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  1. I recently volunteered to take this position in the district I serve. I'm supposed to make sure all the elements of the project are there dates/times not important. I would personally not want to be a roadblock in delaying the implementation of a scout's project I'm supposed to be there to help not hinder.
  2. Center, on top of the middle one bottom row
  3. I wouldnt even bring O'Douls. Find something else if you can
  4. Are CO knows we meet at their facility, other than that..nothing
  5. I wouldn't push it on them, keep in mind who's summer camp it is. Troop bonding whether thru camp games or card games in camp is a good thing. Play ya in a game of domino's, it was a big hit with us!!
  6. Sorry dont recall the exact name of the movie it's premise is football...Titan's is in the name of the movie
  7. To piggy back ontu your selling trees fundraiser why dont you offer the service of picking them up and having them recycled? Our area has done it for over 25 years now.
  8. So they have to sell enough to earn $50.00 profit for the pack and then you take a 50-50 split above that? Does not sound right to me.
  9. Scouter3 Is your attorney aware that your discussing your pending litigation on this forum?
  10. A bit harsh to kick them out of scouting, inform the CO see what guidelines they have. Hate to go all religious but he who is without sin..... No damadge done here but a lesson for the future.
  11. Would doing a merit badge count as an outing...probably not. I would consider anything that required a tour permit would.
  12. What kind do I have? One that is un-trained, adds addl attendence requirements, tells scouts that they will be failed in BOR's if they cant perform knot tying in front of them. These are the items that contribute to failing troops
  13. So if I understand this correctly they want you to be on staff for a future WB but you have to take the course over again to do it? Something is amiss!
  14. I was dissapointed they didnt finish the category...I was killing
  15. Wow what great advice, here I was thinking the troop only had about a year left now I'm thinking of a 3-5 year recruiting plan
  16. This sounds so much like our troop, we have only 8 registered with about 4 scouts that usually show up, I just took over as SM and tried to hit recruiting hard by going to roundtable, personally going by each an every pack meeting and introducing myself to the den leaders. I've also asked for a list of 2nd years from the council and was going to call the parents to see if there sons have made a decision. The troops in the area are huge anywhere from 30 to 90 registered. I've even considered talking to those SM's to see if they have any boys that may progress better within a large tro
  17. The only way NSP with a TG. During patrol time NSP and Venture patrols work on different things.
  18. "Our first year the boys used sticks as guns but they quickly decided to get the cap guns." Do they point and fire these cap guns at other individuals? Wouldn't this not be allowed under G2SS?
  19. Water is really warm, about a 3 hour drive north of SF, program areas fairly close together only the corral & archery are a walk but not too bad. If you want the CD let me know & I'll mail it to you. The other camp in the Sierra's is Chawanakee (not sure if it's the correct spelling) I've not been there personally but have heard nothing but good things about it. http://www.sfbac.org/camping/wentecamp/index.cfm
  20. I recomend Wente Scout Reservation in Willits, Calif. Large waterfront for fishing,boating adn swimming. I'd be happy to speak to you directly if you want to pm a phone number to me. I also have information on CD from last years camp. They also have a commisioners college for Eagle merit badges including the citizenship trio.
  21. I wonder what that SM would say if National wanted him to be re-trained every 6 months. Ask to see it in writing, sounds like a bit of overkill
  22. So what would like to add or delete...how about a simple clarification or be specific..."be active in your troop for 6 months" None of this 50% or 75% if so then just put it in the requirments, dont leave it to the individual troops to define
  23. evmori..A deal breaker for me is if the committee or any of it's members refuse to get trained for their position than I would suggest to them that I am not the person they want as SM. trained leaders = better understanding of the program = better boy lead troop.
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