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  1. The green one (fourth up from the bottom) seems to indicated Wood Badge (Troop 1) and also has a Commisioner Key / Arrowhead Honor Award on it. I'm not sure what are the colorful patches on some of the right sleeves below the US flag patches.
  2. Most of the council shoulder patches are standard South Florida Council patches.
  3. That is important information right there...
  4. The Game of Life is an important part of WB. Many people don't like it, but like the name suggests, it is a reflection of real life. A couple of my opinions: - It is just a game in a training course. There are more significant and bigger conflicts and problems in Scouting waiting for every one of us in real life. Practice - even at facing conflicts and temptations - is a good thing, IMHO. - "Storming" is a necessary part of team-building. Avoiding or ignoring conflict or papering-over differences just to say we built a good team quickly can lead to bigger problesm down the road.
  5. I found an Antelope leather punch a few years ago a a Scout Shop and I'm not giving it up. Theere were a dozen Beavers and Bobwhites laying there, but only one Antelope.
  6. I bought the new - and improved - Scout shirt (long sleeve) a few weeks ago. Here are my comments: - "Boy Scouts of America" is ont embroiderd on - GREAT. - No pocket on sleeve - GREAT. - Button AND buttonhole underneath each pokcet flap. - GREAT. No having to worry about losing temporary hanging patches. Also, the Powderhorn device fits also. I understand it did not work properly with the earlier centennial shirts. - Vented back panel with mesh underneath - GREAT. The vent has a tab with Velcro on it. Above the vent is a loop. The vent can be opened up on hot days. It worked well f
  7. It looks like two dead bodies floating in a lake... What, did they both fail the swim test and drown?
  8. I heard the new southern region numbering system was: S(Region)-(council #)-(course # per year)-(two digit year). I think that is a typo - I'm guessing that it will be as shown above: S(Region)-(council #)-(two digit year)-course # per year). My course number (as a participant) was SR-906 - easy enlough even for a simpleton like me to remember.
  9. The Southern Region is changing to a numbering system like the other regions - no more SR-NNNN. Our upcoming course will be one of the first to get the new numbers.
  10. Habor Freight Tools runs lots of ads with coupons for a 9 LED free flashlight, no purchase necessary. Sometimes they have a coupon for a free 6 piece screwdriver set, no purchase necessary. The coupons appear in inserts in our local newspapers as well as in various national magazines. I pick up these freebies freqently for use in our local Pack and Troop.
  11. No shoulder loops, of course, lol. My son bought this shirt a few years ago for $2 at a local camporee. It has a 1977 Jamboreee patch sewn on above where is says "SCOUT BSA." I'm adding all of the present-day patches, so it is an odd mix of vintage and modern. He's looking forward to confusing people with it at the Jamboree this year.
  12. Who are you calling "ma'am", sailor?! LOL - My wife chuckled at this. Thank you.
  13. My son bought a 1970's shirt (olive, no collar, says "SCOUT BSA" above the right pocket) and wants it to have all of his current insignia on it. I'm trying to put the present-day patches in the proper places. Should the rank patch, the OA pocket flap, the office patch, the religious knot, the world crest and the arrow of light patch all go in the same places as they do on a present-day shirt?
  14. twocubdad wrote: Open-toed shoes are discouraged. Wow, tey are even allowing open-toed shoes? I thought they were entirely prohibited.
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