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  1. ManassasEagle

    New Tents

  2. ManassasEagle

    Goshen vs. Tuckahoe for Webelos camp?

    Went to Tuckahoe a couple years as a Scout (mid 70's) but never as a Webelos. We took our Webelos to Camp PMI at Goshen for both of their years. As Scouts, now, we've been back to Goshen (Bowman) for the past five years. Would highly recommend PMI for your Webelos.
  3. ManassasEagle

    How can summer camp support patrols?

    Hal: I have to agree with you about Bowman, we just returned this past Saturday from our annual week there. Camp Bowman is designed from the bottom up to be the "patrol method" camp and it works!
  4. ManassasEagle

    Word Associations (you do not want to hear)

    "Here Kitty, Kitty" on a campout
  5. ManassasEagle

    Non-traditional summer camp MBs

    from one of the camps at our Council's scout reservation... "such as Engineering, Nuclear Science, Computers, Electronics, and Photography. Come on in and enjoy the air conditioning." ...and you wonder why this particular camp is referred to as Webelos III
  6. ManassasEagle

    Eagle BOR Members

    "viewing" an Eagle BOR is very different than "serving as a member". It's common for the SM (or an ASM) to introduce the candidate to the BOR and then be asked if they (the SM) would like to observe. The SM does not participate (serve as a member) but is more than welcome to observe (view).
  7. ManassasEagle

    Scoutmaster Conference for Eagle candidate

    Oh great! The conference was last night and now there come a flurry of posts Actually, I do appreciate all the suggestions. The conference went great and it turns out that we did cover just about everything that has been suggested in this thread (no uniform inspection here either). I'm proud of this Eagle candidate and I made sure to let him know that too.
  8. Looks like I'll have an opportunity to have my first one of these next week (the candidate is the SM's son so I (ASM) get to do it). Anybody have any good suggestions for things that ought to be covered. Seems this could be a good time for a little "above and beyond" compared to conferences for the lower ranks.
  9. ManassasEagle

    This is really good...

    I read that as "newer switchback pants" meaning the switchback pants which are newer than the old style "non-switchback pants".
  10. "6 to argue over whether it's "lightbulb" or "light bulb"...another 6 to condemn those 6 as anal-retentive" ...which then leads all the anal-retentive types to get in a big argument as to whether it's "anal retentive" or "anal-retentive"
  11. ManassasEagle

    Womens Cub Scout Uniforms

    Freecycle.org is another place worth checking. In fact, if you had been on the Manassas Freecycle site last week, you would have seen a Cub shirt, and a complete male adult uniform
  12. ManassasEagle

    Summer Camp with Patrol Cooking

    We just returned from a week at Camp Bowman of Goshen Scout Reservation (NCAC camp in VA). Been going to Goshen for years. There are six camps there: PMI and Ross are for Webelos I & II; Olmstead is for Boy Scouts although, since it has a dining hall, it's really for Webelos III; Bowman and Marriot offer a choice of "heater stack" or patrol cooking; Baird is the base camp for the Lenhok'sin High Adventure trekkers.
  13. ManassasEagle

    Shooting at Virginia Tech

    My wife and I are both Tech alumni and we currently have two nieces (Junior and Freshman) attending. Thankfully, both are fine.
  14. ManassasEagle

    Neckerchef, bolo tie, or nothing at all.

    Ours takes that one further. Upon joining, a Scout is presented with a troop necker with custom "troop logo patch". This first necker is grey with blue trim around the perimeter. Once a Scout reaches First Class, he is presented with the same necker only the trim is red. Finally, if/when Eagle is earned, the necker has gold (yellow) trim. Same scheme is used for Troop Scouters based upon what rank they had earned as a youth.
  15. ManassasEagle

    MBC for less popular MBs

    John-in-KC said... >Thirty areas where a man or woman feels he has >a particular expertise and passion. That sure >seems to be a lot. I think "thirty areas" is a misleading way to look at it. For instance, I'm an electrical engineer by degree and vocation and I'm registered for Electricity, Electronics, Energy, and Engineering. That's four merit badges but really only one "area". Likewise, Bird Study, Env Sci, Gardening, Mammal Study, and Nature takes care of five merit badges with only one additional "area". Real quick like, I'm up to 21 merit badges but those cover only five "areas". I don't consider that unreasonable at all.