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  1. I am a new scoutmaster. Been on for about a year. The old scoutmaster pretty much said here you are and bailed on me. Our troop has zero interaction with our charter organization. I have recently started trying to reach out to them with no luck. Our charter rep tried to reach out with the same results. Funny thing is when we rechartered someone over there approved it. We have had offers from other organizations wanting to charter us if the other one drops us. If things don't change, we may have to look at leaving them for someone who will actually support us. I know it's a give and take situa
  2. Hi all just thought I would introduce myself here. I was big into scouting as a kid but left in 1989 at the age of 16. We were lower income family and I had to get a job. Fast forward to 2021 and I get thrown into being the new scoutmaster. I wanted my boys to learn and have fun like I did. The old leader said He's done. If nobody takes over the troop will close. The past year has been very stressful, the transition was really hard. The old scoutmaster was burned out and the transfer of the troop has been very rough. Even though the troop just kind of floated through the last year I have
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