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  1. FaithfulScouter

    Scout Dishonesty During an Eagle Project

    The project was a renovation of an exterior structure and the Scout was to speak to an Assistant Scout Master who is a builder. The Scout tried to set up a time with the ASM but did not follow up when the initial time was not within the ASM's schedule.
  2. FaithfulScouter

    Scout Dishonesty During an Eagle Project

    Does the Charter Organization rep have to be involved in this? It was suggested that the rep has to sign off on any Committee decision regarding the situation.
  3. FaithfulScouter

    Scout Dishonesty During an Eagle Project

    Should the Committee invite the Scout to speak to them about the situation and explain his actions? Keep in mind, not only did he lie, he also jeopardized other people's safety. Does the Committee decide on any potential consequences? Should the SM or Committee Members reconconvene with the parents and the Scout to discuss consequences? Can the Troop bar the Scout's confrontational parent from attending Troop functions? What should happen to the money that was already raised for the initial project?
  4. Our Troop Committee recently learned that one of our Scouts lied to the Committee while presenting an update on his Eagle Scout project. The Scout was asked if a specific person had reviewed the proposal and photos and the Scout said he had, and that he had discussed other aspects of the project with him too. Upon later review, structural and safety issues were revealed. The project has now been suspended and the Scout will have to start over with another one. Time is not a concern because he is a young teenager. District Advancement and Council has been involved, although it would seem not to the CC or AC's satisfaction. Further complicating the issue is that one of the Scout's parents has escalated the issue with near physical confrontations with the SM and members of the Committee. As a Troop Committee, how should we move forward?
  5. FaithfulScouter

    Committee Members for BORs

    My understanding is that the Unit has a responsibility to implement training at a meeting, in addition to individual and family work on it. If the Unit has not, should the individual Scout be held responsible, or have his advancement postponed?
  6. FaithfulScouter

    Committee Members for BORs

    Unfortunately it is not my responsibility as a Committee member to decide the size of the overall Committee. It is clear that we have a knowledge gap with these two individuals, and yet they are the ones reviewing our boys (and providing inaccurate information).
  7. FaithfulScouter

    Committee Members for BORs

    We have 20+ registered Committee Members, but there is a core group of 6-8 people who attend all monthly meetings, make decisions, etc.
  8. FaithfulScouter

    Committee Members for BORs

    Our Troop Committee has approximately 20 members, not all active. Our Advancement Coordinator has been in the role for at least a year. When it is time for a BOR, it is always the Advancement Coordinator, the CC, and one other member who do them. I had expressed concern because I thought we should rotate Committee members for training purposes, and to enrich the experience for all. However, when the emails are sent to request Committee participants the very same people always respond first. Hmmmm... Our AC is not very knowledgeable, and our CC is very new and inexperienced. Our CC has relayed incorrect information during a BOR, threatening to add requirements. At a recent Committee Meeting the AC made sure to mention that the boys coming up for review had to have their Cyber Chip, but she had no idea how they were to do it, or that she was responsible for the renewals. How do your Troops usually handle choosing or requesting Committee Members for BORs?