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  1. We lost 10 Scouts at the Troop level - 25% of membership. The Troop is heavy on the older boys, 8 of whom are either working on their Eagle project (or very close to it) or we would have lost more.
  2. You absolutely should report it. Games of chance are not allowed. If we expect the Scouts to follow the rules, then Troop leadership should too. Good luck with the new Troop. It amazes me how they are all run differently, and I hope it's a good experience for your Scout.
  3. What can you say about this Scout's character other than these accusations? Was this out of left field? I would postpone the EBOR for as long as possible. We had an Eagle candidate who was caught vaping at a Troop meeting. Another Scout had told his parents and they called the Scoutmaster. This Eagle candidate was a bully. There is no other way to describe him. He had been involved in incidents with racist, anti-Semitic behavior. He often brought large knives to meetings, totally unnecessary for the activity or task at hand, and would menace certain Scouts. Complaints were made to
  4. Yes, it is about money. I cannot say that I am surprised about the number of claims. I have escalated some serious issues to District AND Council and they were overlooked. One in particular came back to bite them in the ass. Had they taken action when I brought it up they could have avoided a serious situation and avoided hurting a Scout, his family, and some truly wonderful volunteers. I had a Scout reveal in his EBOR that two Scouts in his Troop with developmental issues were being bullied. Was there any follow up? Of course not. I had a Scoutmaster with a drunk driving convicti
  5. In my experience, Scoutmasters quit because: 1. Their child(ren) have aged out 2. They can no longer take the conflict from fellow volunteers. 3. The low level of volunteerism causes them to be overworked. 4. The Scouts' parents are batshit crazy. I was also told recently by a District person that other parents think it is 'creepy' when a volunteer stays in the Troop when they no longer have children in it.
  6. In my experience, the many pleas for volunteers in the Troop went unanswered. The long term Unit Commissioner had been absent, and didn't see any possible areas of concern because the Scoutmaster was 'one of my guys'. In reality, the Unit was a mess. Purportedly 'boy run' but the limited number of adults did everything. The patrols and PLC were in name only. And training? What training? Why bother when we've been doing it like this 'for years'? Who has the luxury of succession planning when you can barely keep a Unit above water? So of course you give adults guilt and ultimatums
  7. Moot point? Is it a moot point for the Scout who worked for years to complete this required merit badge? Is it a moot point for the Council, who advised the Scoutmaster/Merit Badge Counselor that in their opinion, the requirements completed were acceptable? Is it a moot point for the District Advancement Committee, who also advised the Scoutmaster/Merit Badge Counselor that the requirements completed were acceptable? Is it acceptable that a supposed 'trusted adult leader' has lied to a Scout and now refuses to answer the young man? A global pandemic requires flexibility in order to
  8. Sadly the Charter Org has known about the deterioration in program for more than a year, however no one would step up to take the Scoutmaster position. The complaints were escalated to the CC, COR, and IH, so the correct procedure was followed. As of this week the Unit is being dissolved and the Scoutmaster still will not respond to the Scout about his partial. What a 'LEADER'...
  9. As a merit badge counselor myself I find it very upsetting. This merit badge counselor is very experienced and dedicated. This made me wonder what I would do if someone reported me to District & Council when I was just following the guidelines?
  10. I have a Scout that reached out to another counselor to complete a merit badge because his original counselor, his Scoutmaster, has been completely checked out. (My words, not his.) The Scout had the Scoutmaster's permission in writing, but was taken aback when he asked the Scoutmaster to provide a blue card for his partial. He refused, because he didn't approve of the way the counselor helped him complete the OTHER requirements. This other counselor is a very involved Scouter with a Council level position. The District Advancement Committee sided with the merit badge counselor and not the
  11. SSScout yes, the fundraising plan should be part of the approved project plan and it's one of my concerns with booking a fund raiser far too early.
  12. Qwase - when you refer to District sign off you do you mean the proposal or fund raising application? Our District Advancement Chair signs fundraising applications on behalf of the Council.
  13. So you wouldn't allow fund raising dates to be booked until after both the proposal and fund raising application have been signed? Congratulations to your son on his project! Yes, asking volunteers to work in oppressive heat isn't easy. Good luck to him.
  14. With the Scouts home since mid-March there has been an increase in the number of projects both within our Troop and District. They have had a lot of free time! Unfortunately none of the projects are for the Charter Org.
  15. The Scouts are raising anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending upon the project. My true concern is being fair. We have more than one Eagle Coach in the Troop and I want them to be able to say to our Scouts that they can ONLY reserve dates on the calendar after XXX is done.
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