching to ya. The entire "meetings = MB sessions" idea is hitting me personally. As you know, one of the troops in my neck of the woods is doing just that. While the boys in the troop are advancing rapidly, the troop is losing Scouts left and right . Way it looks to me, troop won't be around in 5 years, if not sooner.
  15. Peri, A lot of folks, when the phrase "merit badges sessions at meetings," or however you want to phrase it, think completeing the entire MB at the end of X number of meetings. The Troop Program Features, or as some old fogeys will slip in at times "Woods Wisdom," focuses on skills rather than completing the MB. Can a MB be earned with a little extra effort, yep. I know when we did canoeing back in May for the trip, we covered requirements 2-12 either at the lake in training, and/or on the trip iteself. For those who want the MB, requirements 1 and 13 remain. Again the idea is to
  16. BLW, One of the biggest differences between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts is the program. Cub Scouts has advancement oriented meeting now , whereas Boy Scouts is not so much. While some MB requirements can be met during some meetings, that is not the objective. What happens is that the PLC picks 12 topics they want to do during the year. Sometimes info can be found here http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34425.pdf, other times they make their own. I admit the only MB we ever taught was canoeing, and that was in preparation for a weekend canoe trip. Meetings were at the local la
  17. Not Girl Scouts, but with American Heritage Girls and now Frontier Girls. I know of a pack that had an AHG troop that did camp with them as alot of the Cubs also had sisters in AHG. With AHG no longer associating with BSA, that AHG troop became a Frontier Girls troop.
  18. My thoughts: 1) While STEM does have a place in Scouting, "OUTING is three-fourths of ScOUTING." (William "Green Bar Bill" Hillcourt) if there is no "outing" it aint Scouting. 1a) Maybe the STEM push is for national to learn some math and get the quote correct in the BSHB;) 2) Folks at national need to remember the mistakes of the 1972 Improved Scouting Program that took the "OUTING out of ScOUTING." Because BSA took the emphasis off of the outdoors, membership dropped drastically. 2a) Could it be that all the Eagles from the 1970s that didn't go camping are a reason why tr
  19. Wanted to add a few things as I was under time restraints. 1) Had to practically beg them to invite Webelos to camp with them 3 years ago. Thankfully one of the ASMs had a son in my den and they finally did get invited. But then I had to do it again last year, trying to get another den invited to camp with them. Another troop invited those Webelos because the CO's troop waited until a week before the event to invite them to join them. 2) I mentioned how they invited my son's den to a meeting a month before they were to cross over. My son and I didn't go as my mother-in-law was in th
  20. BLW, I feel for you. I'm a Cub Scout leader with one CO, and a Boy Scout leader with a different CO. I talk about the troops activities, and have invited Webelos to one of my troop's events. I know of at least 2 Webelos who will be crossing over to us next year. My question is this, what has your CO's troop done with your pack? I feel bad for the CO as they do support Scouting. I do not want to see their troop die. Heck I helped train the original Boy Scout leaders, worked with their scouts, and it was because of the troop that I brought my oldest to the pack to visit first. But
  21. You got all kinds of advice from us, but what does your son want? If your son wants to stick it out, and fight to keep the troop alive, then by all means go for it. Is it hard? yep. Is it worth it? Maybe. If your son wants to move, then do it. I was in a similar situation in. Son made the decision, and I've been happy ever since.
  22. 2Cub, If they were camping, and stated they were not coming to camporee, I would not have a problem. But this is the troop that said they were coming, picked events to run, and then decided not to attend without letting anyone running the event know that they were not coming and to find someone else to run their event. They also have cancelled one camp out, which was council camporee, less than 24 hours before it started. The 2 folks who transferred into my troop both cited the lack of camping as one of reasons for leaving. Now in regards to training, I agree with you. I even made
  23. In regards to uniforms and service projects, don't get me wrong as I am pro uniform. BUT some service projects the uniform is not appropriate wear. Best example I can give was the reforestation project one of my friends did. It was in a swamp.
  24. As Qwazse said, have your troop's leaders pick his brain.
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