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  1. I assumed the fundraising forms were to show a basic accounting for the income and expenses of the project. This is in my view, for accountability, so a Scout learns to show that donations are used properly and recorded properly. You don't want a Scout accidentally or intentionally pocketing cash donations -- so those should be recorded and noted in a way that shows that the Scout can handle donations responsibly and has a sense of integrity regarding financial management.
  2. I don't think I've met any mansplainers in Scouting that I remember. I have met a couple big-talkers, who make themselves look very important by giving very detailed descriptions of the work they do and how important it is, and whose way of doing thing is of course, the only possible right way to do anything. Two separate examples -- giving long talks at meetings repeatedly how they handle every detail of and every single moving part, telling all the stories of every detail of their recent accomplishments, and generally taking up most of the air during meetings. In another case, a Troop
  3. Oooh, mansplaining! It exists. I think it's fairly rare though. https://www.bustle.com/articles/136319-6-subtle-forms-of-mansplaining-that-women-encounter-each-day Here's the first Google hit for mansplaining in the news. Short story -- man at dance club is creepy to women and they get him kicked out. To me this is mostly a case of natural consequences -- men who are socially inept don't get many dance partners. I don't think this story is about mansplaining at all. In old fashioned terms if a man is being too difficult, frisky, or rough with the dance club's female member
  4. This was your training in California, right? I'm midwestern and I don't want to pick on your state too much, but California sometimes gets a reputation for being a little ... special.
  5. I haven't spoken with boys on this matter yet because --- we currently do not have any plans to add girl dens. I am curious to see what our CO advises. If they endorse girl dens, then I think we should explore how to organize things. But boys will have boy dens, and that is their space. I think we can minimize the impact to them while welcoming girls. Pack meetings? I'm not sure. It will be interesting to see what people think and feel about it. ETA: I am also not sure if any girls or girl volunteers are going to show up, so I don't think I need to get the boys' all worked up ov
  6. It's going to be up to the adult troop leadership to help show boys with doubts that scouting is still great and there are great opportunities for them in Scouting.
  7. I've heard a lot of the phrase, "not my President" and this has a similar feeling with some of the reactions -- "not my BSA"??? As if either group has much of a choice in the result. I disagree on the interpretation of the message -- adding girl dens and troops does not equal telling the boys to get lost. Though there may be some rogue troops doing coed, that's not what has been shared from national. No.
  8. I think the hard thing is proving that a change is a bad change. Who decides what is good change and what is bad change and the measurement criteria? There are a lot of opinions out there. Since this change is just beginning, it's impossible to know yet if it will be "good" or "bad".
  9. Would you tell the 2% of girls to get lost? How do you think that would work out for you and for the BSA?
  10. It's possible but unlikely. The girls might not show up. That's going to be the most interesting thing to watch.
  11. OK, talk to your Scoutmaster then, and ask him for a connection to an Eagle Coach. This is part of the process. For the fundraising, as I understand it (and I am only on the fringes of hearing about Eagle projects, not much experience) I believe you are supposed to keep a log of all donors, so -- to the best of your ability, you should make a record of all your cash contributions that have been made. Lastly, I don't think you can skip any of the paperwork -- take a look at your whole Eagle packet, read the instructions very carefully, twice -- and make sure you are covering all of the spe
  12. I am certain that it's not only women who are helicopter parents, there are male helicopters too, and you all probably know at least a few. I certainly know a few.
  13. While I agree that inexperienced Scout leaders are a potentially large problem, there is not a lot of difference between an inexperienced male and female Scouter. In fact, we could argue whether an inexperienced male or female Scouter would pay closer attention to the training.
  14. Correct. I understand. And I suspect that when national talks about Family Camping, they are referring to CUB Scouts, because that's where the program is currently launching.
  15. In Cub Scouts, family camping is great. It's a lot of fun for the younger kids. Our council offers scout only camps and family weekend camps, and it's nice to have that variety.
  16. @Pselb don't jump the gun, there may still be all-boy camp opportunities. We need to wait and see how this shakes out, and there are many, many camps -- they might take different approaches. I think there will be all-boy options available, and they'll likely be very popular.
  17. I think we're in a place where we need to figure out the best ways to work with the program. The change is made, now we get to work on making the best of the situation.
  18. Turning girls away is a concern, and I think that districts should prepare to support troops and packs who will be faced with having interested girls, but no actual girls program yet. I think it would be great if districts would develop some girls program resources, a girls program chairperson or other go-to-person who can help interested girls connect with other interested girls and join up with Scouting if their most local troops and packs are not up to speed with the girls program yet. My pack is sponsored by an elementary school PTO. There is another elementary school nearby.
  19. Adding a wetsuit and prescription goggles helped my oldest with his swimming so much.  He did great at his last swim lesson. Thanks to Amazon.com for their selection, pricing and quick delivery.  I was able to outfit him for under $50 - a good deal and convenient to find the items we needed. 

  20. It's Arrow of Light, Building a Better World, 6C. We did 6A when I was an AOL den leader. There is an annual Jamboree on the air in October, but the date didn't work for our group. I'd talk to member @Cambridgeskip or maybe some other international Scouters here for connections. Good luck! https://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Webelos_Scout_Adventures#Arrow_of_Light_Required_Adventures
  21. Go talk to your Eagle coach and council folks and ask for their help to fix the issue. This is a good lesson, mistakes are made all the time in life, you just address the problem and go get it fixed. Great project -- best wishes!
  22. They're leaving it to the locals to work out the specifics, and, I expect there will be some trial and error.
  23. Only if we assume that an organized scout camp is superior to the boys planning their own fun. I am not sure that it is. And I think the BSA will be sensitive to helping boy only troops have access to resources. But that's just a guess. I don't know how it's all going to play out. One of the troops near me is opting out of summer camp this year to work on hiking and they chose a beautiful state park to visit instead. I bet they'll have a wonderful time.
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