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  1. I want to apologize for my snarky comment. I had just read a FB post stating that 18-20 year old ASMs serve no purpose in a troop. I am sick an tired of folks denigrating young adults, and I took out my frustration on you. Regarding the brain and development until age 25. Something that appears to be conveniently forgotten is that is that lifelong learners and folks starting new professions, basically anyone still learning stuff, has the same brain scan patterns as those under 25. If I can find the study's report, hopefully on PubMed Central, I will post the link. Unfortunately I no longer have access to the medical databases since I left the hosptial.
  2. I think you meant ASM. JASM is a youth POR for 16-17 year old Scouts. Once they are 18, they are an adult, and an ASM. And yes, they usually carry a lot more weight in the younger Scouts eyes than us old fogeys.
  3. Especially with all the changes that occurred in June 2015 and December 2016. Cub Scouts is a completely different program now.
  4. I hope they still plan on having a wilderness area for Scouts.
  5. Just wait. I see locker cubicles coming in the future.
  6. None whatsoever. Instead of people with experience in the program they either look for warm bodies who get promoted, or folks with academic credentials. When I worked for national supply, my boss started off as a warm body, a sales clerk, and gradually moved up to manager. But the boss has 0 field experience in the program. When she hired me to be part of a trial program, it was because I had experience in the field and working summer camp. Every single proposal she questioned because she had no idea how summer camp operates. When I tried to explain why I suggested things, I was ignored. Best examples include shutting down the trading post during night time activities when no one shops and closing the trading post after the last camper left instead the scheduled staff departure. Try to explain the staff leave after the last campers do. This went on for two summers, until she was selected to work jamboree staff. She freaked out at the "long hours" she had to work, but had to remind her that she had the summer camp trading post open for longer hours, and that using sales stats, we could have cut 1/4 of the hours and still worked over 40 hours. As for academic credentials, I have been told that a national training director had 0 field experience, but a PhD in educational leadership. While there are a lot of good PhDs out there, there are also a lot of PhDs who have no real world experience, and their theories are not viable in the real world.
  7. For the moment I am in. Middle Son is Life and Youngest is Second Class, and wants to be an Eagle after seeing Oldest Son's court of honor. Plus my Scouts need me., especially since we are a small troop and every active adult is needed. BUT, "always in motion, the future is." . IF BSA becomes "Family Scouting," we are gone. The last troop I was in turned into that, and it caused major problems that you can read about if your wish. Both sons involved in that troop were seriously affected by "Family Scouting," and I will not put the older two through that experience, nor have the youngest go through it. My family comes first. And I do not want my Scouts to have to deal with it. We had 1 Scout transfer over. The SM talked to me after my sons and their friend's SM Conferences, asking about the situation in the old troop, was it really as bad as they described it. And I said yes. "Family Scouting" is NOT Scouting.
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-18/boy-scouts-aim-to-settle-95-000-abuse-claims-before-cash-crunch?utm_source=google&utm_medium=bd&cmpId=google
  9. There is info out there. SCOUT'S HONOR by Patrick Boyle is one book. It is from 1994. so it is "old," but it covers the time period the lawsuit is coming from. That is the one I remember of the top of my head. I wish I had all my stuff from undergrad, cause I did a paper on this topic. Sadly the stuff I kept got thrown away after Katrina.
  10. My thoughts. #1 Looks like Kosnoff is vying to take over as lead attorney against the BSA in this case, and he will get his wish for the complete dissolution of the BSA. #2 Regarding the name change, I do not know. I do know we need change at the National Office. Kosnoff is right, BSA did not handle the bankruptcy process correctly IMHO. #3 Corporate donors are gone and will not be coming back. They have moved on, and the current negative publicity would hurt them, even with a name change. #4 I think BSA has been looking at family camping since before allowing girls, hence the term "Family Scouting" when they allowed girls to join, and the push to create family camping programs. This would be a tremendous loss to BP's vision, and everything thousands of Scouters have worked towards over the past century: developing youth physically, mentally, and morally. I have seen first hand the problems "Family Scouting" can cause, and left a troop over the matter. If "Family Scouting" is the future, then like @Sentinel947 , I too will be out. I have fought too hard to preserve Scouting as I had experienced it as a youth. I will not allow my sons to suffer from 'Family Scouting" any longer and will leave if this become the norm. I have dealt with national ignoring volunteers in the field. I have dealt with the loss of the true Patrol Method. I will not deal with the death of true Scouting as envisioned by BP, expanded upon by "Green Bar Bill," and practiced in the rest of the world. if you compare the experiences of foreign Scouts to BSA's Scouts, it is a vast difference.
  11. If memory serves, some time in the 1970s, National agreed to take responsibility for councils liability insurance in exchange for councils paying into the insurance fund. Just as national promised to protect COs, they also promised to protect councils.
  12. Actually what I find sad and deeply ironic is that the only legal way to protect youth the BSA had time before mandatory reporting laws, the Ineligible Volunteer Files, is now being used to show they knew abuse was prevalent and should have been reported using todays legal standards, and not he legal standards of the time.
  13. From the article and doing the math, the 93 year old suing the BSA was abused sometime between 1936 when he was 9 years old and 1944 when he was 18. That is over 80 years ago. Folk involved are long dead, including the parents who would have made the decision to press charges or not. And from my research many parents chose not to.
  14. If I seem pessimistic about this topic, it is because I have seen a lot of fudging over the years in multiple councils. And it seems as if National turns a blind eye to the matter until forced to look. Does R. Holmes and Greater AL Council ring a bell? From experience and talking to pros over the years, DE WILL be pressured to short cut the process and get those units and numbers. Doing things the correct way does indeed work. But you may only get 1 new unit a year out of it. And most SEs and DFSs want more. You may have a few councils, and it sounds like yours is one of them, that may do the right thing. BUT that can change, SEs and DFSs set the tone. As the folks in those roles change, so do the methods. After I left the profession, my SE was replaced a year later. New SE, cleaned up the membership mess. It stayed clean for a while, but eventually a new SE came aboard. I agree it is poor Senior Management. But they are the ones setting the tone, and because most Senior management pros are in a council 3-5 years, they believe the problems they have caused will be someone else's problems to solve. As for council boards, well al lot of them are "yes men." And there are ways to hide the fudging from the exec board, unless they are also involved on the unit/district level. As for unethical salesmen getting fired and ethical salesmen getting promoted, sadly I do not see that happening. I see the unethical ones getting promoted, and the ethical ones leaving, or getting lateral transfers to other councils. And the councils they move to tend to be smaller, no chance of promotion, councils. Best example I know if is the DFS of a metro council who found some issues, and corrected them. As a DFS, he supervised 2 FDs, and 14 DEs. He was "promoted" to SE of a 3 county council with 1 FD and 3 DEs.
  15. While it is not dumb to encourage strategies to increase membership, setting quotas is because it WILL (emphasis) lead some professionals to cut corners, have creative membership numbers, ghost units, ad nauseum. You will have some unscrupulous pros who will do whatever it takes to meet these quotas. I hate to be pessimistic, but have seen it as a volunteer and as a professional. It does happen.
  16. Sadly the professional overreach is real in my area. When I was a DE. my SE and DFS were telling me I needed to get rid of folks because they did not toe the line with them. I told them we needed the best people for the job, even if they didn't agree 110%, and that some of their ideas I thought were valid ones. That also did not go well. In the 17 years i have been back in my old district, only 1 SE did not push volunteers out of the way. When he left, a lot of folks got sidelined because they disagreed with the pros. Others got so frustrated with the overreach, they resigned from district/council PORs, although they may have been kept on the council books in those PORs. I stepped down from all district duties except MBC due to pro overreach. I was still listed on the district charter in the POR that I stepped down from for 3 years. And I was not the only one who stepped down. We lost a district commissioner, several district chairmen (I think it was 3 in a 18 month period. I remember 1 lasted 3 months), and several district committee members. One guy, a camporee chief, got so ticked off with the pros interfering, he quit and told them to run it. They did nothing. Only a group of SMs getting together to come up with a fun weekend did the camporee continue, and with no support from council.
  17. I know all to well. Reason for not fixing core issues is variety of issues. First and foremost it takes too long. Creating a program takes several years. Majority of pros only care about the here and now due to the pressure to meet goals. Plus more and more Pros have little to no experience in the Movement. They have no idea what Scouting is suppose to be like. Heck, I found out that Pros are no longer required to do any program training, i.e. DL, CM, Pack Committee (Cub Scout Basic Leader in my day), SM Specific and IOLS (SM Fundamentals in my day), or Venturing Leader Specific ( Exploring Leader Basic in my day). That leads me to the second issue: lack of program experience among professionals. Let's face it, the majority of DEs are fresh out of college, desperate for a job, and have no experience in Scouting. In my PDL-1 class of 80, when we broke out into those with Scouting experience and those without, about 16 of us had experience. 3 months later, at the All Hands Conference that every single professional had to attend, between 25% and 30% of my PDL Class remained. Out of the number 3 of us with Scouting experience remained. And don't get me started on the national level. While in some areas folks with outside experience are needed, IT immediately comes to mind, other areas like program and training, we need folks with experience in movement. PhDs are nice, but they are theory based, not reality based. trust me, I work with a bunch of them. Third, it takes a lot of volunteers to do the job, and you got to get all of them unified in the vision to fix the problems. Recruiting the right people takes time. Gathering their ideas on the problems and coming up with unified vision takes a lot of time, debating, planning, and organizing. Especially with the problems we have. It is not just one issue, but many. Sadly pros will hyperfocus on one issue, and ignore everything else. If folks try to bring up the other issues, or try to discuss different solutions, they get removed from their positions, and replaced by 'Yes Men." Fourth, folks who have been doing it their way will resist any change. Unless councils and national are willing to get tough, and potentially lose units, these folks will continue with their weak programs. Worse, if enough complain National will cave in to their demands. Anyone remember when the June 2015 Cub Scout Program got revamped in December 2016 without any prior warning, including to those on the 411 committee that came up with the 2015 changes? Anyone remember how the 411 committee's January 2016 to July 2017 First Class Rank requirements that 6 camp outs needed to be First Class, which was downgraded to 4 camp outs in August 2017? All because the 411 committee's changes were too hard. Five, pros, especially National, ignores the volunteers. The 411 committee above is one example. It takes about 3 years to fully implement change. The 411 committee got a lot of input from those in the field because I am told many were still involved in the field. I know my contact on the 411 Commitee was still involved in Cub Scouts at the local and council levels. They came up with a program that actually improved the quality of the program. The units i am familiar with that attended the RTs prior to implementation, and actually planned accordingly had some challenges, but to be expected. In fact my sons' pack refused to implement the December 2016 program changes immediately because they had already planned their year out to May, and were not going to create havoc by changing midyear. And don't forget the Instapalm survey where 94% of the polled were against (18%) or strongly against (76%) instapalms. Just as volunteers have been ignored by national, the boots on the ground see this for what it is, realize it is a joke, and will follow national's example: ingoring it.
  18. Didn't National give out recruitment goals back in the 1980s and 1990s and some pro came up with "creative ways" of meeting those goals? The powers that be do not appear to have a clue what is going on.
  19. Well I found my answer in the GUIDE TO ADVANCMENT, and of course it is doublespeak. Page 16 has the answer, and the doublespeak is bolded If a new or revised rank or Eagle Palm requirement is introduced in a reprinting of the Scouts BSA Handbook after the annual release of the Scouts BSA Requirements book, then the Scout has until the following December 31 to decide what to do. The Scout may continue—or begin work—using the old requirements, or may switch to—or begin work—using the new requirements. Any Scout who chooses to use the old requirements may continue using them until the rank has been completed. Sometimes, however—especially for more significant changes—the Scouts BSA Handbook, the Scouts BSA Requirements book, or official communications from the National Council may set forth a different procedure that must be used and may establish a date by when use of the old requirements must cease. Gotta love it.
  20. My concern is the 5 month transition period. Most advancement changes, except for the Cub Scout December 2016 which were made easier than the June 2015 changes, have had a 1 year phase in, not a 5 month phase in. Depending upon the requirements, especially if their is a 90 day period involved, this will affect many Scouts, especially those girls who are on the Eagle extension.
  21. For the most part you are right, rule changes are minor. But the October 1, 2018 changes effectively killed the Patrol Method in everything but name. No more patrol meetings when the Scouts are available, but the adults are not. No more day activities like hikes, fishing, grocery shopping, etc without adults. And 18 to 20 year olds no longer count towards 2 deep. That has affected many troops. National acknowledge this fact by changing the implementation date from March 2018, 'Effective Immediately" to October 2018, several months AFTER summer camp and HA base season. I had a conversation with one unit locally that this rule is hurting the troop. They relied heavily on the Patrol Method, having patrols do service projects and other activities on their own, They also relied on the 18-20 year olds for 2 deep since many of the ASMs have health issues. They may have gotten one 21+ adult, and would have three to five 18-20 years olds camping. Between COVID and the new rule, their camping program has taken a hit.
  22. Scouts definitely need consistency, otherwise it will be a challenge, especially for the older ones. Having the right person as SM is must because the SM is the one that leads the troop culture. And a radical shift in culture will cause major problems. I have seen units with smooth transitions. One unit's transition was so smooth, the Scouts did not realize the SM had stepped down for family and health reasons. Wasn't discovered until planning for a court of honor which would have the formal announcement. But I have also seen very rough transitions because the new SM changed the culture. In the worst case the troop folded within 2 years because the old SM was the troop, and it was very much led by him. In another case the new SM turned the troop into Webelos 3, and the older Scouts either transferred to other troops, earned Eagle and quit, or quit.
  23. There are several things relating to BSA's rules that drive volunteers nuts. First and foremost there is no one place find them all. Multiple publications cover different aspects of Scouting, and contradictions abound. Over the years, I have posted examples of these contradictions in BSA publications. Best example was when YPT2 came out, and a month later new YP rules went into effect, contradicting the new training. Another problem is BSA changes the rules on an extremely irregular basis, and the word gets out months after the fact, unless it is a big deal and it gets on social media. Best example is the Tiger Cubs no longer being allowed to do shooting sports. That rule came out a few months back in May, before Cub Scout Day Camp season, and no one knew about it. Even NCS certified shooting sports directors, the ones who train folks to run CS shooting sports activities, didn't know about it. When it got posted on Facebook in September/October, several months after it went into affect, there was so much protest that BSA that National had to rescind it. Another issue is that national does not allow a transition period, making the rules mandatory immediately. Look at the original announcement regarding 18 year old's no longer counting towards 2 Deep, no more Patrol meetings without 2 registered adults over 21, etc. That announcement came out in March, and stated it was to go into effect immediately. Only protests from units, and councils, saying it would affect summer camp and HA base attendance, did National put in a transition period.
  24. By any chance LDS? I know the LDS church use to appoint Scouters. And they averaged about that long. 1 year, the local LDS troop went through 3 SMs.
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