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  1. acco40: We're currently doing it on a case-by-case basis. Problem is case-by-case is adding up to 30% of the boys on a trip. OGE: We already plan to do that. We have a Junior Leader meeting tonight. You are right that it'll be real interesting to see what they come up with as both groups are covered.
  2. Our Troop seems to be developing a problem with families who seem to think BSA should come second to everything else. What I mean by that is we have situations where boys arrive late to camping trips because of sports practices, leave for a period in the middle due to games and leave early on Sunday morning due to sports, church or other activities. At our last camping trip 30% of the boys left early Sunday morning leaving the remaining 2/3 to handle all the cleanup. We've tried having boys who leave early do cleanup the night before but that doesn't work well as we need most of the equipment
  3. About a month or so ago I found a website that listed the history of the minimum time required by BSA requirements to achieve the Eagle rank. Silly me didn't save the link and now I can't find it again. Does anyone know what the website is?
  4. Can the Troop Committee Chair also serve as an ASM? We have an ASM in our troop who we'd really like to have in the CC role some time in the future but neither he nor myself (the Scoutmaster) want to lose him as an ASM.
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